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Eric_Huang words, 05 Dec 23, 18:01


1 recurrence 4 If you have a recurrence, talk to your doctor about getting a new biopsy before settling on treatment. N an occasion when something happens again2015.02.23 21:12
2 hazardous 3 It is also “green, in the sense that it does not produce any hazardous waste.ADJdangerous, especially to people’s health or safety2015.02.23 21:11
3 immoral 6 Some say what he is doing is immoral.ADJmorally wrong2015.02.23 21:09
4 dissension 12 If we enter a room where several people are angry and upset, we can feel that dissension even if nobody is saying anything right then.Nstrong disagreement about something, especially within a group of people2015.02.23 21:08
5 invasion 3 This to me is an invasion of my space and time.Na situation in which a large number of people or things come to a place at the same time, especially in an annoying way2015.02.23 21:06
6 faulty 2 We only have one used device, with the other set as faulty. Nnot working correctly or made correctly2015.02.23 21:05
7 judiciary 5 Some of them had held positions in the judiciary or local governmentNthe part of government that consists of all the judges and courts in a country. 2015.02.23 21:03
8 compensation 3 Compensation system is a blank area of law in China.Nmoney that someone receives because something bad has happened to them2015.02.23 21:02

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