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0000SCLeoan words, 05 Dec 23, 17:49


1 devious 9 He is very devious person because usually what he said is not what he usually did.ADJdishonest and clever2015.04.13 00:12
2 threshold 4 The threshold of the university is very strict.Na limit at which an arrangement changes2015.04.13 00:08
3 malign 6 Because having jealousy, we somethings will malign others.Vto say unpleasant things about someone, usually unfairly2015.04.13 00:06
4 erratic 7 My brother has a very erratic live style.ADJchanging ofter or not following a regular pattern so that it is difficult to know what will happen next2015.04.13 00:02
5 authentic 4 A authentic diamond can bear the cruelness of time.ADJreal, not false or copied2015.04.13 00:00
6 hallmark 7 The bottom of every piece of china has a hallmark to make sure whether it is true or not.Na typical feature2015.04.12 23:55
7 shudder 5 He was shudder while standing in the elevator.Na quick uncontrolled shaking movement2015.04.04 16:41
8 candid 7 If you have a candid friend, your life will become easy.ADJhonest and direct, even when the truth is not pleasant2015.04.04 16:28
9 allege 3 She alleged that she is the only witness in that murder.Vto say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong or illegal even though this has not been proved2015.04.04 16:26
10 reputable 8 As a actor, having a good reputable is very important.ADJgenerally considered to be honest and reliable2015.03.25 17:12
11 misleading 1 ' Do not let this guy misleading you into a wrong way' mu mom said to me.Nto make someone to believe something that is incorrect to not true2015.03.25 17:11
12 manipulation 3 He can obtain many supporting by clever manipulation.Nbehaviour that influence someone or controls something in a clever or dishonest way.2015.03.25 17:10
13 warranty 6 If you buy the insurance, you can be given 3 years warranty.Na company's written promise to repair or replace a product you buy from them if it breaks or dose not work2015.03.20 22:34
14 submissive 10 Whatever my mom says to me, I am totally submissive.ADJwilling to do other people tell you to do without arguing2015.03.20 22:29
15 devoted 3 When you love your career you will devoted your whole energy into it.ADJloving something or someone very much2015.03.16 23:21
16 devoted 3 When you love your career you will devoted your whole energy into it.ADJloving something or someone very much2015.03.16 23:06
17 artificiality 4 We should use artificiality leather instead of hurt animals.Nmade by people and used instead of something ntural2015.03.16 23:01
18 substitute 3 It will not work when you use violence as a substitute instead of dialogue.Nsomething that is used instead of something else2015.03.16 22:59
19 obsession 4 I am getting obsession on that girl who I met from internet even if I haven't met her.Nan unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone2015.03.10 09:34

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