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1land 1 The flight is due to land at 3 o'clock.V to come down through the air onto the ground or another surface2023.06.14 03:40
2mind 1 If we could record the activity of every brain cell, we could glimpse the workings of the mindNthe part in a conscious being that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives, judges2023.03.22 08:15
3date 1 Is today's date the 7th or the 8th?Nthe particular day of the month.2023.03.10 10:19
4travel 1 In all my travels I never saw anything as beautiful as this sunset.Njourneys - - wanderings - the activity of moving, usually over a long distance2023.03.10 09:34
5trip 1 The trip takes just two hours by ferry.Na traveling from one place to another2023.03.10 09:25
6live 1 they have always lived in a cottage in the countrysideVto dwell or reside2023.02.06 13:21
7live 1 live animals - the live sounds of the forestADJbeing alive - - living:2023.02.06 13:25
8life 1 She led a long life. - - There are many forms of life on earthNthe period or amount of time of existence of an individual2023.02.06 13:30
9paper 1 I need paper and a pen to write a letter.Na substance made from wood pulp, rags, or other fiber, used to write or print on, for wrapping, etc.2022.11.24 08:56
10way 1 I don’t think this is the right way.NThe particular road, path, or track that you use to go from one place to another - 2022.11.23 18:16
11travel 1 Foreign travel never really appealed to him until he retired.NThe activity of travelling2022.11.23 18:14
12trip 1 She went on a trip to Paris.NAn occasion when you travel to visit a place for a short time and come back again2022.11.23 17:22
13earth 1 The earth takes approximately 3651/4 days to go round the sunNThe planet third in order of distance from the sun, between Venus and Mars - the world on which we live2022.11.07 18:05
14waste 1 He opposes any kind of nuclear waste being dumped at seaNunwanted matter or material of any type, especially what is left after useful substances or parts have been removed2022.11.07 14:56
15trip 1 The boat trip down the Amazon was great.Nan occasion when you go somewhere and come back again2022.10.06 12:04
16drug 1 The big drug companies make huge profits.Na medicine, or a substance for making medicines2022.07.11 07:09
17fall 1 leaves of any colors were all over the place during fallNthe season of the year that comes after summer and before winter -2022.06.19 11:17
18fall 1 leaves fall during fallNthird season in a year2022.06.19 10:56
19wear 1 She reflects her personality with what she wears.Vto have on the body as clothing, covering, or ornament: - 2022.06.14 17:59
20shape 1 But the hourglass shape has often been discarded in time.Nthe figure or body of a person, esp. of a woman: - [countable]The actress still has a great shape.2022.06.14 06:16
21weather 1 Extreme weather events are already more intense, threatening lives and livelihoods.Nthe state or condition of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, moisture, etc. - 2022.06.06 07:56
22cause 1 These gases trap the Sun's heat and cause the planet's temperature to riseVto be the cause of - - bring about2022.06.06 07:50
23rise 1 When these fossil fuels burn, they release greenhouse gases - mostly carbon dioxide (CO2). These gases trap the Sun's heat and cause the planet's temperature to riseVto increase, as in height, amount, value, or force2022.06.06 07:47
24warm 1 A report in 2021 by the Climate Action Tracker group calculated that the world was heading for 2.4C of warming by the end of the century.ADJhaving or giving out a moderate degree of heat, as perceived by the senses2022.06.06 07:37
25waste 1 The ' waste' from the consumption of these raw materials is dumped in such vast quantities that its environmental imprint has helped to create a new epoch, dubbed the AnthropoceneNsomething left over, esp. after some process has been performed and something more valuable removed2022.06.06 07:34
26wastage 1 a series of measures to prevent the wastage of waterADJloss by use, wear, decay, or wastefulness2022.06.05 06:43
