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adriana words, 04 Oct 23, 12:47


1coil 5 A coil of thick blue smoke rose up from his pipe.Na length of rope, hair, or wire, arranged into a series of circles, one above or outside the other:2022.06.02 05:08
2chimney 5 A column of smoke rose from the chimney.Na hollow structure that allows the smoke from a fire inside a building to escape to the air outside:2022.06.02 05:06
3machinery 1 His hand was injured when he got it caught in the machinery.Na group of large machines or the parts of a machine that make it work:2022.06.02 05:03
4coke 5 coke noun [U] (FUEL)Na solid, grey substance that is burned as a fuel, left after coal is heated and the gas and tar removed2022.06.02 05:00
5smoke 1 cigarette smokeNthe grey, black, or white mixture of gas and very small pieces of carbon that is produced when something burns:2022.06.02 04:57
6bricks 2 The chimney was made of bricks.Na rectangular block of hard material used for building walls and houses:2022.05.31 16:19

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