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Anita_Fan words, 05 Dec 23, 18:41


1 reside 3 I was careful to keep my feet, the seat of the least worthy spirits, from pointing at anyone's head, where the worthiest spirits reside.Vto live2015.06.09 20:53
2 protocol 4 The army leaders threatened to form a new military government if the parties failed to sign an eight point protocol agreeing on Gen.Nthe customs, rules2015.06.09 20:51
3 prohibit 3 If it were not for judicial development of certain exceptions, this section would prohibit a suit for refund by an acquiring corporation for taxes paid by a transferor corporationNto forbid, to prevent2015.06.09 20:50
4 portion 3 The average portion contains some protein, an appreciable amount of vitamins A and C- about one-tenth of the minimum daily requirement, and about a third of the official vitamin E requirement.Na part of the whole2015.06.09 20:46
5 altruistic 10 Were his motives entirely altruistic?ADJThis kind of behaviour shows that you care about and will help other people, even though this brings no advantage for yourself.2015.06.09 20:00

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