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1chill 3 There's a chill in the air this morning.N a feeling of being cold2023.06.14 03:57
2cruise 3 I'd love to go on a round-the-world cruise.Na journey by sea, visiting different places, especially as a holiday2023.06.14 03:45
3cruise 3 - We cruised to the Bahamas.Vto sail about on a pleasure trip2022.11.24 09:01
4confident 3 He is confident in his ability to do the job well.ADJSomeone who is confident believes in their own abilities and so does not feel nervous or frightened2022.11.24 08:55
5symptom 3 He had every SYMPTOM you'd expect of a drug addictNsign of disease - (لمرض) | عرَض2022.10.27 11:34
6virus 3 They are trying to stop the spread of the flu virus.NA very small living thing that causes infectious illnesses2022.07.11 07:11
7highway 3 from a big town to another better get the highway to avoid local trafficNa main road, esp. one between towns or cities.2022.06.19 10:59
8layer 3 Hairsprays were cited as one of the causes of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer. People were told to wear sunscreen to avoid skin cancer as the layer thinned and more UV light got through. - Na thickness of some material laid on or spread over a surface:2022.06.06 07:49
9climate 3 The rapid climate change we are now seeing is caused by humans using oil, gas and coal for their homes, factories and transport.NThe general weather conditions of a region, averaged over a series of years2022.06.06 07:30
10fuels 3 Fossil fuels are used to power everything from planes to gas cookers.Nany combustible organic material, as oil, coal, or natural gas, derived from the remains of former life. - 2022.06.06 06:29
11charity 3 She was working as a volunteer at a homeless charityNA charity is an organization which raises money in order to help people who are sick or very poor, or who have a disability.2022.06.05 12:31
12resort 3 The seaside resort is a very popular destination for holidaymakers and is 34 km east of Heraklion. NA place where people go on holiday.2022.06.04 14:56
13sustainable 3 Help protect tropical forests by supporting sustainable palm oil production.Ncapable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage2022.06.04 12:23
14border 3 You can’t cross the border without a passport.Nthe official line separating two countries or regions - https://www.macmillandictionary.com/2022.05.30 05:35
15digital 3 The digital era is very complexNit is something virtual2022.05.26 10:28
16digital 3 The digital era is very complexNit is something virtual2022.05.26 10:26
17digital 3 The digital era is very complexNit is something virtual2022.05.26 10:23
18coin 3 That is the other side of the coin.Na piece of money made of metal. 2022.05.21 10:07
19mortgage 3 I could pay my mortgage again.NIt refers to a loan used to purchase or maintain a home, land, or other types of real estate.2022.05.21 10:01
20philosopher 3 Philosophers merely interpret the world - the point, however, is to change it.- MarxNA scholar who deals in questions too ill defined for science2020.03.13 18:13
21review 3 please review thisVCheck something in detail2020.06.03 01:56
22poll 3 1.The opinion polls show great interest in the economy - 2. Polls are open at five-thirty in the morning.N1.a sampling of opinions on a subject, taken from a group of people, as for analysis - 2.Usually, polls. the place where votes are cast2020.05.06 00:16
23objectivity 3 IN scientific experiments we need objectivityNClear, factual thinking divorced from personal need or desire2020.03.13 11:30
24profile 3 Her story was a profile in courageN"A summary of the characteristics that make up courage, a paradigm"2020.03.04 04:02
25academic 3 The arguments that occupied the televised debate were mainly academicADJ"In this meaning, of merely academic, i.e. little practical, importance "2020.03.04 03:35
26confidence 3 Confidences are rarely the secrets they are supposed to beNStory told with a promise not to pass it on2020.03.03 12:51
27potential 3 He was a student with a lot of potentialNHe has the power (= potential) to do well in the future2020.02.22 10:00
28 mobile 3 Gp Lex also works on mobile though with reduced functionalityNEasily moveable2019.11.16 06:37
29 fragment 3 Besides ruins of wooden buildings, archeologists have found fragments of ceramic pottery.NA small part broken off or separated from something.2019.06.26 14:00
30 insight 3 Endurance could provide insight into the environmental history of the area, but there are risks.NThe capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.2019.05.01 10:59
31 evolve 3 Often my films have started in one place and evolved into something very different.NDevelop gradually.2019.04.29 13:20
32 defend 3 Any online site has to defend itself against unwanted attentionVFight back against2019.03.31 20:37
33 alienate 3 Deborah thinks about everything in material terms, which has alienated her from the other members of her familyNMake (someone) feel isolated or estranged.2019.03.25 13:48
34 crisis 3 The government was in crisis following the ministerial disclosureNa serious problem2019.02.12 16:45
35 explosive 3 The discovery was nothing short of explosive in the scientific communityADJcausing excitement (metaphor) 2019.02.12 14:54
36 succeed 3 He wanted to succeed and therefore perfomed well.Vattain success or reach a goal2019.01.25 13:12
37 permissions 3 file permissions have been set to the lowest levelNthe rules governing who can do what to a file (look at it, or change it, mainly)2019.01.07 06:58
38 experimental 3 The mobile version of Group Lex remains experimental at this pointADJstill in development, not yet proven2018.03.11 15:23
39 stun 3 She was stunned by her friends' rejection of her plan. VTo make senseless or semi-conscious through a blow 2018.02.08 06:31
40 intimate 3 I am an intimate friend of you.ADJ1.associated in close personal relationship2017.11.03 21:14
41 essential 3 It is essential that they read graded readers that have been specially prepared for learners.ADJabsolutely necessary; indispensable2017.08.24 02:33
42 unique 3 a masterpiece unique in all the world.ADJexisting as the only one of its kind or type, or as the only example:2017.01.29 11:37
43 content 3 The baby looks content in her crib. - Nsatisfaction; contentment.2016.12.31 19:06
44 mature 3 When we grow up, we will become more rational and maturer.Nhaving or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult2016.11.20 21:24
45 persistently 3 In order to get a better future, we should study persistently now.Advcontinuing to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop2016.11.20 21:20
46 colleague 3 My colleague is vey hard working, he always can complete his jobs very well.None of a group of people who work together2016.11.20 21:08
47 administration 3 This company spents Too much time on administration, that will cause more deficits.N the activities that relate to running a company, school, or other organization2016.11.20 21:00
48 discretion 3 His discretion let him be in a big trouble.Nthe quality of being careful about what you do and say so that people will not be embarrassed or offended2016.11.20 20:55
49 resort 3 Hawaiian resorts are very popular for vacations.NA place that is a popular destination for vacations or recreation, or which is frequented for a particular purpose.2016.10.13 01:07
50 extraordinary 3 Psychics has an extraordinary skills.ADJvery unusual or remarkable2016.10.13 01:04
51 theme 3 The theme carried through all his writing. Nthe subject matter of a conversation or discussion2016.10.10 21:55
52 encounter 3 She encountered an old friend on the road.Va casual meeting with a person of thing2016.10.10 21:48
53 assignment 3 He has just come off a difficult assignment.Na duty that you are assigned to perform (especially in the armed forces)2016.10.10 21:45
54 negotiate 3 We negotiate about how to solve the problem of money.Vdiscuss the terms of an arrangement.2016.10.10 12:41
55 sustain 3 Some poor people can't sustain their daily life, they need help from us.Vsupply with necessities and support.2016.10.10 12:39
56 sacrifice 3 Too many people were sacrificed for world peaceVendure the loss of 2016.10.10 12:35
57 legitimately 3 tryiing to work out what else i could legitimately do.Advin a manner acceptable to common custom2016.10.09 21:33
58 balanced 3 a family should set up a balanced budget.ADJgiving equal attention to all sides or opinions.2016.10.09 02:47
59 romantic 3 Here is a romantic place.ADJLove2016.10.07 14:13
60 radiation 3 As they do, heat levels will drop, and so will levels of radiation. Nenergy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles2016.10.07 00:05
61 rival 3 He lost out to his rival. Nthe contestant you hope to defeat2016.10.07 00:03
62 anticipate 3 It does not anticipate many more closures before Christmas.Vthink it, or say it before you do.2016.10.06 12:05