27huge 1 The book was a huge success.ADJgigantic - very great - - extraordinary2022.06.05 06:35
28huge 1 a huge ship - - The book was a huge success.ADJextraordinarily large in size, weight, quantity, or area - - gigantic - very great - - extraordinary2022.06.05 06:33
29wastage 1 a wastage of over 50%. - measures taken to reduce wastageNloss by use, wear, decay, or wastefulness2022.06.05 06:29
30figure 1 a figure that was more than we could afford.NMathematics:a symbol for a number - an amount or value expressed in numbers: - a figure that was more than we could afford. - figures,2022.06.05 06:28
31holiday 1 We also understand that there are plans to keep the Parliament working through the summer holiday period to allow progress in the key areas.NPeriod of time spent travelling - when you don't have to work or go to school.2022.06.04 15:01
32trip 1 If you would like to organize a school trip, please don't hesitate to contact PostBus or complete the reservation form. NA journey to a place and back again, usually a short one for pleasure or a specific purpose.2022.06.04 14:55
33machinery 1 His hand was injured when he got it caught in the machinery.Na group of large machines or the parts of a machine that make it work:2022.06.02 05:03
34smoke 1 cigarette smokeNthe grey, black, or white mixture of gas and very small pieces of carbon that is produced when something burns:2022.06.02 04:57
35home 1 This is my home.NThe place where you live.2022.05.26 10:33
36car 1 My friend's car is newNEngine vehicle with four wheels2022.05.26 10:28
37change 1 change moneyVchange money2022.05.26 10:27
38home 1 home sweet homeNone's place of residence2022.05.26 10:24
39payment 1 The payment is due within fridayNThe act of paying2022.05.26 10:24
40story 1 We all have a story to tell.NA sequence of words used to describe fictional or real events happened to somebody in the past.2022.05.26 10:23
41bill 1 We paid the bill on time.NA statement of the money owed for goods or services.2022.05.26 10:22
42bag 1 Your bag is amazing!NContainer expecially used by women2022.05.26 10:17
43home 1 Get home, pleaseNBuilding2022.05.26 10:12
44make 1 Make a cakeVto bring into existence by combining material - - produce:[~ + object] - to make a dress. - 2022.04.29 11:50
45ought 1 Every citizen ought to help. - - He ought to be punished.Vopinion that the action of the main verb is one's duty or moral obligation):2021.08.11 12:52
46 van 1 These heavy boxes must go by van.Vcars used to carry2016.09.26 22:07
47careful 1 Careful work makes good resultsNSlow, deliberate, with care2020.03.13 12:15
48 studious 1 He was a very studious little boyNLoved to study, bookish2020.02.19 08:34
49 sorry 1 He said he was sorry for what he had doneADJFull of regret, wishes he had not done it2020.02.18 06:00
50 meaning 1 The word 'flight' has two different meanings: a plane journey, and the act of running away.NThe meaning of something is what it expresses or represents2019.12.01 12:38
51 word 1 We are collecting English one word after anotherN2019.09.11 18:55
52 betterment 1 I believe politics and politicians are vital to the betterment of society.NThe improvement of something.2019.05.01 10:48
53 truism 1 Sometimes a truism can be proclaimed in a manner that makes it startling.NA statement that is obviously true and says nothing new or interesting.2019.04.29 13:13
54 apparent 1 This becomes apparent in wet conditions, when the driver's skill comes to the foreADJClearly visible or understood; obvious.2019.03.25 13:59
55 complete 1 The mobile version is complete ADJFinished 2018.03.12 12:13
56 happy 1 ? am happy to be hereADJto be contented2018.02.05 03:57
57 stopper 1 Remove the stopper from the bottle before you try to pour.Vcap or cork that keeps liquid inside a bottle2017.08.23 19:04
58 form 1 a triangular formNthe outside appearance of a clearly defined area2017.05.02 07:46
59 cat 1 Our cats like to play with string.NOur cats like to play with string.2017.04.22 11:11
