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0000SCMICHAEL words, 05 Dec 23, 19:00


1 herbicide 9 The farmers are spraying herbicide on their field.Ntechnical a substance used to kill unwanted plants2015.04.14 09:30
2 toxic 4 Don’t eat it, it’s toxic!ADJcontaining poison; poisonous2015.04.14 09:29
3 ammunition 5 In the debate, both they have a lot of ammunition against each other.Na supply of bullets, etc. to be fired from guns. / information that can be used against another person in an argument2015.04.14 09:28
4 formidable 5 They are afraid of the person who looks formidable.ADJif people, things or situations, are formidable, you feel fear and/or respect for them, because they are impressive or powerful, or because 2015.04.14 09:27
5 vulgar 7 We should avoid vulgar language whenever we speak.ADJnot having or showing good taste; not polite, elegant or well behaved2015.04.14 09:27
6 spectacle 4 He told me he would never forget the spectacle he had seen in the zoo.Na performance or an event that is very impressive and exciting to look at2015.04.14 09:25
7 colossal 8 Being such a colossal corporation, Disney has a lot of employees.ADJextremely large2015.04.14 09:22
8 epic 5 There is an epic temple in the mountain.ADJvery great and impressive2015.04.14 09:22
9 trap 2 The hunter has set a trap for the dragon that has commited all sorts of crimes.Na clever plan designed to trick sb, either by capturing them or by making them do or say sth that they did not mean to do or say2015.04.14 09:20
10 epic 5 There is an epic temple in the mountain.Nvery great and impressive2015.04.14 09:16
11 colossal 8 Being such a colossal corporation, Disney has a lot of employees.Nextremely large2015.04.14 09:13
12 inventory 5 The security asked an inventory of the exhibition for investigating.Na written list of all the objects, furniture, etc. in a particular building2015.03.19 13:34
13 vending_machine ? Can you see the guy who stands by the vending_machine?Na machine from which you can buy cigarettes, drinks, etc. by putting coins into it2015.03.19 13:31
14 inherent 4 Conflicts are inherent in human's history.ADJthat is a basic or permanent part of sb/sth and that cannot be removed2015.03.19 13:28
15 threshould 4 They famers who had been got new lands were on the threshould of their new lives.Nthe point just before a new situation, period of life, etc. begins2015.03.19 13:26
16 nirvana 13 Most people who believe Buddism desire nirvana.Nthe state of peace and happiness that a person chieves after giving up all personal desires.2015.03.19 13:23
17 avalanche 7 Before the avalanche, all of the tourists were informed.Na mass of snow, ice and rock that falls down the side of a mountain2015.03.19 13:20
18 hose 6 I'm going to buy a hose for watering the garden.Na long tube made of rubber, plastic, etc., used for putting water onto fires, gardens, etc.2015.03.19 13:18
19 simultaneous 3 There was another simultaneous traffic accident on the road.ADJhappening or done at the same time as sth else2015.03.19 13:17
20 demonstrate 3 All the people on the road demonstrate for cutting the new tax.Vtake part in a public meeting or march, usually as a protest or to show support for sth2015.03.10 09:32

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