63 terrorists 3 Policemen caught those terrorists in the corner of this street.Na radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities2016.10.04 22:54
64 spill 3 Lily spills her baby-bear to flood and starts to cryVcause or allow to flow or run out or over2016.10.04 22:45
65 crucial 3 She broke into the conversation at a crucial momentADJof extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis2016.10.04 16:00
66 interfere 3 i'm not trying to interfere.V to become involved in the activities and concerns of other people when your involvement is not wanted - Source: Merria2016.10.03 21:19
67 approval 3 how the loan approval process will runNwith the permission of something2016.09.29 00:17
68 admissions 3 the International Admissions Counselor for the University Nadmit something2016.09.28 23:36
69 institute 3 The Institute of International Education, or IIENone of the higher cllege2016.09.28 23:34
70 bench 3 Sitting down on the bench of the parkNlong chair2016.09.28 23:23
71 sector 3 there was one sector of the organized Jewish world that did not participate at all.NGeometry. a plane figure bounded by two radii and the included arc of a circle.2016.09.28 14:51
72 procedure 3 Now, a study shows some breast cancer patients unnecessarily undergoing the procedure.Nan act or a manner of proceeding in any action or process; conduct2016.09.28 14:50
73 significant 3 detail may be significant, but more delicateADJimportant; of consequence.2016.09.28 14:46
74 irony 3 And the irony is, the harder we tried to de-frizz, the frizzier it got.Nthe use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning2016.09.28 14:40
75 persuade 3 In the marketplace of ideas, there is a difference between trying to persuade and trying to injure.Vto induce to believe by appealing to reason or understanding; convince:2016.09.28 14:38
76 substitute 3 Nothing could fix it as substitute.Nsomething for replace and change2016.09.28 14:21
77 virtue 3 Honesty is a virtue. Nthe quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. - 2016.09.28 13:52
78 affirmative 3 The answer he told me last night is affirmative .ADJAffirmative means positive and approved.2016.09.28 13:37
79 accompany 3 I'll accompany you home.Vto go along or in company with; join in action2016.09.28 13:11
80 destructive 3 Obsession can be helpful or destructive, depending on the person.ADJCausing damage2016.09.28 12:56
81 glow 3 My nails glow in the darkNTo shine with low light and heat but usually without flame2016.09.28 12:45
82 legend 3 He has become a basketball legendNa story from the past that is believed by many people but cannot be proved to be true2016.09.28 12:40
83 exhibit 3 Thousands of paintings of Pablo Picasso are exhibited at Picasso MuseumVan object or statement produced before a court of law and referred to while giving evidence2016.09.28 11:04
84 vulnerable 3 Children can be vulnerable when they see their parents arguing.ADJopen to attack, harm or damage.2016.09.28 10:33
85 reverse 3 The government has failed to reverse the unemployment rate. Vto change something to an opposite state or condition2016.09.28 10:31
86 perspective 3 We need to look at these issues from a global perspectiveNpoint of view, viewpoint, standpoint2016.09.28 09:59
87 supplement 3 The book has been supplemented with new material .Vadd to? make up, sipply2016.09.28 01:15
88 approximate 3 For each approximate solution of a parameterized problem, the app also displays the margin of error. Vbe close or similar2016.09.27 23:54
89 migrate 3 Wealthy people often migrate in winter to warmer sunnier countries.Vmove from one country or region to another and settle there2016.09.27 23:51
90 discriminate 3 we can’t discriminate bad and good people by the way they communicateVRecognize a distinction; differentiate2016.09.27 22:56
91 heritage 3 Tet is a festival that show the cultural heritage of ChinaNfeatures belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages2016.09.27 22:50
92 flexible 3 Doing exercises make your body more flexible.ADJeasy to adjust2016.09.27 22:48
93 landscape 3 There are a lot of beautiful landscapes in VietNam Na view or picture of the countryside, or the art of making such pictures2016.09.27 22:47
94 designated 3 Pyramid is designated one of seven Wonders of the worldVto choose someone or something for a special job or purpose, or to state that something has a particular character or purpose2016.09.27 22:38
95 sculpture 3 she studied sculpture. - NA sculpture is a work of art that is produced by carving or shaping stone, wood, clay, or other materials.2016.09.27 22:24
96 eager 3 I eager to watch their game with my son.ADJ(of a person) wanting to do or have something very much.2016.09.27 22:17
97 assemble 3 We assembled in the meeting room after lunch.Vto come together in a single place or bring parts together in a single group2016.09.27 20:50
98 profile 3 We need to increase our company's profile in Asia.Nthe amount of public attention and notice that something receives2016.09.27 20:30
99 composition 3 He taught the piano, organ and composition ...NComposition is the technique or skill involved in creating a work of art.2016.09.27 20:13
100 facility 3 The government spend more money to strengthen the protection facility for citizen.Nsomething that provide a particular service2016.09.27 20:06
101 ancient 3 This ancient building has been destroyed in the war.ADJvery old 2016.09.27 19:43
102 bacteria 3 a bacteria kills more than 15000Nmicroorganisms2016.09.27 18:53
103 ethnic 3 Plus, Amy Klein delves into the delights of the city's many ethnic neighbourhoods.ADJa part of a country, of the world, etc., that is different or separate from other parts in some way2016.09.27 18:26
104 landscape 3 around this point,the power of the Tibetan landscape and the beliefs of many cultures converge.Nan expanse of scenery of a particular type,especially as much as can be seen by the eye2016.09.27 14:26
105 rhythm 3 a waltz rhythmNa rhythm is a regular series of sounds or movements2016.09.27 14:02
106 contrast 3 an essay that contrasts city and country lifeVto set in opposition in order to show or emphasize differences2016.09.27 13:57
107 ceremony 3 The famous actors Chaowei Liang and Jialing Liu held their wedding ceremony in Bhutan.NA formal event performed on a special occasion. - =ceremonial2016.09.27 13:52
108 portrait 3 Which portrait do you like?Na painting, drawing, or photograph of someone, especially of their face only2016.09.27 13:52
109 stake 3 She wants to stake everything that she still is, all her physical charm, in a gamble on happiness.VPut at risk. - =hazard2016.09.27 13:49
110 hostility 3 He uniform has provoked this veiled hostility.NA hostile (very unfriendly) disposition.2016.09.27 13:45
111 provoked 3 He uniform has provoked this veiled hostility.ADJIncited, especially deliberately, to anger. - =aggravated2016.09.27 13:43
112 landscape 3 These days,life on the troubled landscape where he was born is mostly quiet.Nan expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view2016.09.27 13:30
113 perceive 3 The police perceived the different general between the relationship of suspect and victim.Vrealize2016.09.27 13:29
114 tragedy 3 I clearly remember the Sewol tragedy in 2014.Nan event resulting in great loss and misfortune2016.09.27 13:25
115 fulfill 3 I have a great desire to visit the Vatican City and that’s a wish I would like to fulfill. Nfill or meet a want or need2016.09.27 13:16
116 beam 3 under a lantern which hung from a beam.Nlong thick piece of wood, metal or concrete,etc., used in construction2016.09.27 13:06
117 prosecutor 3 The prosecutor has caught a lot of criminals since 2010.Na government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state2016.09.27 13:01
118 universally 3 It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.Advdescribe something what is usually agreed by most people.2016.09.27 13:01
119 controversial 3 The decision of the government has been controversial.ADJmarked by or capable of arousing controversy2016.09.27 12:46
120 emerge 3 China has emerged a new economic powerVto come out from an enclosed space or from a position where you could not be seen. 2016.09.27 09:36
121 headquarters 3 They watched out the view screen in headquarters,Anger was ready to release a scowl, scream, or growl.Nan organization are its main offices2016.09.27 09:11
122 competent 3 He is competent enough to fill that position.ADJproperly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient;2016.09.26 23:02
123 counselor 3 My father is a legal counselor.NThe people who know professional or provide guidance to personal groups. 2016.09.26 21:59
124 sensible 3 everything that is sensible, or smart, Katrina did first, despite being eighteen months younger than me.Nhaving or showing good sense or judgment2016.09.26 19:55
125 heritage 3 Venezuela has different cultural heritages.Nsomething has been transmitted down by tradition2016.09.26 19:54
