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eugen words, 04 Oct 23, 12:43


1 simultaneously 3 I bought a new computer simultaneously with my best friendADJhappening or being done at exactly the same time2015.12.08 13:39
2 maintenance 2 maintenance of this car is very expensive Nthe work needed to keep a road, building, machine, etc. in good condition2015.12.08 13:37
3 consent 3 We should find a consent when and how children could use phonesNpermission or agreement2015.12.08 13:32
4 mutual 3 mutual respect is important in any technological businessADJ(of two or more people or groups) feeling the same emotion, or doing the same thing to or for each other2015.12.08 13:27
5 diversity 3 The diversity of technology usage is incredibleNthe fact of many different types of things or people being included in something; a range of different things or people2015.12.08 13:21
6 sustenance 10 sustenance is very important in modern world Nthe ability of food to provide people and animals with what they need to make them strong and healthy2015.12.08 13:17
7 primary 3 Primary profit of Apple is iPhone ADJmore important than anything else; main2015.12.08 13:10
8 pace 3 It is difficult to realize pace with which technologies are improvingNthe speed at which someone or something moves, or with which something happens or changes2015.12.08 13:06
9 spacing 1 It is very important to keep keep appropriate spacing during you write something at Microsoft Word Nthe amount of distance between lines or words, especially on a printed page2015.12.08 13:00
10 merely 3 I was't playing my phone. I merely looked for timeAdvused to emphasize that you mean exactly what you are saying and nothing more2015.12.08 12:50
11 solid 2 The new iPhone is solidADJhaving a fixed shape that cannot be changed easily2015.11.24 14:03
12 subside 6 New technologies could help us define when hurricanes will subsideV to become less strong, or less violent2015.11.24 14:00
13 tremendous 3 Apple presented new TV. It's really tremendous ADJgreat in amount, size, or degree; extremely large2015.11.24 13:54
14 seldom 4 I seldom use my phoneAdv almost never2015.11.24 13:50
15 flinched 7 I flinched after I heard sound from my new speakers Vto make a sudden small movement because of pain or fear2015.11.24 13:47
16 rug 4 My rug was printed with the help of 3D printer Na shaped piece of thick cloth for covering part of a floor2015.11.24 13:43
17 jiggle 11 At some iPhone games you should jiggle phone to achieve something Vto move something or cause something to move from side to side or up and down with quick short movements2015.11.24 13:37
18 abrupt 4 Avoid abrupt movements while drinking coffee above your computer ADJsudden and not expected, often with unpleasant results2015.11.24 13:32
19 restraint 3 We need to show restraint while using social networksNdetermined control over behavior in order to prevent the strong expression of emotion or any violent action2015.11.24 13:28
20 chute 8 My phone rolled from chuteNa narrow, steep slide for objects or people to go down2015.11.24 13:22
21 kin 4 It is difficult to create an example with word kin and technology in one sentence but, I didNfamily and ‹relations2015.11.10 13:36
22 curbing 5 The word curbing is not about technologyV to ‹control or ‹limit something that is not ‹wanted2015.11.10 13:32
23 rudimentary 7 You need to have rudimentary knowledge of how technology works to use your phoneADJ ‹basic2015.11.10 13:30
24 tract 5 You can read this tract onlineNa ‹short ‹piece of writing, ‹especially on a ‹religious or ‹political ‹subject, that is ‹intended to ‹influence other people's ‹opinions2015.11.10 13:27
25 gestures 3 New phones could understand our gesturesNa ‹movement of the ‹hands, ‹arms, or ‹head, etc. to ‹express an ‹idea or ‹feeling2015.11.10 13:25
26 elaborate 3 We need to elaborate new antivirusN‹containing a lot of ‹careful ‹detail or many ‹detailed ‹parts2015.11.10 13:23
27 purpose 2 We need to understand the purpose of improving technology Nwhy you do something or why something ‹exists2015.11.10 13:19
28 thirsty 1 You don't need technology at the desert while you experiencing thirsty, you need a water ADJ ‹needing to ‹drink2015.11.10 13:16
29 bark 2 Phones don't have bark, but trees does Nthe hard ‹outer ‹covering of a ‹tree2015.11.10 13:13
30 reliance 2 I don't have any reliance to technologyNthe ‹state of ‹depending on or ‹trusting in something or someone2015.11.10 13:10
31 twig 10 This twig is to short, I need another oneNsmall, thin wooden stick2015.11.02 15:18

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