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words, 04 Oct 23, 14:41


1 condiment 12   Condiments are supplied free with restaurant curriesNextras to a meal like chutney or pickle2020.03.03 03:56
2 iota 12 I wouldn't give him one iota of my fortuneNSmallest possible piece2019.02.12 16:54
3 albatross 12 One of my friends finished the exam, which had hung over it like 'an albatross.Na seemingly inescapable moral or emotional burden, as of guilt or responsibility.2016.09.28 13:21
4 aphorism 12 The book talks about the lots of aphorisms.Na short pithy instructive saying2016.09.27 13:35
5 piquant 12 Bland vegetables are often served with a piquant sauce. ADJhaving an agreeably pungent taste2016.09.25 22:21
6 maltreat 12 Only very mean preson maltreat children. Vtreat badly2016.09.25 22:12
7 hypertext 12 In general, hypertext generally refers to a dynamic and non-linear system for presenting 'active' text, which includes text, graphics, audio and videoNhypertext is high-level software through which learners search for information and explore knowledge in real time in non-linear2016.05.18 00:54
8 egocentric 12 Often an egocentric person will not be welcomed by others.ADJHaving/regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things:2015.04.14 18:27
9 hyper 12 The kids were all hyper after eating all the Easter Candy.Vhy•per1 /'ha?p?/ - adj. [Informal.] - overexcited; - keyed up: - acting hyper after staying inside for five days. - overly concerned about something:2015.03.08 08:52
10 dissension 12 If we enter a room where several people are angry and upset, we can feel that dissension even if nobody is saying anything right then.Nstrong disagreement about something, especially within a group of people2015.02.23 21:08
11 serendipitous 12 It was a serendipitous discoveryNCharacterized by happy luck without really trying (from serendipity)2015.01.21 22:00
12 tardy 12 She was tardy to work.ADJarriving or doing something late2015.01.15 21:47
13 somber 12 Her death put us in a somber mood.ADJvery sad and serious2015.01.15 20:11
14 impudent 12 The boy was punished for his impudent behavior.ADJfailing to show proper respect and courtesy : very rude2015.01.15 19:27
15 sublimate 12 She sublimated her erotic feelings into a series of paintings.Vpsychology : to express a desire or feeling by changing it into a form that is socially acceptable2015.01.15 19:23
16 motorcade 12 The next part of the parade was a motorcade of fire engines.Na group or line of cars or other vehicles that travel together2015.01.15 18:31

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