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00nthu4017 words, 05 Dec 23, 19:00


1 apple 2 the apple is deliciousN一種食物2015.09.15 21:30
2 arbitrate 5 She has been asked to arbitrate between the two sides.Vto act or decide as arbitrator or arbiter; - decide between two sides; - determine: 2015.01.14 04:33
3 acquit 6 The jury acquitted her of all charges.Vto declare not guilty of a crime or offense:2015.01.14 04:32
4 weirdo 2 Yes a few years ago yu were seen as a weirdo If yu were to eat brown bread.Nan odd, strange, or abnormal person.2015.01.14 04:31
5 whirr 9 The sounds issuing from beyond- winches whirring, men shouting- indicated great activity and excited me.Na bustle or rush2015.01.14 04:30
6 virile 10 Then there was exercise, boating and hiking, which was not only good for you but also made you more virile the thought of strenuous activity left him exhausted.Nhaving or exhibiting masculine strength; masculine; - manly; - characterized by a vigorous, masculine spirit.2015.01.14 04:29
7 synchronize 9 Let's synchronize our watches and meet in an hour.Vto cause to show the agreed upon time, as one clock or watch with another:2015.01.14 04:27
8 surveillance 5 Surface forces have been used to provide defense zones around naval and merchant ship formations, air to furnish area surveillance, and mines for protection of limited areas.Na watch kept over someone or something, esp. over a suspect, prisoner, etc.:2015.01.14 04:26
9 subliminal 11 They made use of subliminal advertising, in which the words 'You're thirsty'' appeared on the screen too fast to be read consciously.ADJexisting or operating below the level at which one is conscious:2015.01.14 04:25
10 squabble 8 The two sides were squabbleing over the shape of the table at the peace negotiations.Vto quarrel about a small detail:2015.01.14 04:24
11 splinter 6 He used a needle to remove the splinter from his finger.Na small, thin, sharp piece of wood, bone, etc., split off from the main body:2015.01.14 04:23

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