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monica words, 04 Oct 23, 13:44


1drought 5 Farmers are facing ruin after two years of severe drought.Na long period of time when there is little or no rain2023.06.14 07:11
2heatwave A long summer heatwave had caused most of the crops to die.Na period of unusually hot weather2023.06.14 04:03
3sleet 10 The rain was turning to sleet.Na mixture of rain and snow2023.06.14 04:02
4hail 5 We drove through hail and snow.Nsmall balls of ice that fall like rain2023.06.14 04:01
5blizzard 8 The blizzard struck the north-east yesterday, causing serious damage.Na snowstorm with very strong winds2023.06.14 04:00
6flood 2 The heavy rain has caused floods in many parts of the country.Na large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry2023.06.14 03:59
7chill 3 There's a chill in the air this morning.N a feeling of being cold2023.06.14 03:57
8gale 8 The gale blew down hundreds of trees.Nan extremely strong wind2023.06.14 03:56
9cruise 3 I'd love to go on a round-the-world cruise.Na journey by sea, visiting different places, especially as a holiday2023.06.14 03:45
10voyage 5 The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage (= first journey).Na long journey, especially by sea or in space2023.06.14 03:45
11set_off We set_off for London just after ten.Vto begin a journey2023.06.14 03:43
12take_off What time did your plane take_off?Vto leave the ground and begin to fly2023.06.14 03:42
13land 1 The flight is due to land at 3 o'clock.V to come down through the air onto the ground or another surface2023.06.14 03:40
14take_off What time did the plane take_off?Nto leave the ground and begin to fly2023.06.14 03:38
15ferry 4 We boarded the ferry at Ostend.Nlarge boat or ship that carries people, vehicles and goods across a river or across a narrow part of the sea2023.06.14 03:33
16journey 2 The journey will take an hour at the most.Nan act of travelling from one place to another2023.06.13 11:16
17pledge 4 The meeting ended with a pledge to step up cooperation between the six states of the regionNa solemn promise to do or stop doing something2022.06.05 12:33
18charity 3 She was working as a volunteer at a homeless charityNA charity is an organization which raises money in order to help people who are sick or very poor, or who have a disability.2022.06.05 12:31
19compostable A government consultation on biodegradable and compostable packaging is under wayADJcapable of being used as compost (mixture of decayed plants and vegetable waste which is added to the soil to help plants grow)2022.06.05 12:29
20supplier 2 The company is a supplier of 100 per cent renewable electricityNA supplier is a person, company, or organization that sells or supplies something such as goods or equipment to customers2022.06.05 12:27
21warehouse 4 Goods were continuously delivered to the company's warehousesNa building for the storage of goods or merchandise.2022.06.05 12:22
22wastage 1 a series of measures to prevent the wastage of waterADJloss by use, wear, decay, or wastefulness2022.06.05 06:43
23huge 1 The book was a huge success.ADJgigantic - very great - - extraordinary2022.06.05 06:35
24huge 1 a huge ship - - The book was a huge success.ADJextraordinarily large in size, weight, quantity, or area - - gigantic - very great - - extraordinary2022.06.05 06:33
25wastage 1 a wastage of over 50%. - measures taken to reduce wastageNloss by use, wear, decay, or wastefulness2022.06.05 06:29
26figure 1 a figure that was more than we could afford.NMathematics:a symbol for a number - an amount or value expressed in numbers: - a figure that was more than we could afford. - figures,2022.06.05 06:28
27grocer 2 Asian food grocers are good places to find more exotic ingredients not available in your local supermarket.Nthe owner or operator of a store that sells groceries.2022.06.05 06:23
28backlash a backlash by voters to rising property taxes.Na strong negative reaction, as to some social or political change:2022.06.05 06:19
29pledge 4 a pledge of economic aid to the newly independent countries.Na solemn promise to do or stop doing something2022.06.05 06:17
30compostable Shops like Berlin's Original Unverpakt and London's Bulk Market are plastic-free shops that have opened in recent years, encouraging customers to use their own containers or compostable bags.ADJa mixture of decaying plant or animal matter used for fertilizing soil.2022.06.05 06:16

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