126 vulnerable 3 This kid is so vulnerable, he can not withstand any attacks. ADJvery easy to be hurt2016.09.26 19:48
127 advocate 3 He advocate for students.VPlead or speak in favour of something.2016.09.26 18:13
128 reject 3 He reject all propositionVTo refuse something.2016.09.26 17:59
129 monitored 3 Monitored Venezuelans found an unidentified aircraftNTo watch something carefully and record your results2016.09.26 10:17
130 conference 3 i have a conference in e hours.NA large meeting, often lasting a few days, where people talk about a subject2016.09.26 10:15
131 criticize 3 it’s a word we use to criticize Vindicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way 2016.09.26 09:41
132 segment 3 Each segment contains rows from only one table defined in the table space. None of the parts into which something naturally divides2016.09.26 09:19
133 export 3 We export to many countries.Ncommodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country2016.09.26 08:57
134 manufacture 3 It is manufactured by machinery.Nthe organized action of making of goods and services for sale2016.09.26 08:51
135 domestic 3 The film turns about a domestic tragedy.ADJa servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household2016.09.26 08:47
136 sanction 3 She received a sanctionNIt is a punishment as result a action 2016.09.26 08:37
137 addict 3 Their study showed that Internet-addicted teenagers have weak social intelligence, too.Vto cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, especially a narcotic drug)2016.09.25 22:56
138 opponent 3 My opponent has only focused on the short-term risks involved in hosting the Olympics.Nban from a place of residence, as for punishment2016.09.25 22:40
139 intimate 3 we are not on intimate terms with our neighbours. ADJsomeone to whom private matters are confided2016.09.25 22:11
140 modest 3 He charged a relatively modest fee;Modest improvementADJ marked by simplicity; - having a humble opinon of youself2016.09.25 21:59
141 charter 3 The holiday-makers was chartered to go fishing.Nhired for the exclusive temporary use of a group of travelers.2016.09.25 18:50
142 participant 3 He has been an active participant in the discussion.ADJsomeone who takes part in an activity;2016.09.25 18:40
143 lodge 3 All visitors should report to the porter's lodge.Nstay temporarily;put,fix,force,or implant;file a formal charge against.2016.09.25 18:39
144 intervene 3 The government is doing nothing to intervene in the crsisNget involved,so as to alter or hinder an action,or through force or threat of force.2016.09.25 18:33
145 abandoned 3 they abandoned ship in a small life boat.ADJleft without needed protection or care2016.09.25 18:28
146 myth 3 ancient Greek mythsNa traditional story accepted as history.2016.09.25 18:27
147 client 3 The company need to focus on its biggest clients. - Nsomeone pay many for service.2016.09.25 18:09
148 appropriate 3 An appropriate potion.ADJopportune2016.09.23 08:25
149 innovator 3 An innovator like Lucas experiments with new ideas.Na person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products2016.09.23 08:19
150 democracy 3 In my country (Venezuela) we are losing the democracy and it is become in dictatorshipNA system of government in which all the people choose their leaders, or a country with this system2016.09.22 08:12
151 hypothesis 3 He has several hypothesis about this subejct NAn idea or explanation for something that is based on known facts but has not yet been proved2016.09.22 08:06
152 independence 3 Teenagers need a certain amount of independence.Nsituation in which individuals look after themselves and do not need help from other people2016.09.22 08:03
153 reflect 3 His face was reflected in the mirrorV it shows that the attitude or situation exists or it shows what it is like. 2016.09.21 10:36
154 constitution 3 The constitution is prior to all other lawsNlaws/rules of a country - (formally states people's rights and duties)2016.09.21 10:31
155 aspect 3 There are many aspects to this problemNThere are many aspects to this problem2016.09.21 10:26
156 substitution 3 the substitution of rail services with buses make people are easier in short-distance travelsNThe action of replacing someone or something with another person or thing2016.09.20 23:49
157 sophisticated 3 there are a lot of sophisticated devices in our generationADJ1.Aware of and able to interpret complex issues. - 2.(of a machine, system, or technique) developed to a high degree of complexity.2016.09.20 23:41
158 potential 3 He is very talented, he show his potential to be a great soccer player in the future.NLatent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.2016.09.20 23:36
159 emphasis 3 There is emphasis on the country's rich cultural history. Nspecial importance,value,or prominence given to something.2016.09.19 16:45
160 assemble 3 All the students were asked to assemble in the main hallV1.to come or bring together, - to put together2016.09.19 09:40
161 isolated 3 It also will be difficult for Mars colonists to be isolated.ADJfar from someone or someplace; alone2016.09.19 09:27
162 devastate 3 Syria is a nation devastated by war.Ndestroy,damage badly2016.06.27 17:21
163 outrageous 3 outrageous price - outrageous treatmentNextremly unusuaul - grossly offensive to morality2016.05.18 00:55
164 cooperate 3 In order to success on a project, team mates should cooperate actively.VTo help each other and engage in a work2016.05.18 00:54
165 interactivity 3 Advertising has been revolutionized by interactivity.N?????2016.05.17 21:19
166 submit 3 You need to submit your abstract before the deadlineVto hand in something2016.03.01 01:07
167 functional 3 the problem now is not a constitutional onee , it is a functional one.ADJ1. designed for or capable of a particular function or use - 2. relating to or based on function especially as opposed to structure2015.12.09 11:25
168 assumption 3 You would be making an assumption that's not based on any fact that you could report.Na statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn2015.12.09 11:19
169 neutral 3 Let's meet on neutral territory.None who does not side with any party in a war or dispute2015.12.09 11:15
170 custom 3 It was his custom to approach every problem cautiously.Naccepted or habitual practice2015.12.09 11:13
171 merely 3 I was merely admiring the new storeAdvNo more than; and nothing else; only - 2015.12.08 16:31
172 simultaneously 3 I bought a new computer simultaneously with my best friendADJhappening or being done at exactly the same time2015.12.08 13:39
173 consent 3 We should find a consent when and how children could use phonesNpermission or agreement2015.12.08 13:32
174 mutual 3 mutual respect is important in any technological businessADJ(of two or more people or groups) feeling the same emotion, or doing the same thing to or for each other2015.12.08 13:27
175 diversity 3 There were a diversity on the food menu.NThe variety of being.2015.12.08 13:25
176 simultaneously 3 Their phones ringed simultaneouslyNAt the same time2015.12.08 13:23
177 diversity 3 The diversity of technology usage is incredibleNthe fact of many different types of things or people being included in something; a range of different things or people2015.12.08 13:21
178 liberalized 3 Several agreements to liberalized gay marriage were sign by the government.Nremove or loosen restrictions on something 2015.12.08 13:14
179 primary 3 Primary profit of Apple is iPhone ADJmore important than anything else; main2015.12.08 13:10
180 pace 3 It is difficult to realize pace with which technologies are improvingNthe speed at which someone or something moves, or with which something happens or changes2015.12.08 13:06
181 merely 3 I was't playing my phone. I merely looked for timeAdvused to emphasize that you mean exactly what you are saying and nothing more2015.12.08 12:50
182 institute 3 The institute is really famous for physics.NInstitute is a place where people do some summit research there.2015.12.07 23:50
183 pace 3 we live in a fast-paced society.Nmeans one step for N. - V-pace: means people slowly move.2015.12.07 23:48
184 liberalize 3 liberalize:Lieralizing the law can lead to high criminal rate.Vliberalize means less strict and more freedom to people2015.12.07 23:43
185 consent 3 They all consent my idea.Nmeans, agree with some thing or somebody2015.12.07 23:34
186 assumption 3 Scientists need to do a lot of experiments to confirm their basic assumption is true.Nsomething that you accept as true without question or proof2015.12.07 23:31
187 assumption 3 The basic assumption are very professional way for researchingNpresumption , first thing can not be true or exit unless the second thing is true or exits.2015.12.07 23:26
188 neutral 3 Some scientists are neutral in using the new robot. - ADJnot saying or doing anything that would encourage or help any of the groups involved in an argument or war2015.12.07 23:21
