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EM_2 words, 05 Dec 23, 19:34


1citizenship 2 I’m applying for Canadian citizenship.Nthe legal right to be a citizen of a particular country - 2022.05.30 06:03
2politician 2 The citizens decided to write a letter to the politiciansNsomeone who has a job in politics, especially a Member of Parliament2022.05.30 05:59
3policy 2 What's the party policy on immingration?Na set of plans or actions agreed on by a government, political party, business, or other group2022.05.30 05:44
4council 2 The new planning was rejected by the councilNthe elected officials who govern a local area such as a city or county2022.05.30 05:43
5union 2 We live in the European UnionNa group of states or countries that join together or a group of states or countries under the control of one government - 2022.05.30 05:41
6border 3 You can’t cross the border without a passport.Nthe official line separating two countries or regions - https://www.macmillandictionary.com/2022.05.30 05:35

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