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Muhammad words, 04 Oct 23, 12:27


1 assimilate 5 She and her friends strive to assimilate the vague information provided by their well-meaning but sinister guardiansVTake in and understand fully (information or ideas)2019.08.28 13:27
2 ambivalent 6 Their attitude to Hale is ambivalent at best and I suspect that it is actively hostile.ADJHaving mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.2019.08.28 13:21
3 accustomed 4 I ordered all the drivers to carry out the accustomed work at the usual hours, which was doneADJCustomary; usual.2019.08.27 13:22
4 acute 4 In some areas the situation is particularly acute and the problems are only going to get worse.ADJ(of an unpleasant or unwelcome situation or phenomenon) present or experienced to a severe or intense degree.2019.08.27 13:14
5 percolate 10 Inevitably ideas percolate from one religion to anotherVInevitably ideas percolate from one religion to another.2019.08.27 13:07
6 insurmountable 7 He has had highs of happiness at successes and lows of despair, at seemingly insurmountable difficultiesADJToo great to be overcome.2019.08.27 12:56
7 sentient 11 People frequently complain that their questions nowadays are answered not by sentient humans but by machines.ADJAble to perceive or feel things.2019.07.31 15:59
8 tangible 5 I am very satisfied with what we have done and can really see some clear and tangible results.ADJClear and definite; real.2019.07.31 15:49
9 envisage 8 Nobody can know what kind of world will result from the interplay of these forces, but it is possible to envisage plausible futuresVContemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event.2019.07.31 15:42
10 akin 6 At the moment the situation is very much akin to the tail wagging the dog.ADJOf similar character.2019.07.31 15:37
11 glean 7 So what can we glean from our collection of titlesVObtain (information) from various sources, often with difficulty.2019.06.26 14:18
12 genre 4 Yet research can apply to all creative genres and so we should develop a more inclusive term.NA style or category of art, music, or literature.2019.06.26 14:12
13 fusion 4 All fusions were verified by DNA sequence analysis.NThe process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.2019.06.26 14:06
14 fragment 3 Besides ruins of wooden buildings, archeologists have found fragments of ceramic pottery.NA small part broken off or separated from something.2019.06.26 14:00
15 focal 6 The focal theme this time was ‘strategies for drought management and alternate cropping system in canal areasADJRelating to the centre or most important part.2019.06.26 13:56
16 fidelity 6 The result is maximum fidelity: a picture whose clarity, brilliance and color must be seen to be believedNThe degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced.2019.06.26 13:51
17 extrapolate 8 The computational model can extrapolate the morphogenetic movements of human organs such as the eye, heart, lung etc.VEstimate or conclude (something) by extrapolating.2019.06.26 13:45
18 insight 3 Endurance could provide insight into the environmental history of the area, but there are risks.NThe capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.2019.05.01 10:59
19 betterment 1 I believe politics and politicians are vital to the betterment of society.NThe improvement of something.2019.05.01 10:48
20 dovetail 11 Listening and communication skills must dovetail with other skills.VFit or cause to fit together easily and conveniently.2019.05.01 10:44
21 cadre 11 - He trained cadres of engineers and built health clinics and schools in Iraq.NA small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.2019.05.01 10:34
22 soluble 7 Not all problems are soluble, not all risks can be hedged at acceptable cost.ADJ(of a problem) able to be solved.2019.05.01 10:27
23 hypnotize 9 I was fascinated by them, hypnotized by them - until you wake up and realise they're nuts.VCapture the whole attention of (someone); fascinate.2019.04.30 12:18
24 dogma 8 On the contrary, you renew your doctrines and dogmas, making them relevant to the times in which you seek support.NA principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.2019.04.30 12:07
25 contiguity 9 Thus is contiguity necessary in all forms of learningNThe sequential occurrence or proximity of stimulus and response, causing their association in the mind.2019.04.30 12:01
26 semantic 5 Its elegant script is unknown from any other source, and not one clue as to its semantic content has emerged.ADJRelating to meaning in language or logic.2019.04.30 11:55
27 traverse 6 The reader traverses the beam in the opposite direction to that of the object under test to reduce image blur.VMove back and forth or sideways.2019.04.30 11:45
28 expound 9 ‘He used it as an opportunity to expound the idea of flexible integration.VPresent and explain (a theory or idea) in detail.2019.04.29 13:33
29 explicate 10 Some recent authors have written books attempting to explicate the concept of nomicity. VAnalyse and develop (an idea or principle) in detail.2019.04.29 13:29
30 evolve 3 Often my films have started in one place and evolved into something very different.NDevelop gradually.2019.04.29 13:20
31 truism 1 Sometimes a truism can be proclaimed in a manner that makes it startling.NA statement that is obviously true and says nothing new or interesting.2019.04.29 13:13