189 simultaneously 3 A computer can do a variety of operations simultaneously to save time and final cost. - Advhappening or being done at exactly the same time2015.12.07 23:09
190 neutral 3 Journalists are supposed to be politically neutral.ADJnot taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others2015.12.07 22:53
191 simultaneously 3 All the street stalls were pulled down simultaneouslyAdvoperating at the same time; concurrent2015.12.07 22:48
192 simultaneously 3 The Windows allows a computer user to execute multiple programs simultaneously.Advhappening at the same time.2015.12.07 22:05
193 relatively 3 The current battery of cellphone would have a relatively long life cycle.Advwhen compared to others2015.12.07 21:54
194 interacting 3 These interacting signals can be coded into a program quite simply.Vto come together and have an effect on each other.2015.12.07 21:50
195 pace 3 This old computer could not stand the pace or the workload.Na rate of movement, especially in stepping, walking, etc.2015.12.07 21:46
196 assumptions 3 These assumptions are made as a matter of experience and convenience.Nsomething taken for granted; a supposition.2015.12.07 21:38
197 assumptions 3 There are new assumptions about how apple employees are getting ill. NThe act of taking for granted or supposing synonyms presumption; presupposition2015.12.07 21:12
198 diversity 3 We are open to a diversity of different types of technologyNThe state or fact of being diverse; difference unlikeness:diversity of opinion2015.12.07 20:54
199 functioning 3 The phone is not functioning because it is broken.NA factor related to or dependent upon other factor: price is a function of supply demand2015.12.07 20:41
200 consumption 3 The energy and storage consumption in my I phone is very fast. NThe act of consuming, as by use,decay, or destruction2015.12.07 20:24
201 simultaneously 3 The radar beam can track a number of targets almost simultaneously.ADJThings which are simultaneous happen or exist at the same time. 2015.12.07 18:00
202 mutual 3 the power is mutual so you will hurt when you hurt others.ADJYou use mutual to describe a situation, feeling, or action that is experienced, felt, or done by both of two people mentioned. 2015.12.07 17:58
203 liberalize 3 many countries liberalize controls over the export to China of high technology products.VWhen a country or government liberalizes, or liberalizes its laws or its attitudes, it becomes less strict and allows people more freedom in2015.12.07 17:54
204 religious 3 religious phenomenon can be explained by technology.ADJYou use religious to describe things that are connected with religion or with one particular religion.2015.12.07 17:52
205 mutual 3 When the person have mutual respect, the speaking under nick name will never change his respect even behind the computer screen ADJpossessed, experienced, performed, etc., by each of two or more with respect to the other; reciprocal2015.12.06 20:23
206 consumption 3 The number of data consumption increase everyday Nthe act of consuming, as by use, decay, or destruction2015.12.06 20:18
207 primary 3 Apple Mac company has the primary in technology and related devices ADJfirst or highest in rank or importance; chief; principal2015.12.06 20:03
208 simultaneously 3 Technology is a huge simultaneously movement started from the end of last centuryADJexisting, occurring, or operating at the same time; concurrent2015.12.06 19:54
209 diversity 3 Tweeter is a good place for diversity opinion and idea Nthe state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness2015.12.06 19:49
210 neutral 3 Internet allow people to have different neutral personality behind the devices screenADJof no particular kind, characteristics, etc.; indefinite2015.12.06 19:44
211 simultaneously 3 Each node can transfer data sets simultaneously to every other node. Advat the same instant2015.12.04 23:27
212 consent 3 They did not consent to buy some candies.Vpermission or agreement:2015.12.04 23:23
213 mutual 3 The feeling of unease is mutual.ADJC1 (of two or more people or groups) feeling the same emotion, or doing the same thing to or for each other:2015.12.04 23:20
214 liberalize 3 Why Liberalize Trade?Vto make laws, systems, or opinions less severe2015.12.04 17:43
215 liberalized 3 The rule of internet is fully liberalized.Vto make laws, systems, or opinions less severe2015.12.03 23:37
216 merely 3 I merely bought a new phone.Advused to emphasize that you mean exactly what you are saying and nothing more2015.12.03 23:19
217 diversity 3 Scientists can help us grasp the diversity of technology.Nthe fact of including many different types of people or things2015.11.29 16:38
218 simultaneously 3 The article will be published simultaneously on Science and Nature.Advthings that are simultaneous happen at exactly the same time2015.11.29 16:31
219 interact 3 The immune system interacts with both the nervous system and the hormones.Vif people interact with each other, they talk to each other, work together etc/ | if one thing interacts with another, or if they interact, they affect each other2015.11.29 16:26
220 liberalization 3 The liberalization of science and technology is important for our society.Nto make a system, laws, or moral attitudes less strict2015.11.28 17:27
221 institute 3 The Institute for Space Studies is a very authoritative organization.Nan organization that has a particular purpose such as scientific or educational work, or the building where this organization is based2015.11.28 17:22
222 tremendous 3 Apple presented new TV. It's really tremendous ADJgreat in amount, size, or degree; extremely large2015.11.24 13:54
223 restraint 3 We need to show restraint while using social networksNdetermined control over behavior in order to prevent the strong expression of emotion or any violent action2015.11.24 13:28
224 acquired 3 My painting skill is acquired by studying with the art teacher.ADJgotten through environmental forces2015.11.24 12:31
225 quantitative 3 he needs to get quantitative.ADJexpressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement2015.11.24 12:29
226 elaborate 3 It was clearly an elaborately planned operation.ADJ1.marked by complexity and richness of detail - 2.developed or executed with care and in minute detail2015.11.24 11:29
227 probe 3 Why not go outside and probe it?Vquestion or examine thoroughly and closely2015.11.24 11:26
228 tremendous 3 I felt a tremendous pressure on my chest.ADJextraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree2015.11.24 11:21
229 squeeze 3 I liked her way of reassuring you with a squeeze of the hand.Nthe act of gripping and pressing firmly2015.11.24 11:14
230 anxiety 3 Her voice was full of anxiety.Na relatively permanent state of anxiety occurring in a variety of mental disorders2015.11.24 11:11
231 dominant 3 Most people's dominant emotion is fear.ADJ1.exercising influence or control - 2.(of genes) producing the same phenotype whether its allele is identical or dissimilar2015.11.24 11:00
232 ultimate 3 He said it is still not possible to predict the ultimate outcome.Nfurthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme2015.11.24 10:55
233 trigger 3 She pulled the trigger, and the gun went off.NSomething that causes something else to happen 2015.11.24 09:11
234 squeeze 3 It was a quite simple desire to squeeze her handVto press together the parts and especially the opposite sides of (something)2015.11.24 09:00
235 squeeze 3 The fast-paced music put the squeeze on people who do not finish their job. - Na situation in which people or things are pushed or forced into a small space: - 2015.11.24 08:26
236 cattle 3 The use of technology has improved the treatment with the cattle considerately - - Ncows, bulls, or streers that are kept on a farm or ranch for meat or milk2015.11.24 08:12
237 conveyor 3 The cattle will be - conveyored to a new modern frame and fed by a new way. Vto equip (a factory or the like) with conveyor belts2015.11.24 00:08
238 immature 3 The 3D printing technology is not very immature now.ADJsomeone who is immature behaves or thinks in a way that is typical of someone much younger - used to show disapproval2015.11.23 23:38
239 squeeze 3 The research budgets are squeezed by government.Vto press something firmly together with your fingers or hand:2015.11.23 23:26
240 sufficient 3 the wires used to connect the video player to the tv are sufficient enoughADJenough; adequate2015.11.23 23:21
241 cattle 3 Scientists want to invent a new system to handle cattle.Ncows and bulls skept on a farm for their meat or milk2015.11.23 23:20
242 restraint 3 her parents kept a restraint timing for her and how often she uses the internetNa measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits2015.11.23 22:53
243 dominant 3 the battery is the most dominant part of a phoneADJmost important, powerful, or influential.2015.11.23 21:45
244 restraint 3 Advocating safe sex dilutes the message of restraint.Na way of limiting, controlling,or stopping something2015.11.23 20:01
