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cerrrrr_lee words, 04 Oct 23, 12:52


1 period 2 Her work means that she spends long periods away from home.Na length of time2016.09.27 20:52
2 assemble 3 We assembled in the meeting room after lunch.Vto come together in a single place or bring parts together in a single group2016.09.27 20:50
3 opposite 2 My brother and I live on opposite sides of London.ADJbeing in a position on the other side2016.09.27 20:43
4 depth 1 I was amazed at the depth of her knowledge.Nwhen a feeling, state or characteristic is strong, extreme or detailed2016.09.27 20:35
5 profile 3 We need to increase our company's profile in Asia.Nthe amount of public attention and notice that something receives2016.09.27 20:30
6 swagger 9 He walked out of the room with a self-confident swagger.Na way of walking with a swinging movement that shows you are confident2016.09.27 20:19
7 composition 3 He taught the piano, organ and composition ...NComposition is the technique or skill involved in creating a work of art.2016.09.27 20:13
8 contribute 2 He contributes to several charitiesVgives or donates money2016.09.27 20:07
9 definitive 5 There is no definitive test as yet for the condition.ADJSomething that is definitive provides a firm conclusion that cannot be questioned.2016.09.27 20:01
10 giant 2 a giant in the field of physicsNa person or thing of great size 2016.09.27 19:56
11 intend 2 We intend to go.Vto have in mind;plan2016.09.27 19:54
12 rhythm 3 a waltz rhythmNa rhythm is a regular series of sounds or movements2016.09.27 14:02
13 contrast 3 an essay that contrasts city and country lifeVto set in opposition in order to show or emphasize differences2016.09.27 13:57
14 portrait 3 Which portrait do you like?Na painting, drawing, or photograph of someone, especially of their face only2016.09.27 13:52
15 appeal 2 a city with appeal for touristsNthe power of attracting or of arousing interest2016.09.27 13:47
16 gain 2 gained a small fortune in real estateVto come into possession or use of2016.09.27 13:43
17 optimistic 4 I was optimistic about the future ADJsomeone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future and tends to expect that good things will happen 2016.09.19 09:37

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