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Reda_MBJ words, 05 Dec 23, 19:57


1 rumble 5 The thunder rumbled in the distance. His stomach rumbled from hunger.Vto make a deep, rolling and continuous sound, such as thunder:2015.02.05 01:47
2 swirl 5 The water swirled down the drain.Vto move around or along with a whirling motion2015.02.05 01:46
3 subside 6 By dawn the storm had subsided.Vto become quiet, less active, or less violent:2015.02.05 01:45
4 shatter 4 The glass shattered when it hit the floor.Vto (cause to) be broken into pieces, as by a blow:2015.02.05 01:44
5 scramble 4 The boyscrambled quickly up the hill.Vto climb using one's hands and feet, as up or down a hill:2015.02.05 01:43
6 roar 2 The crowd roared its approval.Vto make a loud noise2015.02.05 01:42
7 flatten 1 The bulldozer flattened the barn.Vto (cause to) become flat:2015.02.05 01:39
8 explode 4 The terrorists exploded the bomb.Vto (cause to) burst violently:2015.02.05 01:37
9 demolish 6 They are going to demolish the old apartment building where I grew up.ADJto destroy or tear down (a building): - 2015.02.05 01:36
10 avoid 2 A low-fat diet can help you avoid a heart attackVto keep away from2015.02.05 01:35
11 bang 2 The police banged on the door. - She banged the table with her fistsVto strike violently or noisily;2015.02.05 01:34

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