245 immature 3 Children are immature,but they will grow out of it.ADJnot fully developed or grown2015.11.23 19:55
246 eliminate 3 to eliminate the side effects from some medicine to hard than develop a new one.Vto remove or take away someone or something:2015.11.22 22:59
247 trigger 3 The detailed ESB design trigger another set of issues.Vto ‹cause something ‹bad to ‹start2015.11.22 21:17
248 virtual 3 The Virtual Reality is a new technology.ADJalmost a ‹particular thing or ‹quality:2015.11.22 18:58
249 ultimate 3 Our ultimate objective is the removal of all nuclear weapons.ADJmost ‹extreme or ‹important because either the ‹original or ‹final, or the ‹best or ‹worst2015.11.22 18:24
250 squeeze 3 This machine helps you to squeeze more juice out.Vto apply pressure to in order to extract juice, sap, or the like2015.11.16 22:14
251 eliminated 3 Backward equipment will be eliminated.Nto remove or get rid of, especially as being in some way undesirable2015.11.16 21:28
252 dominant 3 In early 1977, they founded Apple Computer which quickly became one of the dominant forces in the personal-computer field.ADJruling, governing, or controlling; having or exerting authority or influence2015.11.16 20:27
253 enforce 3 Some mobile phone software exists the phenomenon of enforce payment.VIf people in authority enforce a law or a rule, they make sure that it is obeyed, usually by punishing people who do not obey it.2015.11.16 20:21
254 immature 3 Now take the spacecraft to the moon tourism is Immature.ADJSomething or someone that is immature is not yet completely grown or fully developed. 2015.11.16 20:14
255 adolescence 3 Some teenagers wanted to become hacker in adolescence.Nthe process or state of growing to maturity.2015.11.10 22:48
256 elaborate 3 When the interviewer elaborated information, the reporter with a recorder to record.ADJworked out with great care and nicety of detail2015.11.10 22:45
257 territory 3 Territory issues will come through a variety of media coverage and debate.Nany tract of land; region or district2015.11.10 22:41
258 emphasized 3 Architecture technology emphasized fieldwork.Vto give emphasis to; lay stress upon; stress: | 2015.11.10 22:38
259 probe 3 scientist have probed into impacts of genematically modified food for many yearsNV: if you probe into something, you ask questions or try to discover facts - - N: investigation2015.11.10 14:44
260 gesture 3 The designer refuse was merely a deliberate gesture.NA movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning2015.11.10 14:05
261 tremendous 3 Our technology had tremendous development last year.ADJVery great in amount, scale, or intensity2015.11.10 13:48
262 division 3 The division of math is being taught in primary school,but in middle school in other areasN The division of a large unit into two or more distinct parts is the act of separating it into these parts2015.11.10 13:44
263 reveal 3 Youngsters reveal a lot of new things by using techneologyNto make 2015.11.10 13:41
264 isolation 3 isolation is one of the most common problems of the new generation when they use to much techneology.Nthe procces or the fact of beiing isolated 2015.11.10 13:37
265 profit 3 we can all profit from technologyNadvantage; benefit; - gain2015.11.10 13:33
266 elaborate 3 mark zuckelburg elaborated about the new features of facebook that will be coming soon Vdevelop or present 2015.11.10 13:30
267 gestures 3 New phones could understand our gesturesNa ‹movement of the ‹hands, ‹arms, or ‹head, etc. to ‹express an ‹idea or ‹feeling2015.11.10 13:25
268 elaborate 3 We need to elaborate new antivirusN‹containing a lot of ‹careful ‹detail or many ‹detailed ‹parts2015.11.10 13:23
269 cease 3 I ceased to be an internet addict NTo stop2015.11.10 11:35
270 isolation 3 Telephone is not isolation with human.NThe process or fact of isolating or being isolated2015.11.10 11:31
271 reveal 3 Our technology reveal about development of human.VMake (previously unknown or secret information) known to others2015.11.10 11:24
272 distinguish 3 What distinguish Apple from Microsoft is always a matter of discussion NDifferentiate 2015.11.10 11:17
273 peers 3 Our peers of the neighborhood can be influenced by use social media.NA person who belongs to the same age group or social group as someone else2015.11.10 09:22
274 isolation 3 Some people say welcome to the isolation technologies because sometimes technology creates isolation from societyNThe state of being in a place or situation that is separate from other.2015.11.10 08:44
275 instinctive 3 This is instinctive to touch the screen.ADJbased on instinct and not involving thought2015.11.10 02:25
276 preceding 3 In the preceding step, you built the SIMH simulator.Nhappening or coming before the time, place, or part mentioned2015.11.10 02:22
277 isolation 3 This is the strongest isolation level.Nwhen one group, person, or thing is separate from others2015.11.10 02:17
278 modify 3 You can modify the code to contain anything you like.Vto make small changes to something in order to improve it and make it more suitable or effective2015.11.10 02:09
279 adolescence 3 Person in adolescence adapt to the various of new technologies.Nthe time, usually between the ages of 12 and 18, when a young person is developing into an adult2015.11.10 01:48
280 emphasize 3 The report emphasizes | the importance of developing new technologies.Nto say something in a strong way2015.11.10 01:44
281 gesture 3 A new technology is that you can use a gesture to open your TV.Na movement of part of your body, especially your hands or head, to show what you mean or how you feel2015.11.10 01:42
282 distinguish 3 I can distinguish iPhone from other smart phones.Vto recognize and understand the difference between two or more things or people.2015.11.10 01:35
283 exclusive 3 People will always pay top dollar for something exclusive.ADJnot divided or shared with others.2015.11.10 00:03
284 elaborate 3 In case anyone was following me, I made an elaborate detour.Vadd details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing2015.11.10 00:02
285 debatable 3 This is a highly debatable point.ADJopen to doubt or debate;open to argument or debate2015.11.10 00:00
286 tremendous 3 He brought a tremendous infusion of hope to the people.ADJextraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree2015.11.09 23:54
287 demonstrate 3 The government's going to great lengths to demonstrate its military might.Vshow or demonstrate something to an interested audience2015.11.09 23:53
288 accumulate 3 you can only accumulate knowledge in long term learning.Vto ‹collect a ‹large ‹number of things over a ‹long ‹period of ‹time:2015.11.09 23:30
289 reverse 3 My location is reverse to other side of the earth.Vto ‹change the ‹direction, ‹order, ‹position, ‹result, etc. of something to ‹its ‹opposite2015.11.09 23:19
290 aspect 3 I have done various aspects preparation before i came to CanadaNone ‹part of a ‹situation, ‹problem, ‹subject, etc2015.11.09 23:18
291 accumulate 3 The notion that one should accumulate credentials before launching a venture simply does not exist.Vto gather or collect, often in gradual degrees;2015.11.09 22:35
292 accumulate 3 The notion that one should accumulate credentials before launching a venture simply does not exist.Vto gather or collect, often in gradual degrees;2015.11.09 22:13
293 elaborate 3 Can you elaborate on the vow of poverty, one that all Jesuits take?Vto work out carefully or minutely; develop to perfection, to add details to;2015.11.09 22:09
294 elaborate 3 My friend she is known for his elaborate costumes.VIf you elaborate a plan or theory, you develop it by making it more complicated and more effective.2015.11.09 22:08
295 contend 3 Romney is probably going to have to contend with him for a while.Vto struggle in opposition, to assert or maintain earnestly2015.11.09 22:02
296 tremendous 3 He has a tremendous amount of energy.ADJextraordinarily great in size, amount, or intensity2015.11.09 21:56
297 emphasized 3 He emphasized its importance to me.Vto give emphasis to; lay stress upon; stress:2015.11.09 21:55
298 probe 3 For many years, I have probed for understanding.VIf you probe into something, you ask questions or try to discover facts about it.2015.11.09 21:55
299 territory 3 The two sides continued to dispute the ownership of the territory.Nany tract of land; region or district.2015.11.09 21:49
300 elaborate 3 The most elaborate Easter eggs are not even real eggs.ADJworked out with great care and nicety of detail2015.11.09 21:45
301 adolescence 3 And Shipka is especially skilled at conveying the confusion, awkwardness, and anger of adolescence.Nthe process or state of growing to maturity.2015.11.09 21:39
302 demonstrate 3 The latest test results clearly demonstrate that the vaccine works.Vto make evident or establish by arguments or reasoning; to describe, explain, or illustrate by examples, specimens, experiments2015.11.09 21:39