60 help 1 If she needs help, tell her to call me.Naid; - assistance:2017.01.29 11:36
61 new 1 If you are new at once today, you should new everyday, and new forever. ADJ????????????2016.12.07 21:26
62 extras 1 The teachers started asking for extrasNbeyond, more, or better than what is usual2016.11.29 10:34
63 aware 1 I need not press the urgency of the matter on you, as I konw you are fully aware of it yourselves. ADJ(sometimes followed by `of') having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception2016.10.10 21:49
64 honorable 1 It is honorable for Albus to save someone's life, but something wrong.ADJworthy of being honored 2016.10.10 12:18
65 unbearable 1 when the silence became unbearable.ADJtoo bad,harsh,or extreme to be accepted or endured2016.10.09 21:27
66 inexperienced 1 They are inexperienced when it comes to decorating..ADJhave a little knowledge or experience of a particular situation or activity2016.10.09 02:53
67 additive 1 Strict safety test are carried out on food additives.NAn additive is a substance which is added in small amounts to food or other things in order to improve them or to make them last longer2016.10.09 02:39
68 odd 1 That paper looks odd, why it keeps flying in the sky.ADJnot easily explained2016.10.04 22:47
69 guesser 1 I don't want to be a guesser, tell me the truth!N a person who guess2016.10.04 22:39
70 naturally 1 The milk lack is naturally producednnAdvrefers to the natural2016.09.28 23:29
71 spring 1 They planed to go to a spring for relax.NThe water from the ground2016.09.28 13:41
72 countless 1 He has helped countless people.ADJThere are too many or too much to counted.2016.09.28 13:35
73 educational 1 His life was entirely given up to the educational work.ADJpertaining to education2016.09.28 13:24
74 track 1 I followed the tracks that my dog left.Na mark left on the ground by a moving animal, person, or vehicle.2016.09.28 13:07
75 colorful 1 These colorful fish swim in the river ADJincluded a lot of different colors 2016.09.27 22:30
76 depth 1 I was amazed at the depth of her knowledge.Nwhen a feeling, state or characteristic is strong, extreme or detailed2016.09.27 20:35
77 childish 1 They believe the existence of Yeti that it very childish.ADJIndicating a lack of maturity. - =infantile2016.09.27 13:54
78 mad 1 She wouldn't be mad if Jean gives her the eye.ADJRoused to anger. - =huffy, sore2016.09.27 13:47
79 rightful 1 he is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.ADJwith a legal or moral claim to some thing owned by somebody who has a right to it considered to be right and fair.2016.09.27 13:32
80 considered 1 he is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.ADJcarefully thought about.2016.09.27 13:25
81 wonderful 1 There are always something wonderful in antique market.ADJfantastic, to describe some - object beyond people's imaging. 2016.09.27 08:38
82 scary 1 I got homesick, so l was scared of the new environment. ADJfrightened, thinking it would be awful2016.09.26 22:19
83 treat 1 Treat your keyboard with care and it should last for years.Vinteract in a certain way;subject to a process or treatment,with the aim of readying for some purpose,improving,or remedying a condition; 2016.09.25 19:11
84 involved 1 They see a lot of each other but aren't involved.Nconnected by participation or association or use;entangled or hindered as if e.g.in mire; highly complex or intricate and occasionally.2016.09.25 18:46
85 definitely 1 She definitely had an ulterior motive in offering to help.ADJwithout question and beyond doubt2016.09.25 18:43
86 unacceptable 1 I believe it was unacceptable.N not pleasing or welcome : not acceptable2016.09.25 18:23
87 boredom 1 we are dying of boredom!Nthe feeling of being bored by something tedious2016.09.23 09:36
88 unspeakable 1 unspeakable is name of a film.ADJdescribe someone which is not described or understood.2016.09.23 08:20
89 unemployed 1 Many people were unemployed in the last year.Vlose the job2016.09.23 08:18
