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Tao words, 04 Oct 23, 13:15


1 institute 3 The institute is really famous for physics.NInstitute is a place where people do some summit research there.2015.12.07 23:50
2 pace 3 we live in a fast-paced society.Nmeans one step for N. - V-pace: means people slowly move.2015.12.07 23:48
3 relinquishment 6 Sometime , the spiritual journey is the relinquishment.NThe N form of relinquish, which means give up something2015.12.07 23:46
4 liberalize 3 liberalize:Lieralizing the law can lead to high criminal rate.Vliberalize means less strict and more freedom to people2015.12.07 23:43
5 pluralistic 4 The USA is a pluralistic society.ADJpluralistic:very muti-cultural, different nationalities.2015.12.07 23:39
6 ethical 4 Ethical issues surrounding terminally-ill patients.ADJethical means rellating to beliefs and morals about right or wrong.2015.12.07 23:37
7 consent 3 They all consent my idea.Nmeans, agree with some thing or somebody2015.12.07 23:34
8 procreation 10 I bought some animals and some of them are used for procreation.NMeans reproduction. The N form of reproduce. 2015.12.07 23:32
9 sustenance 10 Sustenance includes food, drink and other necessitiesNsustenance are the resource that all creatures need2015.12.07 23:28
10 assumption 3 The basic assumption are very professional way for researchingNpresumption , first thing can not be true or exit unless the second thing is true or exits.2015.12.07 23:26
11 dyslexia 9 Some talented people have dyslexia, for example Jobs.Ndyslexia means some people have difficulty with reading.2015.11.26 19:08
12 intrigue 4 I am intrigued to the movieVV: it interestspeople and people want to know more about it2015.11.26 19:00
13 intrigue 4 I am intrigued to her danceNN:can be a plot to deceive or harm others2015.11.26 18:52
14 chute 8 Every flight at least has a emergency chute for people to slide down.Nnarrow slope dpwn which people or things can slide.2015.11.23 22:40
15 reciprocal 6 A reciprocal protocol was studied out last week.Ngiven or felt by each toward the other. mutual. 2015.11.23 22:32
16 swing 2 When young, I liked to play swings.Nto cause to move to and fro, sway, or oscillate.2015.11.23 22:21
17 flinch 7 He stares at them whithout flinching. Nwhen some one is about to hit U and U do that sudden movement.2015.11.23 21:55
18 ranch 5 There are few ranches in China. NA ranch is a large farm used for raising animals ,especially cattle, or sheep.2015.11.23 21:50
19 stalk 5 The stalk of a flower works for transporting water.NStalk of a flower, leaf or fruit is the thin part that joins it to the plant or tree.2015.11.23 21:46
20 shrill 7 Suddenly, a girl's shrill voice rises into sky. NADJ a shrill sound is high-pitched and unpleasant.2015.11.23 21:38
21 subside 6 The once-in-a-century flash flood subsides now!Vto sink to a low or lower level. - - to become less active.2015.11.15 21:55
22 termite 8 Nowadys some office block modeled on termite nests with using anti-climate change materials.NTermite are small insects that eat wood.2015.11.10 16:12
23 probe 3 scientist have probed into impacts of genematically modified food for many yearsNV: if you probe into something, you ask questions or try to discover facts - - N: investigation2015.11.10 14:44
24 crumple 6 He designed and patented crumpleproof cloth made from recycled materialsVif you crumple something such as paper or cloth. it is squashed and become full of untidy creases and folds2015.11.10 13:57
25 grub 9 A grub is a kind of disgusting wormNV grub: search for something. - - N grub: A grub is a young insect which is just come out of an egg2015.11.10 13:53
26 analogue 8 Now, our tv set-top box is from analogue TV to digital TVNa physical object or quantity such as a pointer on a dial or a voltage, used to measure or represent another quantity.2015.11.10 13:48
27 division 3 The division of math is being taught in primary school,but in middle school in other areasN The division of a large unit into two or more distinct parts is the act of separating it into these parts2015.11.10 13:44
28 kinship 4 The strong ties of kinship determine why human can pass on technology to the generation by generationNKinship is the relationship between members of the same family.2015.11.10 12:04
29 grub 9 woodpecker finch that selects twigs to dig out insects and grubs from tree bark.Nthe thick-bodied, sluggish young of certain insects, esp. the beetle.2015.11.02 15:39
30 macaque 14 Some macaques are raised in isolation and do not form dominance relationships.Na monkey, chiefly of Asia, having cheek pouches.2015.11.02 15:30
31 twig 10 He cut a twig from the tree by his palm.Na small, thin shoot of a wooden branch or stem2015.11.02 15:19
32 instinctive 3 Scholars used to believe that learned versus instinctive behavior separates humans from other animal.ADJInstinctive ‹behaviour or ‹reactions are not ‹thought about, ‹planned, or ‹developed by ‹training: 2015.11.02 14:59

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