303 instinctive 3 Cats have an instinctive desire to hunt.ADJbased on feelings or desires that do not come from thinking or learning2015.11.09 21:34
304 quantitative 3 on this page you can find overview of quantitative science and technology research.ADJthat is or may be estimated by quantity.2015.11.09 20:11
305 reversed 3 What is the reversed side of technology?ADJopposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or character.2015.11.09 19:55
306 troop 3 During the internet people can have a hug troop of friends overall the world .Nan assemblage of persons or things; company; band. - - a great number or multitude2015.11.09 17:07
307 elaborate 3 MY brother who is a dentist . He work with elaborate skill and that why he is a famous dentist in my city .ADJworked out with great care and nicety of detail; executed with great minuteness.2015.11.09 13:48
308 conducted 3 MY friend use a lot of technology and computer program to conducted his time Vto behave or manage - - to lead or guide - - 2015.11.09 13:26
309 reveal 3 In 2015 with a lot of technology it is more easier to reveal information online .VTo make known ; disclose2015.11.09 13:18
310 elaborate 3 My daughter made an elaborate artwork this weekend.ADJmarked by complexity and richness of detail2015.11.09 09:11
311 gradually 3 The system of the smartphone becomes improvement gradually.Advslowly over a period of time or a distance2015.11.08 23:02
312 elaborate 3 The operation of the new game is elaborate, many new players gave up to attempt.ADJContaining a lot of careful detail or many detailed parts2015.11.08 22:17
313 probe 3 The gastroscope is used to probe the stomach disease.VTo examine something with a tool, especially in order to find something that is hidden2015.11.08 22:10
314 distinguish 3 Face recognition system can easily distinguish her between her twin sister.Vto notice or understand the difference between two things, or to make one person or thing seem different from another2015.11.08 22:08
315 evident 3 It was evident that the boys phone was jailebreak ADJPlain or clear to the sight or understanding his frown made it evident to all that he was displeased. It evident that the project was a tota2015.11.08 15:57
316 accumulating 3 He is good at accumulating un used computer VTo gather or collect, often in gradual degrees; heap up: to accumulate wealth2015.11.08 15:51
317 instinctive 3 She is an instinctive engineer VOf, relating to, or of the nature of instinct 2015.11.08 15:46
318 reveal 3 He cannot reveal his identifyVto make (someone)known2015.11.07 22:31
319 elaborate 3 If you want to find the suspect, you have to explain elaborate that accident.ADJmade or done with much detail2015.11.07 22:23
320 adolescence 3 All people face the piorid of adolescence for growing up.Nthe period of life when a child develops into an adult2015.11.07 22:01
321 interaction 3 Interaction more common on text than on emailNThe state of undergoing interaction2015.11.07 17:28
322 communication 3 Long distance communication is now easy and faster due to internet services.NTo express thoughts, feelings or information easily or effectively2015.11.07 01:30
323 profit 3 The gained profit by fixing broken phones computers and t.v'sNThe ratio such pecuniary gain to the amount of capital invested2015.11.07 01:15
324 peer 3 Macaques that had been allowed just twenty minutes of daily paly with peers.Nyour peers are the people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class etc2015.11.02 15:51
325 instinctual 3 And, if we follow the RAYBURN pattern, as consciously or by an INSTINCTUAL political sense I like to think I have followed it - ADJprompted by or resulting from or as if from instinct; natural; unlearned:2015.11.02 15:42
326 peer 3 children each will be happy to play with the others' toys until stopped by PEER group pressure.Na person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status.2015.11.02 15:39
327 instinctive 3 At the age of 9, Daniel Radcliffe was catapulted towards Harry Potter and Hollywood immortality by a single, instinctive wink.Nprompted by or resulting from or as if from instinct; natural; unlearned:2015.11.02 15:36
328 peers 3 They say a strong business acumen and entrepreneurial fire have always separated him from his peers.Na person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status.2015.11.02 15:33
329 manufacture 3 This method of manufacture evolved out of a long process of trial.Nthe organized action of making of goods and services for sale2015.11.02 15:26
330 instinctive 3 Do you believe that learned behaviour (vs instinctive behaviour) separates humans from other animals? Why?ADJdone or felt without thinking or considering: done or performed by instinct:2015.11.02 15:20
331 peer 3 Do you think it's true that teenage girls are less self-confident than their male peers?Na person who is the same age or has the same social position or the same abilities as other people in a group2015.11.02 15:20
332 peer 3 First her mother, then her peers, and finally the entire troop began washing sweet potatos.Nyour peers are the people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class etc2015.11.02 15:14
333 instinctive 3 Scholars used to believe that learned (versus instinctive) behavior separates humans from other animals.ADJinstinctive behaviour or reactions are not thought about, planned, or developing by traning.2015.11.02 15:12
334 peers 3 How much time do you spend with your peers?VIf you peer at something, you look at it very hard, usually because it is difficult to see clearly.2015.11.02 15:09
335 instinctive 3 Scholars used to believe that learned(versus instinctive)behaviorseparates humans from other animals.ADJa natural tendency to behave in a particular way or a natural ability to know something, which is not learned.2015.11.02 15:08
336 instinctive 3 Scholars used to believe that learned versus instinctive behavior separates humans from other animals.ADJ Instinctive ‹behaviour or ‹reactions are not ‹thought about, ‹planned, or ‹developed by ‹training: 2015.11.02 15:08
337 instinctive 3 Running away is our instinctive reaction when we meet danger.ADJbased on instinct and not involving thought2015.11.02 15:03
338 gap 3 There is a large gap between primate society and fully developed human cultureNA space between two people or things. - - 2015.11.02 15:00
339 instinctive 3 Scholars used to believe that learned versus instinctive behavior separates humans from other animal.ADJInstinctive ‹behaviour or ‹reactions are not ‹thought about, ‹planned, or ‹developed by ‹training: 2015.11.02 14:59
340 instinctive 3 It's an instinctive reactionADJAn instinctive feeling, idea, or action is one that you have or do without thinking or reasoning.2015.11.02 14:58
341 instinctive 3 Scholars used to believe that learned (versus instinctive)ADJ1.done or felt without thinking or considering2015.11.02 14:52
342 virtual 3 it's ultimate virtual reality system.Nalmost,but not exactly2015.07.23 10:29
343 eliminate 3 I prefer to play the mobile game that it eliminates the same patterns.Vterminate or take out, do away with, kill in large number, dismiss from consideration or a contest, eliminate from the body2015.07.23 10:14
344 immature 3 Immature development in the lower brain system.ADJnot completely developed physically, mentally, or emotionally, or lacking the expected type of responsible behavior for your age.2015.07.23 10:11
345 restraint 3 The conveyorized restraint system I designed is used in slaughtering one-third of all cattle in the United States. NDetermined control over behavior in order to prevent the strong expression of emotion or any violent action2015.07.23 10:09
346 dominant 3 Fear is the dominant emotion in both autistic people and animals such as deer, cattle, and horse.ADJmore important, strong, or noticeable than anything else of the same type.2015.07.23 10:08
347 perspective 3 It is weasy to for me to see things from the animals' perspective.Na particular way of viewing things that depends on one's experience and personality2015.07.23 10:04
348 oral 3 I have observed that these oral thinkers are more like to deny animals' thought.ADJYou use oral to indicate that something is expressed in speech rather than in writing or action.2015.07.23 10:02
349 puzzlement 3 She frowned in puzzlement.NCause to feel confused because they cannot understand something2015.07.23 10:02
350 dispute 3 The neighbors had a violent dispute about on the noise.Nan argument or a disagreement between two people, groups or countries.2015.07.23 09:59
351 accountable 3 Schools are held accountable for their test resultsADJRequired or expected to justify actions or decisions2015.07.23 09:56
352 authority 3 My husband and I vested my first child with authority for controling her pocket money.Nthe power to give orders to people2015.07.23 09:56
353 intervention 3 I think that it was a helpful intervention for themNaction taken to improve or help a situation2015.07.23 09:52
