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words, 04 Oct 23, 12:34


1sleet 10 The rain was turning to sleet.Na mixture of rain and snow2023.06.14 04:02
2havens 10 The Caymans, Virgin Islands, and other havens for tax dodgersNPlaces where these people will be safe from the law, will not be held to account or made to pay their taxes2021.08.19 14:52
3haven 10 He fled to a safe havenNa place of safety 2020.07.18 20:52
4 percolate 10 Inevitably ideas percolate from one religion to anotherVInevitably ideas percolate from one religion to another.2019.08.27 13:07
5 explicate 10 Some recent authors have written books attempting to explicate the concept of nomicity. VAnalyse and develop (an idea or principle) in detail.2019.04.29 13:29
6 schism 10 However, other controversies appear to reflect some of the deeper schisms within psychology itself.NA split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.2019.04.29 13:04
7 spammers 10 Junk advertising was uploaded to the website by spammers and their cronies.NVandals who use someone else's social media to spread their messages 2019.03.31 20:40
8 spam 10 Sorry users - a spam attack on this site has lost some entries (Jan 5, 2019)NJunk upoaded to someone else's website2019.01.05 11:28
9 paltry 10 managing to raise a paltry quarter load of washingADJvery small or too small in amount2016.10.09 21:30
10 commensurate 10 taht is why the salary is commensurate.ADJequal or similar to something in size, amount, or degree2016.10.03 21:22
11 drudgery 10 Her surname ruins it with its connotation of working-class drudgery.NHard monotonous routine work. - =donkeywork2016.09.27 13:38
12 fluster 10 He doesn't get flustered.Vcause to be nervous or upset2016.09.25 23:13
13 insolent 10 He gave an insolent reply to her questionADJ1.boldly rude or disrespectful; - insulting:2016.09.21 22:26
14 abet 10 Bushes and vines abetted the rocks in forming thorny detours for the struggling strangerV in a state of temporary inactivity. temporary inactivity, cessation, or suspension - 2016.05.05 04:25
15 sustenance 10 The poor countries are turned in different kind of natural energy sources for sustenanceNA food or a drink that which is regarded as a source of energy.2015.12.08 13:21
16 sustenance 10 sustenance is very important in modern world Nthe ability of food to provide people and animals with what they need to make them strong and healthy2015.12.08 13:17
17 procreation 10 I bought some animals and some of them are used for procreation.NMeans reproduction. The N form of reproduce. 2015.12.07 23:32
18 sustenance 10 Sustenance includes food, drink and other necessitiesNsustenance are the resource that all creatures need2015.12.07 23:28
19 sustenance 10 Genetically modified crops increased production that solved sustenance supply.Nfood2015.12.07 23:01
20 sustenance 10 I seek your support and sustenance.Nmeans of sustaining life; nourishment.2015.12.07 22:57
21 procreation 10 These areas are procreation, life, and deathNproduction 2015.12.07 22:40
22 sustenance 10 My USB and laptop are my educational sustenance for work at schoolNMeans of sustaining life; nourishment 2015.12.07 20:18
23 procreation 10 Some people believe that sex should only be for the purpose of procreation.Nthe sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring2015.12.04 23:25
24 sustenance 10 The biological weapons brings death, not sustenance.Nfood:2015.12.04 23:10
25 sustenance 10 Organic farming provides healthy sustenance to the public.Nfood that people or animals need in order to live2015.11.28 19:14
26 sustenance 10 Organic farming provides healthy sustenance to the public.Nfood that people or animals need in order to live2015.11.28 17:37
27 balk 10 Don't balk when you help others.Vto stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed or to do something specified2015.11.23 21:03
28 copulation 10 Technology can help animals copulation and reproduce.Nsexual intercourse.2015.11.10 22:33
29 twigs 10 Primates use twigs as a tools.NA small shoot or branch usually without its leaves2015.11.10 09:26
30 copulation 10 Copulation could be used for alliance and protection among animals of the same sex.Nto have sex2015.11.10 02:15
31 copulation 10 For Darwin, mate choice simply stopped at copulation.Nsexual intercourse.2015.11.09 22:07
32 copulation 10 About three days after copulation, the hen starts laying eggs.Nthe act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman2015.11.09 09:03
33 twig 10 Sloths live on a diet of leave and twigsNa small shoot or branch usually without its leave2015.11.07 22:27
34 mollusks 10 Sea otters use rocks to break open mollusks which are important in their dietNany invertebrate of the phylum Mollusca, typically having a calcareous shell of one, two, or more pieces that wholly or partly enclose the soft, unsegmented body, including the chitons, snails, bivalves, squids, and octopuses2015.11.03 01:05
35 twig 10 There is a woodpecker finch that selects twigs to dig out insects open mollusks.Na small very thin stem of wood that grows from a branch on a tree2015.11.02 15:39
