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Fatoo words, 05 Dec 23, 19:49


1 coax 7 I found I could coax most cattle to walk through a chute.Vto try to persuade someone to do something by gently asking or patiently encouraging the person.2015.07.23 10:13
2 immature 3 Immature development in the lower brain system.ADJnot completely developed physically, mentally, or emotionally, or lacking the expected type of responsible behavior for your age.2015.07.23 10:11
3 repulse 9 People are repulsed by the sight of blood.Vto push someone or something back or away, esp. to successfully stop an attack.2015.07.23 10:08
4 autism 8 My life as a person with autism is like being another speciesNan illness that starts in young children and causes behavior that is unusually centered on the self while limiting development of social and communication skills2015.07.23 10:05
5 obvious 1 It was always obvious to me that cattle and other animals also think in picturesADJeasily seen, recognized, or understood2015.07.23 10:02

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