90 dangerous 1 The world is in dangerous situationADJIf someone or something is dangerous, they or it could harm you.2016.09.22 08:09
91 coffee 1 a cup of coffee makes me happy.Na beverage made from hot water poured over the roasted ground or crushed seeds(?cof•fee ?beans) of the fruit of certain coffee trees.2016.09.21 22:29
92 different 1 two different tearsADJ3. not identical; - separate or distinct:2016.09.21 22:29
93 teacher 1 teacher makes me happy.N1. a person who teaches or instructS, esp. as a profession; - instructor.2016.09.21 22:28
94 teacher 1 The teacher makes me happy.N1.a person who teaches or instructs, esp. as a profession; - instructor.2016.09.21 22:27
95 look 1 You look so beautiful today.V3.to appear to the eye as specified.2016.09.21 22:25
96 teacher 1 a teacher makes me happy.N1.a person who teaches or instructs, esp. as a profession; - instructor.2016.09.21 22:24
97 teacher 1 Meeting a great teacher makes me happy. N1.a person who teaches or instructs, esp. as a profession; - instructor2016.09.21 10:58
98 willing 1 I am perfectly willing to work night.ADJdisposed or consenting; inclined: - willing to go along. - cheerfully consenting or ready: - a willing worker. - 2016.09.21 10:25
99 climbing 1 i like to practice climbing in Brazil mountains.NThe sport of climbing mountains, hills, or rocks2016.09.20 15:15
100 afford 1 Anyone can afford to go to a university.Nhave enough money to pay for.2016.09.19 17:04
101 boredom 1 the greatest emotional problem was boredom.Nthe state of feeling bored.2016.09.19 09:33
102 computer 1 She’s looking at the computer monitor. - Nan electronic machine that can store and deal with large amounts of information2016.05.18 00:54
103 ability 1 you need to have a lot of ability to survive.Nbeing able to do something2016.02.29 00:43
104 important 1 The test we have for next week is very important for our final mark.NA great signifance or value.2015.12.08 13:12
105 spacing 1 It is very important to keep keep appropriate spacing during you write something at Microsoft Word Nthe amount of distance between lines or words, especially on a printed page2015.12.08 13:00
106 suitable 1 New generation found out to be more suitable by using techneologyNfeeling that you belong somewhere2015.11.10 13:43
107 thirsty 1 New generation is very thirsty about the latest technology.Nfeeling a need to dring smth 2015.11.10 13:34
108 thirsty 1 You don't need technology at the desert while you experiencing thirsty, you need a water ADJ ‹needing to ‹drink2015.11.10 13:16
109 suitable 1 The use of iPads in the ESL Program is suitable to improve the learning interactive between students.ADJHaving the qualities that are right, needed, or appropriate for something 2015.11.10 09:39
110 bottom 1 I can find the some quotations at the bottom of the textbook in china.Nthe ‹lowest ‹part of something:2015.11.09 23:24
111 tendencies 1 when I have my GPS with me; I can change my tendencies easier . Na natural or prevailing disposition to move, proceed, or act in some direction or toward some point, end, or result.2015.11.09 13:42
112 master 1 Anna is the master of computers and technology NOne that has control over another persons, a group of persons, or a thing, especially2015.11.07 17:47
113 programed 1 List night I tried to programed my computer but it was failedNSetting an order and time for planned events2015.11.07 17:07
114 master 1 She ‹lived in Italy for several ‹years but never ‹quite mastered the ‹language.V to ‹learn how to do something well2015.11.02 15:34
115 mastered 1 For example, he mastered the ability to draw while watching only his hand in a mirror.Na person with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something:2015.11.02 15:34
116 mastered 1 Have you mastered a technique for it?ADJunderstood perfectly2015.11.02 15:06
117 obvious 1 It was always obvious to me that cattle and other animals also think in picturesADJeasily seen, recognized, or understood2015.07.23 10:02
118 beauteous 1 The morning sky was beauteous to say the leastADJAN emphatic form for the word 'beautiful'2015.07.13 16:14
