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Sunhye_Kwon words, 04 Oct 23, 12:53


1 reciprocal 6 There is a reciprocal relation between goals and dataADJused to describe a relationship in which two people or group agree to do something simila for each other2015.11.23 20:21
2 symbiotic 11 His work was jarring,yet symbiotic to his own fervent lifestyle.ADJthe relationship between two different kinds of living things that live togather and depend on each other2015.11.23 20:17
3 apparatus 5 Every agreed that two weeks is enough to learn to manipulate the apparatusNa tool or piece of equipment used for specific activities2015.11.23 20:13
4 hydraulic 7 This is why light oils are used as hydraulic fluids.ADJoperated by the pressure of a fluid2015.11.23 20:10
5 puberty 9 I guess you and I are both going through puberty these days.Nthe period of life when a person's sexual organs mature and he or she becomes able to have children2015.11.23 20:07
6 desperate 2 His desperate situation could not stop him.ADJvery sad and upset because of having little or no hope2015.11.23 20:03
7 restraint 3 Advocating safe sex dilutes the message of restraint.Na way of limiting, controlling,or stopping something2015.11.23 20:01
8 recoil 7 we recoiled when we faced a big dogVto quickly move away from something that is shocking2015.11.23 19:58
9 immature 3 Children are immature,but they will grow out of it.ADJnot fully developed or grown2015.11.23 19:55
10 predator 4 Small animals should be very careful to avoid their predators.Nan animal that lives by killing and eating other animals2015.11.23 19:52
11 hereditary 8 Many people believe that panic is a hereditary disease.ADJpassed or able to be passed from parent to child bofore birth2015.11.07 22:34
12 reveal 3 He cannot reveal his identifyVto make (someone)known2015.11.07 22:31
13 twig 10 Sloths live on a diet of leave and twigsNa small shoot or branch usually without its leave2015.11.07 22:27
14 elaborate 3 If you want to find the suspect, you have to explain elaborate that accident.ADJmade or done with much detail2015.11.07 22:23
15 termite 8 Termite is one of peculiar antsNa kind of soft, white insect that lives in groups,eats wood, and causes a lot of damage to wooden structires2015.11.07 22:20
16 rudimentary 7 I have only rudimentary knowledge of EnglishADJbasic or simple2015.11.07 22:16
17 nourish 6 To plenty Chlidren, it should good fresh food nourish them.Vto provide(someone or something)with food and other things that are needed to live,be healthy, etc2015.11.07 22:13
18 ovulation 11 she should keep to check the ovulation if she wants to have baby.Nthe discharge of a mature ovum from the ovary2015.11.07 22:08
19 kinship 4 He felt a deep kinship with his families.Nthe stare of being related to the people in your family2015.11.07 22:04
20 adolescence 3 All people face the piorid of adolescence for growing up.Nthe period of life when a child develops into an adult2015.11.07 22:01

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