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jinuk words, 04 Oct 23, 13:49


1 exhibit 3 Thousands of paintings of Pablo Picasso are exhibited at Picasso MuseumVan object or statement produced before a court of law and referred to while giving evidence2016.09.28 11:04
2 remarkable 2 Especially remarkable sights in this city are the works of architect Antoni Gaudi.ADJunusual or striking2016.09.28 10:41
3 immense 4 He invested an immense sum of money in stocks.ADJunusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope2016.09.28 09:29
4 aphorism 12 The book talks about the lots of aphorisms.Na short pithy instructive saying2016.09.27 13:35
5 resilience 6 We will learn about resilience from physics class at high school. Nthe physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic lim2016.09.27 13:30
6 tragedy 3 I clearly remember the Sewol tragedy in 2014.Nan event resulting in great loss and misfortune2016.09.27 13:25
7 evacuate 4 All residents have to evacuate this area because of the approaching huge tornado.Vmove out of an unsafe location into safety2016.09.27 13:16
8 prosecutor 3 The prosecutor has caught a lot of criminals since 2010.Na government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state2016.09.27 13:01
9 exemption 4 In South Korea, the sports stars can receive a legal exemption of the military service for winning the Olympic games.Nimmunity from an obligation or duty2016.09.27 12:52
10 controversial 3 The decision of the government has been controversial.ADJmarked by or capable of arousing controversy2016.09.27 12:46
11 affluent 6 The house is located in the affluent area.ADJhaving an abundant supply of money or possessions of value2016.09.27 12:40
12 fluster 10 He doesn't get flustered.Vcause to be nervous or upset2016.09.25 23:13
13 addict 3 Their study showed that Internet-addicted teenagers have weak social intelligence, too.Vto cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, especially a narcotic drug)2016.09.25 22:56
14 exude 8 She exudes great confidence.Vmake apparent by one's mood or behavior2016.09.25 22:52
15 opponent 3 My opponent has only focused on the short-term risks involved in hosting the Olympics.Nban from a place of residence, as for punishment2016.09.25 22:40
16 banish 6 I banish the thought from my mind.Vexpel from a community or group - 2016.09.25 22:37
17 chuckle 5 'You never know what is required,' he said with a chuckle.Va soft partly suppressed laugh - 2016.09.25 22:32
18 attorney 4 Surprisingly, the 32-year-old Lee recently became an attorney!Na professional person authorized to practice law - 2016.09.25 22:26
19 glimpse 4 The long boardwalk lets you glimpse South Africa's popular penguins.Va quick look2016.09.25 22:23
20 illuminate 4 My room is now illuminated by the vibrating phone.Vmake lighter or brighter2016.09.25 22:19
21 isolated 3 It also will be difficult for Mars colonists to be isolated.ADJfar from someone or someplace; alone2016.09.19 09:27

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