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Qin,pingping words, 21 Feb 24, 2:28


1 destructive 3 Obsession can be helpful or destructive, depending on the person.ADJCausing damage2016.09.28 12:56
2 obsession 4 Obsession can be helpful or destructive, depending on the person.NThe state of getting extremly interested in something2016.09.28 12:51
3 layoff ? During the economic crisis the number of layoffs go sharply.Nthe act of ending the employment of worker or a group of workers.2016.09.28 10:45
4 default 5 The global economic crisis began from the default of housing loan.NA failure to make a payment(such as a payment on a loan)2016.09.28 10:40
5 vulnerable 3 Children can be vulnerable when they see their parents arguing.ADJopen to attack, harm or damage.2016.09.28 10:33
6 reverse 3 The government has failed to reverse the unemployment rate. Vto change something to an opposite state or condition2016.09.28 10:31
7 meditation 5 Studying Yoga leads you naturally to meditation.NA kind of action aims at purifying the soul2016.09.27 23:07
8 focus_on 6 The goals of G20 focus_on renewing the global economical structure.Vpay mostly attention on something2016.09.27 22:56
9 flexible 3 Doing exercises make your body more flexible.ADJeasy to adjust2016.09.27 22:48
10 purification 6 Go hiking to get a journey of purification of the soul.Nthe action of making something clean and simple2016.09.27 22:45
11 illustrate 2 scientists illustrate an abstract journey that will make the dream to Mars come true. Vimagine first and try to picture something vividly2016.09.27 22:42
12 legible 9 We should write legible to easy reader's eyes. ADJeasy to recognize2016.09.27 22:34
13 gadget 7 Many computer gadgets are very useful.Na small useful device2016.09.23 08:21

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