36 twig 10 We ‹collected ‹dry twigs to ‹start the ‹fire.Na ‹small, ‹thin ‹branch of a ‹tree or ‹bush, ‹especially one ‹removed from the ‹tree or ‹bush and without any ‹leaves2015.11.02 15:36
37 twig 10 Suddenly, we hear the sound of a twig cracking; all three men look around anxiously, particularly JASON.Na slender shoot of a tree or other plant.2015.11.02 15:35
38 twig 10 walls and floors of the pool, and consequently against any sharp stone or TWIG, is such that it can be ultimately forced through the liner. - Na small, dry, woody piece fallen from a branch2015.11.02 15:32
39 copulate 10 the time of year when deer in the wild are likely to copulateVto have sexual intercourse2015.11.02 15:19
40 twig 10 He cut a twig from the tree by his palm.Na small, thin shoot of a wooden branch or stem2015.11.02 15:19
41 twig 10 This twig is to short, I need another oneNsmall, thin wooden stick2015.11.02 15:18
42 twig 10 Would you consider a twig to be a tool?Na twig is a very small thin branch that grows out from a main branch of a tree or bush2015.11.02 15:05
43 altruistic 10 Were his motives entirely altruistic?ADJThis kind of behaviour shows that you care about and will help other people, even though this brings no advantage for yourself.2015.06.09 20:00
44 intransigent 10 an intransigent attitudeADJstubborn; unwilling to change your ideas or behaviour in a way that seems unreasonable2015.05.21 12:27
45 garish 10 Many of the rugs are too garish for my taste.ADJvery brightly coloured in a way that is unpleasant to look at2015.05.08 15:47
46 intransigent 10 I detest her because she is so intransigent person.ADJRefusing to agree or compromise; uncompromising; inflexible2015.04.16 15:30
47 decried 10 She decried the way he treats her.VTo express strong disapproval.2015.04.16 15:15
48 punctual 10 The bus in the town is never punctual.ADJdirectly and without evasion; not roundabout2015.03.26 18:31
49 submissive 10 Whatever my mom says to me, I am totally submissive.ADJwilling to do other people tell you to do without arguing2015.03.20 22:29
50 digression 10 Let me just finish this digression.Na message that departs from the main subject.2015.03.18 14:23
51 sidle 10 Sidle up to him and then ask for a raise.Vto move in a furtive or stealthy manner; edge along2015.03.15 12:47
52 ubiquitous 10 Earth's ubiquitous atmosphere.ADJhaving or seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once; omnipresent2015.03.15 12:29
53 savvy 10 tech-savvy studentsADJshrewdly intelligent; canny2015.01.29 04:29
54 puny 10 His puny arms were nonetheless capable of mighty featsNWeak looking, skinny2015.01.24 18:01
55 vertigo 10 The climber had a sudden feeling of vertigoNDizziness, imbalance, fear of falling2015.01.24 17:33
56 audacity 10 he whistled at the sheer audacity of the planNA willingness to take bold risks:2015.01.16 05:20
57 indelible 10 an indelible marker penN(Of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed2015.01.16 05:15
58 philanthropic 10 they receive financial support from philanthropic bodiesN seeking to promote the welfare of others; generous and benevolent:2015.01.16 05:10
59 lanky 10 He is lanky and a brilliant artist as well as being excellent at crosswords.N ungracefully thin and tall.2015.01.16 02:25
60 turban 10 It is difficult for us to see any reason why a Jew may not wear his yarmulke in court or a Sikh his turban.NA man’s head covering consisting of a long length of material wound around a cap or the head, worn especially by Sikhs and Muslims.2015.01.16 02:24
61 irreverence 10 Certain sects of Islam consider a woman showing her face in public to be a gross irreverence.Nlack of reverence2015.01.15 23:13
62 irreverence 10 Certain sects of Islam consider a woman showing her face in public to be a gross irreverence.Nlack of reverence2015.01.15 23:13
63 vigilante 10 The danger of these self-appointed vigilantes is that they sometimes go after innocent people.Na person who is not a police officer but who tries to catch and punish criminals2015.01.15 22:27
64 morose 10 He became morose and withdrawn and would not talk to anyone.ADJvery serious, unhappy, and quiet2015.01.15 22:09
65 belittle 10 The critic belittled the author's work.Vto describe (someone or something) as little or unimportant2015.01.15 19:51
66 audacity 10 He had the audacity to suggest that it was all my fault.Na confident and daring quality that is often seen as shocking or rude : an audacious quality2015.01.15 19:24
67 derange 10 Being stranded at night on a lonely road would derange anyone.Vto disturb the operation or functions of2015.01.15 18:52
68 virile 10 Then there was exercise, boating and hiking, which was not only good for you but also made you more virile the thought of strenuous activity left him exhausted.Nhaving or exhibiting masculine strength; masculine; - manly; - characterized by a vigorous, masculine spirit.2015.01.14 04:29
69 haughty 10 a look of haughty disdainADJarrogantly superior and disdainful2015.01.10 09:57

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