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JIEUN words, 21 Feb 24, 2:20


1 perspective 3 We need to look at these issues from a global perspectiveNpoint of view, viewpoint, standpoint2016.09.28 09:59
2 crumple 6 She dropped a crumpled-up piece of paper on the floorADJ(such as paper or cloth)squashed and becomes full of untidy creases and folds. - [N:PLURAL] parts of a motor vehicle(crumple zone)2016.09.28 09:54
3 ridiculously 2 The room was ridiculously smallAdvunreasonable or very surprising2016.09.28 09:44
4 likewise 4 Likewise, homework is useful for studentsAdv;as well - ;also2016.09.27 09:49
5 nonetheless 4 I faught with my friend. Nonetheless, we want to stay togetherAdvthe same as nevertheless, however2016.09.27 09:44
6 emerge 3 China has emerged a new economic powerVto come out from an enclosed space or from a position where you could not be seen. 2016.09.27 09:36
7 bracket 5 In bracket 20-30 of the graph, we can find the answer.N: an object that is attached to hold up something - : a category that includes a certain range,incomes, ages, or prices2016.09.27 09:32
8 horizontal 4 In this gragh, you need to look at horizontal axis first.ADJflat and level with the ground, rather than at an angle to it2016.09.27 09:25
9 transpire 8 This gragh is shown that nothing has transpired since 2000V: to happen - : to become known2016.09.27 09:21
10 headquarters 3 They watched out the view screen in headquarters,Anger was ready to release a scowl, scream, or growl.Nan organization are its main offices2016.09.27 09:11
11 discipline 2 I liked the discipline and structure of the militaryNpractice of making people obey rules or standards of behaviour, and punishing them when they do not2016.09.21 10:55
12 egalitarian 7 It is an egalitarian State in which each voice is equally weightedNsupporting or following the idea that all people are equal and should have the same rights and opportunities2016.09.21 10:51
13 vocational 4 I'm going to a vocational school after high schoolADJthe training and skills needed for a particular job or profession. 2016.09.21 10:47
14 entrepreneur 4 He is a well-known software entrepreneurNa person who organizes and manages an enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable daring, skill, and financial risk.2016.09.21 10:44
15 compulsory 6 There is a compulsory course in this schoolADJyou must do it or accept it; - put into force by law or rules - 2016.09.21 10:41
16 reflect 3 His face was reflected in the mirrorV it shows that the attitude or situation exists or it shows what it is like. 2016.09.21 10:36
17 constitution 3 The constitution is prior to all other lawsNlaws/rules of a country - (formally states people's rights and duties)2016.09.21 10:31
18 aspect 3 There are many aspects to this problemNThere are many aspects to this problem2016.09.21 10:26
19 quota 4 I've done my quota of work for the dayNthe share or part of a total that is required from, allowed to, or that belongs to a particular district, group2016.09.19 09:52
20 assemble 3 All the students were asked to assemble in the main hallV1.to come or bring together, - to put together2016.09.19 09:40

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