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faby words, 21 Feb 24, 1:37


1date 1 Is today's date the 7th or the 8th?Nthe particular day of the month.2023.03.10 10:19
2determined 2 She is determined to finish her bookADJresolute - - firm - - unwilling to change -2023.03.10 09:48
3sociable 9 a sociable couple who enjoy parties.ADJglad to associate with others - companionable:2023.03.10 09:46
4hardworking a hardworking family manADJindustrious - - zealous:2023.03.10 09:45
5boarding_pass Please present your boarding_pass to the flight attendant.Na pass that authorizes a passenger to board an aircraft and is issued after one's ticket has been purchased or collected2023.03.10 09:37
6travel 1 In all my travels I never saw anything as beautiful as this sunset.Njourneys - - wanderings - the activity of moving, usually over a long distance2023.03.10 09:34
7ferryboat The ferryboat in the harbor got op steam for the crossing to the island.Na boat used to transport passengers, vehicles, etc., across a river or the like.2023.03.10 09:29
8journey 2 It's an hour's journey from here. - Na distance or period of time traveled2023.03.10 09:28
9trip 1 The trip takes just two hours by ferry.Na traveling from one place to another2023.03.10 09:25
10get_on I usually get_onwell with my classmatesVhave good relationships, no fighting, no argument2023.03.05 04:47
11get_on Hurry up, get_on the bus. It's leavingVto board or cause or help to board (a bus, train, etc)2023.03.05 04:41
12get_off get_off your coatVto remove, to take off2023.03.05 04:37
13got_off she got_off at the terminusVto descend (from a bus, train, etc) - dismount2023.03.05 04:35
14get_off I usually get_off very lightly in awkward situationsVto escape the consequences of an action2023.03.05 04:33
15alive 2 He was still alive after being buried in the snow for five days.ADJliving - - existing - - not dead or lifeless2023.02.06 13:18
16live 1 they have always lived in a cottage in the countrysideVto dwell or reside2023.02.06 13:21
17live 1 live animals - the live sounds of the forestADJbeing alive - - living:2023.02.06 13:25
18lively 4 a lively tune - - a lively discussionADJanimated - - spirited - - eventful or exciting -2023.02.06 13:27
19life 1 She led a long life. - - There are many forms of life on earthNthe period or amount of time of existence of an individual2023.02.06 13:30

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