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Myungsuk words, 05 Dec 23, 18:20


1 skeptical 4 Tom is very skeptical about the scienceADJA person who doubts the truth or value of an idea or belief2015.07.23 09:57
2 pounce 8 The bear is going to pounce when they feel unconfortable.NTo attack suddenly, esp. by jumping or flying down to catch or take hold of something or someone.2015.07.23 09:55
3 distress 4 The students were in distressNGreat mental or physical suffering such as extreme anxiety sadness or pain or the state of being in danger or urgent need2015.07.23 09:53
4 subside 6 My anger rapidly subsidedV(of a condition) to become less strong2015.07.23 09:49
5 autism 8 I have tried to understand a person with autismNan illness that starts in young children and causes behaviour that is unusally centered on the self 2015.07.23 09:48

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