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Godlike_Bright words, 05 Dec 23, 19:17


1 disturb 2 Cattle are sensitive to the same things that disturb people with autism.VIf you distyrb someone, you interrupt what they are dong and upset them.2015.07.23 10:14
2 repulse 9 People are repulsed by the sight of blood, but blood does not bother cattle.VIf you are repulsed by something, you think that it is horrible and disgusting an you want to avoid it.2015.07.23 10:11
3 costume 4 I had to become that animal and not just be a person in a cou costume.NAn actor's or performer's costume is the set of clothes they wear while they are performing.2015.07.23 10:07
4 oral 3 I have observed that these oral thinkers are more like to deny animals' thought.ADJYou use oral to indicate that something is expressed in speech rather than in writing or action.2015.07.23 10:02
5 videotape ? All my thoughts are full-color motion pictures, running like a videotape in my imagination.NVideotape is magenetic tape that is used to record mobing pictures and sounds to be shown im television.2015.07.23 10:02

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