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words, 04 Oct 23, 13:51


1anodyne 16 as an anodyne for the stress and superficiality of the modern world, there's nothing better than reading a literary classic of substance and insight - - Nsomething that soothes, calms, or comforts2021.02.26 01:08
2 plutocracy 16 The apologists for plutocracy are content this week to use anti-racism as their debating tool. Nthe rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy. 2016.09.23 08:22
3 apposition 16 This N is in apposition to the foregoing.NN-(U) - the relationship between two N phrases that are used in the same way and refer to the same person or thing.2015.03.23 21:07
4 meerkat 16 With the single, notable exception of the meerkats, there was not the least foreign matter on the island, organic or inorganic.Nany of several African mongooses2015.01.15 21:43

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