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Yanina words, 21 Feb 24, 1:01


1 cloak 5 The entire Paris was cloaked in color and joy.Na thing that hides or covers someone or something2016.09.28 13:10
2 track 1 I followed the tracks that my dog left.Na mark left on the ground by a moving animal, person, or vehicle.2016.09.28 13:07
3 conquer 5 Francisco Pizarro conquered Peru.Nto take control of a country, city, etc. through the use of force.2016.09.28 13:03
4 ink 4 The inks of my printer are low.Ncolored liquid that is used for writing or printing2016.09.28 12:59
5 hesitate 2 Don't hesitate to ask me any questions.Nto stop briefly before you do something especially because you are nervous or unsure about what to do2016.09.28 12:54
6 glimpse 4 My husband glimpsed at me when I saw him for the first time.Nto look at or see for a very short time2016.09.28 12:50
7 perennial 6 Paris is a perennial city.Nexisting or continuing in the same way for a long time2016.09.28 12:47
8 glow 3 My nails glow in the darkNTo shine with low light and heat but usually without flame2016.09.28 12:45
9 legend 3 He has become a basketball legendNa story from the past that is believed by many people but cannot be proved to be true2016.09.28 12:40
10 throb 6 The throbbing has become intense.Npain that starts and stops quickly and repeatedly.2016.09.27 00:38

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