354 academic 3 New schools were rising, but with this went a harsh proclamation any academic degree earned during Batista's regime was invalidADJ relating to education, especially at college or university level 2015.06.09 20:56
355 reside 3 I was careful to keep my feet, the seat of the least worthy spirits, from pointing at anyone's head, where the worthiest spirits reside.Vto live2015.06.09 20:53
356 prohibit 3 If it were not for judicial development of certain exceptions, this section would prohibit a suit for refund by an acquiring corporation for taxes paid by a transferor corporationNto forbid, to prevent2015.06.09 20:50
357 portion 3 The average portion contains some protein, an appreciable amount of vitamins A and C- about one-tenth of the minimum daily requirement, and about a third of the official vitamin E requirement.Na part of the whole2015.06.09 20:46
358 amend 3 Some members of the two industry groups want to amend their codes on grounds that otherwise they will suffer unfairly from non-code competitors.VTo modify or change2015.06.09 20:37
359 treaty 3 He had no difficulty in persuading parliament to approve the treaty.NAn official written agreement between two or more countries. When national leaders negotiate a treaty, they discuss it before reaching agree2015.05.01 10:33
360 burdens 3 The challenge for these graduates coming out with these huge burdens of debt is can they become fully fledged members of society starting out with these tens of thousands of dollars in debt overhang. - Nthat which is carried; - load:2015.04.29 16:28
361 authority 3 The leader must be a person of authority.Nthe power or right to give orders or make decisions2015.04.16 19:10
362 legislation 3 Legislation is not in the President's power.Nthe act of making or enacting laws2015.04.16 19:08
363 inadequate 3 Inadequate food can stunt a child's development. ADJlacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task2015.04.16 19:06
364 phenomenon 3 The employment problem tends to be a city phenomenon. Nany state or process known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning2015.04.16 19:01
365 offence 3 She behave herself so as not to give offence to others.NAct or cause of upsetting or annoying somebody2015.04.16 18:58
366 organ 3 A distinct bodily mass or organ having a specific function.Na fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function2015.04.16 18:51
367 prohibit 3 Many firms prohibit smoking in their shops. Vcommand against2015.04.16 18:48
368 monitor 3 We selected her as our monitor.Nsomeone who supervises (an examination)2015.04.16 11:38
369 reveal 3 This report reveals the biggest problem of this company.Vto make known; disclose; divulge: 2015.04.14 18:26
370 deficit 3 This company has a huge amount of deficit.Na lack or shortage; deficiency.2015.04.14 18:25
371 latter 3 Is the person pretending to be a beggar or truly need help? More likely the latter.ADJbeing the second mentioned of two2015.04.14 18:25
372 peasant 3 One of my friends was born into a peasant family in Jejudo.Na farmer who owns or rents a small piece of land2015.04.14 12:24
373 contradict 3 I thought he always contradict himself whenever he said.Vto be so different from each other that one of them must be wrong2015.04.14 12:22
374 convert 3 the hotel is going to be converted into a nursing home.V(t) to change or make something change from one form, purpose, system, etc. to another.2015.04.13 20:59
375 morality 3 standards of morality seem to be dropping.N(u) principles concerning right and wrong or good and bad behavior.2015.04.13 20:58
376 prosperity 3 the country is enjoying a period of peace and prosperity.N(u) the state of being successful especially financially.2015.04.13 20:54
377 distinction 3 Philosophers did not use to make a distinction between arts and science.N(C) difference or contrast especially between people or things that are similar or related.2015.04.13 20:49
378 allege 3 She alleged that she is the only witness in that murder.Vto say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong or illegal even though this has not been proved2015.04.04 16:26
379 restricted 3 Normal people have restricted access to the White House.ADJLimited in extent, number, scope, or action2015.03.26 19:58
380 theories 3 Students have learned a lot of the mathematical theories.NTheory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles.2015.03.26 19:49
381 curriculum 3 Dr. Smith has spent ten years developing new education curriculumNThe subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.2015.03.26 19:44
382 intelligence 3 Students have improved their intelligence during the program.Nthe ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations2015.03.26 19:36
383 inflexible 3 That scientist is inflexible in his own opinion.Nincapable of change2015.03.26 18:08
384 regime 3 Because I hate the military regime, I will protest with my best. - - People who are under brutal regime live in unbearable suffering. - Na method or system of government, especially one that has not been elected in a fair way2015.03.26 14:15
385 manipulation 3 He can obtain many supporting by clever manipulation.Nbehaviour that influence someone or controls something in a clever or dishonest way.2015.03.25 17:10
386 potentially 3 Her mother said the pollen may potentially be the source of her allergy. Advpossibly but not yet actually: 2015.03.25 01:03
387 interact 3 Teachers should interact with students more frequently in the class.Vact together to towards others or with others2015.03.24 09:11
388 consistent 3 He is not consistent in his action.ADJnot changing in behaviour, attitudes, or qualities2015.03.23 21:13
389 host 3 Be the host is too much work Na person who receives or entertains guests at home or elsewhere2015.03.21 20:43
390 perspective 3 It isn't possible to answer this question from my perspective.N(N-c)a way of thinking about something2015.03.19 15:23
391 simultaneous 3 There was another simultaneous traffic accident on the road.ADJhappening or done at the same time as sth else2015.03.19 13:17
392 ultimate 3 Lhasa is his ultimate destination in his journey.ADJlast; furthest or farthest; ending a process or series: 2015.03.18 23:36
393 audit 3 She audit the account by herself.Nan inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA2015.03.18 14:25
394 curriculum 3 Where do you find your curriculum?Nan integrated course of academic studies2015.03.18 14:18
395 devoted 3 When you love your career you will devoted your whole energy into it.ADJloving something or someone very much2015.03.16 23:21
396 devoted 3 When you love your career you will devoted your whole energy into it.ADJloving something or someone very much2015.03.16 23:06
397 substitute 3 It will not work when you use violence as a substitute instead of dialogue.Nsomething that is used instead of something else2015.03.16 22:59
398 undergo 3 The experience I had undergone thought me a great lesson.Vto experience, endure, or sustain: to undergo a dramatic change of feelings2015.03.15 13:18
399 extensive 3 Some people haven't extensively described their private problems.ADJhaving a large extent, area, scope, degree, etc; vast: extensive deserts, an extensive inheritance2015.03.15 13:11
400 ceaseless 3 ceaseless rainADJwithout stop, unending2015.03.15 13:01
401 nod 3 He nodded his head in approvalVto make a slight, quick bending movement of the head, as in agreement, greeting, or command2015.03.15 12:49
402 reveal 3 This is the great secret that no one wants to reveal.V(Vt) to let something become known, for example a secret or information that was previously not known2015.03.14 11:21
403 chamber 3 Balance is controlled mainly by two things: information received through our eyes and the chambers in the inner ear.Ncompartment or enclosed space2015.03.12 20:06
404 recession 3 The company fired 500 workers during the recession between 2008 and 2011 period.NA period of general economic decline; typically defined as a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters. - - 2015.03.12 00:57
405 isoquant 3 Another way to describe the technological constraints facing a firm is - through the use of isoquantsNAn isoquant is the set of all possible - combinations of inputs 1 and 2 that are just sufficient to produce a given - amount of output.2015.03.11 23:59
406 unity 3 Do you know that E.U. stands for European unity?Nthe state of being in agreement and working together; the state of being joined together to form one unit2015.03.10 12:12
407 auditory 3 I prefer reading to listening because I'm not an auditory learners.ADJconnected with hearing2015.03.10 11:54
408 eliminate 3 The professor told us that we had to eliminate all errors from our manuscript.Vto get rid of something that is not wanted or needed2015.03.10 09:33
409 recession 3 The recession is not expected to abate until year's end.Na period of reduced economic activity 2015.03.10 09:33
