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Dylan words, 21 Feb 24, 0:54


1 vert 14 I need to get a vert colourNvegetation bearing green leaves in a forest and capable of serving as a cover for deer.2017.09.10 21:23
2 ominously 6 The bar seemed ominously quiet. AdvIf you describe something as ominous, you mean that it worries you because it makes you think that something unpleasant is going to happen.2016.09.30 19:44
3 struggle 2 It's a constant struggle to try to keep them up to par. Nhard work2016.09.30 19:41
4 grapple 7 Soldiers grapple with their weapons.Vfight2016.09.30 19:35
5 cursed 4 Harry potter And The Cursed childADJsomeone or something be brought bad luck 2016.09.30 19:31
6 appealing 2 There also many appealing aspects in this small Island country.ADJpleasing and attractive2016.09.28 23:28
7 combination 2 Sushi is a magical combination!Nmixture of something2016.09.28 23:26
8 exquisite 5 She dances with an exquisite fluidity of movement. ADJextremely beautiful or pleasant2016.09.28 23:25
9 bench 3 Sitting down on the bench of the parkNlong chair2016.09.28 23:23
10 humid 6 It is hot, wet, and distinctly humid throughout the year. ADJwet2016.09.28 23:22
11 diversified 5 The skyline is highly diversified.ADJinclude so many different things2016.09.28 23:18

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