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skipper words, 21 Feb 24, 2:25


1 ornamental 5 the chimney pots are purely ornamental.NDecorative2016.10.17 12:44
2 ornamental 5 the chimney pots are purely ornamental.NDecorative2016.10.07 14:16
3 romantic 3 Here is a romantic place.ADJLove2016.10.07 14:13
4 radiation 3 As they do, heat levels will drop, and so will levels of radiation. Nenergy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles2016.10.07 00:05
5 rival 3 He lost out to his rival. Nthe contestant you hope to defeat2016.10.07 00:03
6 anticipate 3 It does not anticipate many more closures before Christmas.Vthink it, or say it before you do.2016.10.06 12:05
7 mechanization 7 We are speeding up the mechanization of our agriculture. Nto mechanize an industrial process2016.09.28 11:24
8 sharply 2 The funds rose sharply.Advsame with quickly, keenly, trenchantly, different with slightly2016.09.26 08:56
9 gain 2 White wines tend to gain depth of color with age. Vget something or inreaese2016.09.26 08:47
10 bartender ? i am wondering if you have any openings for a bartender?Nwho mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar2016.09.25 22:28
11 pharmacist 6 We had to wait for the pharmacist to make up her prescription. Na heaith professional trained in the art of preparing and dispensing drugs. 2016.09.25 22:24
12 piquant 12 Bland vegetables are often served with a piquant sauce. ADJhaving an agreeably pungent taste2016.09.25 22:21
13 lineage 6 in the past, lineage was vrey important to a family. Nthe descendants of one individual2016.09.25 22:16
14 maltreat 12 Only very mean preson maltreat children. Vtreat badly2016.09.25 22:12
15 intimate 3 we are not on intimate terms with our neighbours. ADJsomeone to whom private matters are confided2016.09.25 22:11
16 resplendent 11 he glimpsed Sonia, resplendent in a red dress. ADJhaving great beauty and splendor. 2016.09.25 22:08
17 harmonious 4 there should be a harmonious alliance between management and workers. ADJmusically pleasig2016.09.25 22:06
18 balmy 11 The air was warm and balmy.ADJ1.informal or slang trems for mentally irregular - 2. mild and pleasant2016.09.25 22:04
19 modest 3 He charged a relatively modest fee;Modest improvementADJ marked by simplicity; - having a humble opinon of youself2016.09.25 21:59
20 betrothal 11 Tom has a betrothal with marry. Na mutual promise to marry2016.09.25 21:53
21 abandoned 3 they abandoned ship in a small life boat.ADJleft without needed protection or care2016.09.25 18:28
22 crack 2 The boat started bouncing, and you could hear her cracking.Vto break (something) so that there are lines in its surface but it is usually not separated into pieces.2016.09.25 18:27
23 turkey ? A cook won’t pick up a turkey.Na large American bird that is related to the chicken and that is hunted or raised by people for its meat.2016.09.25 18:25
24 fragrance 5 It is recommended that people spray a little bit of fragrance. Na pleasant and usually sweet smell; a perfume or cologne2016.09.25 18:24
25 unacceptable 1 I believe it was unacceptable.N not pleasing or welcome : not acceptable2016.09.25 18:23
26 drip 4 All the way dripping down. V to fall in drops.2016.09.25 18:22
27 streak 4 See those streaks?N a long, thin mark that is a different color from its background. 2016.09.25 18:20
28 inspection 2 Doing increased inspections.Nthe act of looking at something closely in order to learn more about it, to find problems, etc. : the act of inspecting something. 2016.09.25 18:18
29 producer 2 Get into hotels with a producer.Nsomeone who is in charge of making and usually providing the money for a play, movie, record, etc. 2016.09.25 18:15
30 simulated 4 Scientist know Earth-like conditions can be simulated on Mars because something similar has already been done in Antarctica. ADJmade to look, feel ,or behave like something: not real. 2016.09.19 09:43

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