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A concordance gives a list of several words, phrases, or distributed structures along with immediate contexts, from a corpus
or other collection of texts assembled for language study.
  1. Corpus concordances: English | French | German | Spanish v.7           Clean Sentence Concs (Eng)      Conc for iPhone/Android (Eng|Fr) 
    • Jun  2009 Brown corpus joined by Braun (German) & Bruno (Spanish)
    • Aug 2010 refinable output, corpus switching, per-million counts
    • Mar 2013 KEY SEARCH gives family-member frequencies (Eng) or remainder counts from starts-with search (Fr, Ger, Sp)
    • Feb 2016 Multi-files search + Sub-Corpus sort   May 2018 RANGE calculation for multi-files search

    + Multi_Concordance v.5.5, +Quiz, English + French
    • Multiple outputs for clear comparison (but for limited number of lines)
    • Task-builder option (interactive r worksheet, latter black-on-white for easy print/paste Jan '16
    • Quiz - Re-Randomization Oct '08; cumulative score + bilingual Dec '12; stay-put top, better menus, arrow-tab shortcuts Jan '16
  2. Text-based concordances: Eng|Fren|Span Multilingual!
    • Entry is user's text, output is concordance-linked frequency index for entire text, with rt-left sort
    • French and Spanish service upgraded Dec 2014 through transfer to UTF-8 encodings
  3. Corpus of 200+ Graded Readers for English learners
    • Search through stories by keyword (murder, money, etc) to locate themes
  4. Story concordancers : Search through chapters English | French
    • Every word in a full length story is click-linked to concordances from other chapters in the story + other works by author
    • See if a word will be reappearing and is worth learning
  5. Related: Range and N-Gram are types of concordancers; Concord Writer is a writing tool integrated with Conc 1 above (all Eng/Fr).

Web-concordance concept by Chris Greaves; code for all concordancers by Tom Cobb, Université du Québec à Montréal