410 demonstrate 3 All the people on the road demonstrate for cutting the new tax.Vtake part in a public meeting or march, usually as a protest or to show support for sth2015.03.10 09:32
411 diverse 3 There are many people from diverse cultures in CanadaAdv If a group or range of things is diverse, it is made up of a wide variety of things.2015.03.10 09:32
412 abandon 3 Between 1931 and 1936 all nations abandoned the gold standard.VTo leave completely and finally.2015.03.10 09:31
413 eliminate 3 The professor told us that we had to eliminate all errors from our manuscript.Vto get rid of something that is not wanted or needed2015.03.10 09:31
414 tremendous 3 ... and decode the tremendous amounts of data...ADJVery great in size, amount, or intensity2015.03.09 16:15
415 probe 3 a unique effort within the government to probe how a people's language reveals their mindset.Vto search into or question closely2015.03.09 16:04
416 hazardous 3 It is also “green, in the sense that it does not produce any hazardous waste.ADJdangerous, especially to people’s health or safety2015.02.23 21:11
417 invasion 3 This to me is an invasion of my space and time.Na situation in which a large number of people or things come to a place at the same time, especially in an annoying way2015.02.23 21:06
418 compensation 3 Compensation system is a blank area of law in China.Nmoney that someone receives because something bad has happened to them2015.02.23 21:02
419 compensation 3 Compensation system is a blank area of law in China.N money that someone receives because something bad has happened to them2015.02.23 21:00
420 flee 3 They tried to flee to a safe country.Vto run away (from)2015.02.05 01:40
421 remote 3 Pass me the remote - this program is terribleNDistance control of television or other device2015.01.21 22:17
422 sector 3 My best friend and I work in different sectors of this company.Na distinct area, part, section of an area or activity2015.01.16 10:54
423 suburban 3 He likes living in suburban area. N relating to a suburb2015.01.16 09:32
424 profitable 3 a professionally run and profitable companyN(Of a business or activity) yielding profit or financial gain2015.01.16 05:48
425 investment 3 a debate over private investment in road-building - NThe action or process of investing money for profit2015.01.16 05:47
426 yield 3 the land yields grapes and tobaccoN Produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product)2015.01.16 05:46
427 authority 3 he had absolute authority over his subordinatesNThe power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience2015.01.16 05:44
428 composition 3 the social composition of villagesNe nature of something’s ingredients or constituents; the way in which a whole or mixture is made up:2015.01.16 05:39
429 concert 3 a pop concertNA musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several compositions:2015.01.16 05:38
430 reject 3 union negotiators rejected a 1.5 per cent pay awardNDismiss as inadequate, unacceptable, or faulty2015.01.16 05:37
431 demonstrate 3 their shameful silence demonstrates their ineptitude - NClearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence:2015.01.16 05:35
432 manifest 3 her manifest charm and proven abilityNClear or obvious to the eye or mind2015.01.16 05:35
433 constitute 3 lone parents constitute a great proportion of the poorNBe (a part) of a whole2015.01.16 05:28
434 inhabit 3 a bird that inhabits North AmericaN(Of a person, animal, or group) live in or occupy (a place or environment)2015.01.16 05:28
435 constitute 3 lone parents constitute a great proportion of the poorNBe (a part) of a whole2015.01.16 05:27
436 independence 3 Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816Nhe fact or state of being independent:2015.01.16 05:13
437 veteran 3 When I encounter difficulties in work, I always turn to my manager who is veteran and willing to share her thoughts.ADJwith lots of experiences or be used for a long time2015.01.16 05:12
438 prioritize 3 Prioritize all the works you have to do can easily improve efficiency and save time.Vto order and deal with things according to their importance2015.01.16 05:11
439 promote 3 some regulation is still required to promote competitionNSupport or actively encourage (a cause, venture, etc.); further the progress of:2015.01.16 05:11
440 intimate 3 The interesting stories of his childhood intimated the party.Vto give energy to something, make something alive2015.01.16 05:01
441 inflation 3 the inflation of a balloonNThe action of inflating something or the condition of being inflated2015.01.16 03:19
442 convict 3 her former boyfriend was convicted of assaulting herNDeclare (someone) to be guilty of a criminal offence by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law:2015.01.16 03:17
443 tactless 3 He's tactless and lacks judgment but he's irresistible just the same.NHaving or showing a lack of skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues: - a tactless remark2015.01.16 03:06
444 compose 3 he composed the First Violin Sonata four years earlierNWrite or create (a work of art, especially music or poetry)2015.01.16 02:54
445 impose 3 the decision was theirs and was not imposed on them by othersN Force (an unwelcome decision or ruling) on someone:2015.01.16 02:53
446 dismiss 3 she dismissed the taxi at the corner of the roadNOrder or allow to leave; send away2015.01.16 02:49
447 cluster 3 clusters of creamy-white flowersNA group of similar things or people positioned or occurring closely together:2015.01.16 02:40
448 supervise 3 the sergeant left to supervise the loading of the lorriesNObserve and direct the execution of (a task or activity)2015.01.16 02:23
449 stem 3 Both the blue and the yellow have the classic, satiny translucent petals of the poppy tribe, both, characteristically, are held on wiry stems above the parent plant.NThe main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground but occasionally subterranean.2015.01.16 02:20
450 stem 3 Both the blue and the yellow have the classic, satiny translucent petals of the poppy tribe, both, characteristically, are held on wiry stems above the parent plant.NThe main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground but occasionally subterranean.2015.01.16 02:20
451 entitlemen 3 He is a celebrity who have an arrogant sense of entitlement.Nthe condition of having a right to have, do, or get something2015.01.15 23:30
452 probe 3 The FBI probe did not produce any new evidence.Na careful examination or investigation of something2015.01.15 23:19
453 halt 3 They put a halt to the rumors.Nthe stopping or ending of movement, progress, or action2015.01.15 23:18
454 swell 3 Her broken ankle swelled badly.Vto become larger than norma2015.01.15 23:06
455 coordinate 3 You'll have to coordinate with the sales department.Vto make arrangements so that two or more people or groups of people can work together properly and well2015.01.15 22:35
456 amendment 3 The article as written requires only one factual amendmentNa change in the words or meaning of a law or document (such as a constitution)2015.01.15 22:32
457 discourse 3 He likes to engage in lively discourse with his visitors.Nthe use of words to exchange thoughts and ideas2015.01.15 22:30
458 moderate 3 Her doctor recommended moderate exercise.ADJaverage in size or amount : neither too much nor too little2015.01.15 22:13
459 tactical 3 They gained a tactical advantage by joining with one of their competitors.ADJof, relating to, or used for a specific plan that is created to achieve a particular goal in war, politics2015.01.15 22:04
460 grave 3 This violation of school rules is a grave matter.ADJlikely to produce great harm or danger2015.01.15 20:09
461 allegation 3 The police are investigating allegations that the mayor has accepted bribes.Na statement saying that someone has done something wrong or illegal2015.01.15 20:07
462 assumption 3 I made the assumption that he was coming, so I was surprised when he didn't show up.Nan assuming that something is true2015.01.15 20:00
463 virtual 3 The Web site provides a virtual tour of the stadiumADJvery close to being something without actually being it2015.01.15 19:55
464 province 3 They left the city for life in the provinces.Nthe parts of a country that are away from large cities2015.01.15 19:40
465 treaty 3 By contrast, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon were merely patched together by treaty bureaucrats at around the same time—hardly a global imprimatur.Nan official agreement that is made between two or more countries or groups2015.01.15 19:13
466 administration 3 She has a degree in business administration.Nthe activities that relate to running a company, school, or other organization2015.01.15 18:36
467 entitlement 3 full entitlement to fees and maintenance should be offeredNthe fact of having a right to something2015.01.10 09:59

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