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faby1 words, 04 Oct 23, 13:26


1trip 1 The boat trip down the Amazon was great.Nan occasion when you go somewhere and come back again2022.10.06 12:04
2fall 1 leaves of any colors were all over the place during fallNthe season of the year that comes after summer and before winter -2022.06.19 11:17
3résumé she handed over her résumé and waited.Na brief written account of educational and professional qualifications and experience2022.06.19 11:11
4recess 6 let's have a short recess between classesNa temporary withdrawal from or stopping of the usual work or activity - - a break.2022.06.19 11:08
5downtown let's go downtown to do some shoppingNof, pertaining to, or situated in the main business section of a city. - 2022.06.19 11:05
6atm if you need cash you can draw it from an ATMNautomated-teller machine. 2022.06.19 11:01
7highway 3 from a big town to another better get the highway to avoid local trafficNa main road, esp. one between towns or cities.2022.06.19 10:59
8fall 1 leaves fall during fallNthird season in a year2022.06.19 10:56

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