119 packaging 1 Australia made profits because of their plain packaging lawsNThe activity of putting products into containers so that they can be sold in shops2015.05.01 10:44
120 settlement 1 They are negotiating a peace settlementNA formal agreement that ends a disagreement2015.05.01 10:26
121 rate 1 interest rates Nthe amount of a charge or payment with reference to some basis of counting2015.04.30 11:08
122 arrangement 1 There was an arrangement of books in the window.Nthe thing arranged or agreed to2015.04.16 18:53
123 zero 1 Suggest me a restaurant since I have zero cooking skills.ADJhaving no measurable quantity or magnitude; not any.2015.04.16 14:57
124 wine 1 Drinking wine caused his liver to be damaged.Nthe fermented juice of grapes, made in many varieties, such as red, white, sweet, dry, still, and sparkling.2015.04.16 14:39
125 finish 1 We finished dinner at about 9 o'clockVto bring or come to an end or to completion2015.04.09 06:13
126 cat 1 the girl hits the catNan animal2015.04.09 06:06
127 cat 1 The cats were kept next to the bears at the zooNa small, furry, carnivorous animal often kept as a pet: - Our cats like to play with string.2015.04.03 14:36
128 squarely 1 The boss dealt squarely with his staffs. Advdirectly and without evasion; not roundabout2015.03.26 18:18
129 misleading 1 ' Do not let this guy misleading you into a wrong way' mu mom said to me.Nto make someone to believe something that is incorrect to not true2015.03.25 17:11
130 bill 1 I already paid the Gym bill last month. Na statement of money owed for goods or services supplied2015.03.21 20:33
131 tax_burden 1 On the graph, tax_burden is usually a rectangle next to the dead weight lossNThe amount of income, property, or sales tax levied on an individual or business.2015.03.12 00:28
132 mother 1 My mother was 32 when I was born. - Na female parent.2015.03.10 09:37
133 flatten 1 The bulldozer flattened the barn.Vto (cause to) become flat:2015.02.05 01:39
134 slip 1 He slipped on ice and broke his wristNTo fall through lack of the expected friction underfoot2015.01.24 13:50
135 potter 1 He likes to potter around in his garden shed on the weekendNEngage in small or inconsequential activities2015.01.21 22:24
136 computational 1 We discussed computational linguistics in class tonight.ADJinvolving the calculation of answers, amounts, results2015.01.21 21:21
137 dependent 1 the various benefits will be dependent on length of serviceN(dependent on/upon) Contingent on or determined by2015.01.16 05:42
138 explanation 1 the birth rate is central to any explanation of population trendsNA statement or account that makes something clear2015.01.16 05:37
139 postal 1 It is usual for governments to run the postal servicesNRelating to the mailing letters and pacels2015.01.16 05:21
140 roughly 1 the man picked me up roughlyNIn a manner lacking gentleness; harshly or violently:2015.01.16 05:17
141 usefulness 1 faults that affect the book’s usefulnessNThe quality or fact of being useful2015.01.16 05:14
142 mindful 1 She is always mindful when traveling alone in other countries.ADJkeep being aware or remembering something2015.01.16 05:09
143 markedly 1 The adjustment markedly improved the efficiency of the producing process.ADJvery clear, easy to be recognize and distinguished2015.01.16 05:02
144 fitness 1 disease and lack of fitness are closely relatedNThe condition of being physically fit and healthy:2015.01.16 03:09
145 roomy 1 the cabin is roomy and well plannedN(Especially of accommodation) having plenty of room; spacious2015.01.16 02:51
146 excuse 1 he did nothing to hide or excuse Jacob’s crueltyNSeek to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offence); try to justify2015.01.16 02:29
147 press 1 he pressed his face to the glassVMove or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force2015.01.16 02:12
148 computation 1 The solution required a series of computations.Nthe act or process of computing or calculating something2015.01.15 23:44

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