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Lizzzzzzz words, 04 Oct 23, 12:23


1 dumbfound 11 He was dumbfounded by all the damage done by the storm.Vto make speechless with amazement:2016.06.21 23:01
2 apparatus 5 When I got really skilled at operating the hydraulic controls, the apparatus became an extension of my arms and hands. NA set of equipment, tools, or a machine that is used for a particular purpose2015.07.23 10:11
3 recoil 7 Like a wild animal, I recoil when people touch me. VTo make a sudden movement away from something esp. because of fear or disgust2015.07.23 10:10
4 restraint 3 The conveyorized restraint system I designed is used in slaughtering one-third of all cattle in the United States. NDetermined control over behavior in order to prevent the strong expression of emotion or any violent action2015.07.23 10:09
5 slaughter 5 For the past 15 years I have designed chute systems for handling cattle in slaughter plants.NThe killing of animals for their meat, or the killing of large numbers of animals in a cruel manner; the killing of large numbers of peopl2015.07.23 10:07
6 subside 6 They may be intense while I am experiencing them but will subside like an afternoon thunderstorm. VTo become less strong, or (of an activity or disagreement) to become less violent2015.07.23 10:06

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