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musta_k words, 04 Oct 23, 14:30


1symptom 3 He had every SYMPTOM you'd expect of a drug addictNsign of disease - (لمرض) | عرَض2022.10.27 11:34
2arthritis 6 Arthritis is of two types, osteo- or rheumatoidNProblem of the joints, usually fingers or knees2022.10.27 12:37
3havens 10 The Caymans, Virgin Islands, and other havens for tax dodgersNPlaces where these people will be safe from the law, will not be held to account or made to pay their taxes2021.08.19 14:52
4philosopher 3 Philosophers merely interpret the world - the point, however, is to change it.- MarxNA scholar who deals in questions too ill defined for science2020.03.13 18:13
5spelunking 21 He was into dangerous sports like spelunkingNExploring caves underground, as a pastime2021.01.04 13:08
6beaker 11 Pour the solution into the beaker and apply heatNA cup or container used in the lab2020.03.14 12:20
7objectivity 3 IN scientific experiments we need objectivityNClear, factual thinking divorced from personal need or desire2020.03.13 11:30
8curry 6 We had a nice hot curry after the pub kicked us outNa curry is a spicy sort of stew made of beef, chicken or mutton from the cuisine of India2020.03.12 12:08
9profile 3 Her story was a profile in courageN"A summary of the characteristics that make up courage, a paradigm"2020.03.04 04:02
10academic 3 The arguments that occupied the televised debate were mainly academicADJ"In this meaning, of merely academic, i.e. little practical, importance "2020.03.04 03:35
11confidence 3 Confidences are rarely the secrets they are supposed to beNStory told with a promise not to pass it on2020.03.03 12:51
12eventful 2 The church picnic was more eventful than anticipated, with three murders and a pregnancyADJHaving numerous events, possibly of an unexpected nature2020.03.03 09:44
13adherent 4 Adherents of Bernie Sanders are said to be unwilling to vote for a candidate other than their ownNSupporters, those who 'adhere' or stick (like glue) to someone/thing2020.03.03 09:40
14 condiment 12   Condiments are supplied free with restaurant curriesNextras to a meal like chutney or pickle2020.03.03 03:56
15excelled 6 They excelled at doing nothingVThey were very good at doing this 2020.02.27 09:42
16calmly 2 He spoke calmly while all around him they were screaming like crazy peopleADVIn a relaxed, unexcited fashion2020.02.22 10:11
17potential 3 He was a student with a lot of potentialNHe has the power (= potential) to do well in the future2020.02.22 10:00
18pipeline 5 Some First Nations people oppose the construction of oil and gas pipelines in Western CanadaNA pipe or tube for carrying a liquid resource to customers or transportation2020.02.22 09:52
19 oath 5 They took a solemn oath to never forget The AlamoNa very serious promise2020.02.22 09:43
20 solemn 5 They took a solemn oathADJvery serious2020.02.22 09:35
21 peculiarity 4 One striking peculiarity of his was the endless fiddling with the braces that held up his trousersNA feature that makes someone different (in a negative way different in an unpleasant way)2020.02.19 09:37
22 serial 5 He was a serial adultererNHe committed one act of adultery after another, in a series or row2020.02.19 08:43
23 studious 1 He was a very studious little boyNLoved to study, bookish2020.02.19 08:34
24 character 2 He played the character of HamletNThe person an actor is imitating or representing - or 'being'2020.02.19 08:31
25 sorry 1 He said he was sorry for what he had doneADJFull of regret, wishes he had not done it2020.02.18 06:00
26 ambitious 4 He was an ambitious personNeagerly desirous of achieving success, power, wealth, a specific goal, etc2019.09.29 11:28
27 word 1 We are collecting English one word after anotherN2019.09.11 18:55
28 concatenate 14 The algorithm concatenated several variables according to a very tricky set of rulesVAttach together in a string (not add)2019.09.11 16:45
29 midwife ? A midwife assisted with the birthNA type of nurse that specializes in helping women deliver their babies, often without a doctor2019.03.31 20:48
30 spammers 10 Junk advertising was uploaded to the website by spammers and their cronies.NVandals who use someone else's social media to spread their messages 2019.03.31 20:40
31 defend 3 Any online site has to defend itself against unwanted attentionVFight back against2019.03.31 20:37
32 shady 2 Trump is accused of shady real estate dealingsADJBarely legal or maybe illegal2019.02.12 17:48
33 sordid 9 Spare me the sordid details pleaseADJunpleasant or terrible2019.02.12 17:43
34 blizzard 8 We hope this is the last blizzard of the winterNSerious snow storm2019.02.12 17:15
35 scar 4 He had a scar on his cheekNThe remains of a healed wound, usually red or pink in colour 2019.02.12 17:00
36 iota 12 I wouldn't give him one iota of my fortuneNSmallest possible piece2019.02.12 16:54
37 crisis 3 The government was in crisis following the ministerial disclosureNa serious problem2019.02.12 16:45
38 plastered 5 He came home plasteredADJinebriated, drunk2019.02.12 16:40
39 woodstove ? Pull up a chair by the woodstove and I'll bring you a drinkNA metal chamber (stove) in which wood is burned to prov ide warmth2019.02.12 16:10
40 cartwheels ? He was doing cartwheels outside the dance hallNTwisting his body in the shape of a wheel to show joy2019.02.12 15:30
41 explosive 3 The discovery was nothing short of explosive in the scientific communityADJcausing excitement (metaphor) 2019.02.12 14:54
42 certitude 14 He spoke with certitude on complex mattersNcertainty but more pompous2019.02.11 17:57
43 permissions 3 file permissions have been set to the lowest levelNthe rules governing who can do what to a file (look at it, or change it, mainly)2019.01.07 06:58
44 security_measures ? Therefore extra security_measures have been put in place, and if these are not adquate more will follow. Please report anything unusualNWays of keeping data and hardware safe on a computer2019.01.05 11:34
45 data_loss ? There has been data_loss from August 2018 to DecemberNinformation lost from a computer (usually database)2019.01.05 11:29
46 spam 10 Sorry users - a spam attack on this site has lost some entries (Jan 5, 2019)NJunk upoaded to someone else's website2019.01.05 11:28
47 castle 2 The French army defended the castle against the invaders.NLarge fortified stone building (historical)2019.01.05 11:21
48 wreck 4 I'm a wreck without my little China girlNA mess, a disaster, the outcome of an accident2018.02.08 06:42
49 stun 3 She was stunned by her friends' rejection of her plan. VTo make senseless or semi-conscious through a blow 2018.02.08 06:31
50 terrify 4 Be quiet or you'll terrify the neighboursVFrighten, make afraid2017.05.24 10:13
51 extras 1 The teachers started asking for extrasNbeyond, more, or better than what is usual2016.11.29 10:34
52 kiswahili ? Children use kiswahili in school until the age of 10.NA language of East Africa2016.09.29 07:50
53 chorus 5 A chorus of angels sing you to your rest!Na group of persons singing together2016.03.09 19:47
54famine 6 Parts of Madagascar are experiencing famine conditions Nextreme shortage of food2023.09.27 23:46

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