32 schism 10 However, other controversies appear to reflect some of the deeper schisms within psychology itself.NA split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.2019.04.29 13:04
33 epistemology 6 This is a crucial element in contextualist epistemology, not a criticism of it.NThe theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinio2019.04.24 13:19
34 instill 7 It is vital to instill an attitude of fitness at a young age.NGradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude) in a person's mind.2019.04.24 13:13
35 endeavour 4 Parents and teachers up and down the land are endeavouring to instil high standards of personal behaviour and responsibility among young children.VTry hard to do or achieve something.2019.04.24 13:08
36 entail 5 As the mother is an innocent bystander in the endeavour her involvement entails only risk.VInvolve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence.2019.04.24 13:05
37 enact 4 Most of the committee's recommendations were enacted.VPut into practice (an idea or suggestion)2019.04.24 13:00
38 empirical 4 Because natural science can offer empirical proof for its hypotheses, it can verify its claims.ADJBased on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic.2019.04.24 12:53
39 elicit 5 He tried gesturing towards the door but that elicited no useful reaction from the creature.NEvoke or draw out (a reaction, answer, or fact) from someone2019.04.24 12:33
40 austere 6 He was austere, dour, kind, and hard working.ADJSevere or strict in manner or attitude.2019.04.24 12:28
41 disparate 7 Unusually, he shares his trade secrets by illustrating many of the disparate elements that inspire him.ADJEssentially different in kind; not able to be compared.2019.04.03 13:09
42 deter 4 It is the lack of awareness and fear that deters people from getting themselves examined.NDiscourage (someone) from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the consequences.2019.04.03 13:03
43 delimit 11 These two powers thus delimit the bounds of heaven and the world.ADJDetermine the limits or boundaries of.2019.04.03 13:01
44 covert 7 You proceed with the covert actions, which I think are probably under way.NNot openly acknowledged or displayed.2019.04.03 12:48
45 contingent 4 Painters, we have seen, evinced a new sensitivity to the contingent nature of their means of expression.ADJSubject to chance2019.04.03 12:40
46 pivot 5 Find the central pivot point and bring it front and center on the phone, on TV on the stump, and at the door.NThe central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates.2019.04.03 12:32
47 consolidate 4 As a result, customers will streamline their storage management and consolidate the number of vendors they support.VCombine (a number of things) into a single more effective or coherent whole.2019.04.01 13:31
48 pool 2 This fragmentation makes it harder to pool money to fund projects.V(of two or more people or organizations) put (money or other assets) into a common fund.2019.04.01 13:21
49 carve_out ? He managed to carve_out a successful photographic career for himselfNEstablish or create something through painstaking effort.2019.03.26 13:35
50 caveat 9 I want to make a proviso, a caveat, that we may have slipped past earlier.NA warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.2019.03.25 14:45
51 burgeon 7 His performance is burgeoning with awkwardness and extreme fear, conveyed in nuance and physical appearance.VBegin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.2019.03.25 14:40
52 articulate 4 He is articulate, charismatic and persuasive.NHaving or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently.2019.03.25 14:29
53 artifact 7 This movie shows its age through the many artifacts and imperfections presentNSomething observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure.2019.03.25 14:14
54 arouse 4 Their confusion about how to shape their lives in response to these conditions arouses anxiety, and many abuse their spouse and children or turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate their tension.VEvoke or awaken (a feeling, emotion, or response)2019.03.25 14:08
55 arena 4 Empowerment has now moved from the arena of management circles and into our daily lives.NA place or scene of activity, debate, or conflict.2019.03.25 14:04
56 apparent 1 This becomes apparent in wet conditions, when the driver's skill comes to the foreADJClearly visible or understood; obvious.2019.03.25 13:59
57 alienate 3 Deborah thinks about everything in material terms, which has alienated her from the other members of her familyNMake (someone) feel isolated or estranged.2019.03.25 13:48
58 augment 6 When the camera shifts to what the actors can see, the audience gets dizzy views of the surroundings, thus augmenting the overwhelming panicVMake (something) greater by adding to it; increase.2019.03.25 13:07
59 disparate 7 There was one thing that tied the disparate elements together - they were all pro-intervention.NEssentially different in kind; not able to be compared.2019.02.25 11:11
60 antecedent 8 This project also serves to remind us that the desire to mediate the future at the moment it emerges into the present has its antecedentsNA thing that existed before or logically precedes another.2019.01.17 12:25
61 evoke 4 It captures honest moments of weirdness, but it also manipulates images and music to evoke emotion. Vbring or recall (a feeling, memory, or image) to the conscious mind. - Or Elicit ( a response)2019.01.17 07:30

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