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words, 04 Oct 23, 12:49


1drought 5 Farmers are facing ruin after two years of severe drought.Na long period of time when there is little or no rain2023.06.14 07:11
2hail 5 We drove through hail and snow.Nsmall balls of ice that fall like rain2023.06.14 04:01
3voyage 5 The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage (= first journey).Na long journey, especially by sea or in space2023.06.14 03:45
4voyage 5 He was a young sailor on his first voyageNa course of travel or passage or a journey, esp. a long journey by water to a distant place.2022.11.24 08:55
5automation 5 • Some say automation is the main culpritNthe use of computers and machines instead of people to do a job2022.07.11 10:24
6antibiotic 5 Thirteen strains were resistant to three or more antibiotics.Na drug that is used to kill bacteria and cure infections.2022.07.11 07:05
7vaccine 5 Doctors worried that there would not be enough vaccine for everyone who needed it.Na substance which contains a weak form of the bacteria or virus that causes a disease and is used to protect people from that disease2022.07.11 07:03
8garment 5 Garments became more fitted but this meant extreme triangulation of shapes.Nany article of clothing2022.06.09 15:47
9fumes 5 There are 4 kinds of pollution: - - Air pollution: air transportation, factory fumes, road traffic, cfcs - - Nthe visible vapor and gases given off by a burning substance.2022.06.06 05:55
10voyage 5 His voyage across the Atlantic Ocean led to the discovery of a new continent. NA very long journey, usually by sea.2022.06.04 14:58
11drought 5 Severe droughts occur about every 25 years. - Late spring droughts often are followed by severe flooding.N a long period of time during which no rain falls2022.06.04 12:08
12coil 5 A coil of thick blue smoke rose up from his pipe.Na length of rope, hair, or wire, arranged into a series of circles, one above or outside the other:2022.06.02 05:08
13chimney 5 A column of smoke rose from the chimney.Na hollow structure that allows the smoke from a fire inside a building to escape to the air outside:2022.06.02 05:06
14coke 5 coke noun [U] (FUEL)Na solid, grey substance that is burned as a fuel, left after coal is heated and the gas and tar removed2022.06.02 05:00
15redundancy 5 This politican's speech has one redundancyNRepetition of a word, expression or idea2021.02.18 10:27
16pipeline 5 Some First Nations people oppose the construction of oil and gas pipelines in Western CanadaNA pipe or tube for carrying a liquid resource to customers or transportation2020.02.22 09:52
17 oath 5 They took a solemn oath to never forget The AlamoNa very serious promise2020.02.22 09:43
18 solemn 5 They took a solemn oathADJvery serious2020.02.22 09:35
19 serial 5 He was a serial adultererNHe committed one act of adultery after another, in a series or row2020.02.19 08:43
20 assimilate 5 She and her friends strive to assimilate the vague information provided by their well-meaning but sinister guardiansVTake in and understand fully (information or ideas)2019.08.28 13:27
21 tangible 5 I am very satisfied with what we have done and can really see some clear and tangible results.ADJClear and definite; real.2019.07.31 15:49
22 semantic 5 Its elegant script is unknown from any other source, and not one clue as to its semantic content has emerged.ADJRelating to meaning in language or logic.2019.04.30 11:55
23 entail 5 As the mother is an innocent bystander in the endeavour her involvement entails only risk.VInvolve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence.2019.04.24 13:05
24 elicit 5 He tried gesturing towards the door but that elicited no useful reaction from the creature.NEvoke or draw out (a reaction, answer, or fact) from someone2019.04.24 12:33
25 pivot 5 Find the central pivot point and bring it front and center on the phone, on TV on the stump, and at the door.NThe central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates.2019.04.03 12:32
26 plastered 5 He came home plasteredADJinebriated, drunk2019.02.12 16:40
27 ornamental 5 the chimney pots are purely ornamental.NDecorative2016.10.17 12:44
28 detention 5 This person was gotten a three-day detention because of stoling.Na state of being confined. - (usually for a short time) - 2016.10.10 12:15
29 expel 5 If you don't still finish your homework next time, maybe - you would be expelled .Vforce to leave or move out 2016.10.10 12:12
30 premature 5 She seems to know many things,what is a premature girl.ADJsomething that is premature happens earlier than usual or earlier than people expect.2016.10.09 03:07
31 feasible 5 a feasible planADJcapable of being accomplished or brought about; possible2016.10.09 02:22
32 ornamental 5 the chimney pots are purely ornamental.NDecorative2016.10.07 14:16
33 mankind 5 The love is a issue the mankindNused to refer the human gerder2016.10.06 13:40
34 calf 5 the cow has a beautiful calf Nbreeding cow2016.10.06 13:34
35 jealous 5 He is very jealousADJextreme interest that someone feels for a person2016.10.06 13:30
36 crouch 5 she opended the door and i stared at the white metal and plastic hoist that crouched over the bathV to lower your body to the ground by bending your legs2016.10.03 21:17
37 dissatisfied 5 That new plan dissatisfied everyone.ADJin a state of sulky dissatisfaction2016.10.03 09:06
38 exquisite 5 She dances with an exquisite fluidity of movement. ADJextremely beautiful or pleasant2016.09.28 23:25
39 diversified 5 The skyline is highly diversified.ADJinclude so many different things2016.09.28 23:18
40 thermal 5 It turns out that what was going was a thermal runaway, when a battery begins a chain reaction resulting in smoke and fire.ADJAlso, thermic. of, relating to, or caused by heat or temperature2016.09.28 14:42
41 paradise 5 Now there was doubt in the forest, blood on the slopes of paradise.Nheaven, as the final abode of the righteous.2016.09.28 14:35
42 fabulous 5 Daniel did a fabulous job yesterday.ADJFabulous means good or brilliant 2016.09.28 13:22
43 cloak 5 The entire Paris was cloaked in color and joy.Na thing that hides or covers someone or something2016.09.28 13:10
44 conquer 5 Francisco Pizarro conquered Peru.Nto take control of a country, city, etc. through the use of force.2016.09.28 13:03
45 default 5 The global economic crisis began from the default of housing loan.NA failure to make a payment(such as a payment on a loan)2016.09.28 10:40
46 dizzying 5 With a dizzying jolt, my dream abruptly became a nightmare.ADJextremely generous that make people confused.2016.09.28 01:01
47 meditation 5 Studying Yoga leads you naturally to meditation.NA kind of action aims at purifying the soul2016.09.27 23:07
48 antibiotic 5 Every kind of virus has its own antibioticsNA medicine that inhibits the growth of or destroy microorganisms2016.09.27 22:56
49 exquisite 5 the nightscape of London is exquisiteADJextremely beautiful and, typically, delicate2016.09.27 22:10
50 cosmetics 5 She wants to supervise the cosmetics shop.Na toiletry designed to beautify the body.2016.09.27 21:27
51 definitive 5 There is no definitive test as yet for the condition.ADJSomething that is definitive provides a firm conclusion that cannot be questioned.2016.09.27 20:01
52 deceased 5 the favorite meals of the DeceasedNdead2016.09.27 18:50
53 expanse 5 across an expanse of the Potomac floodplain, airplains were landing at National AirportN a large and usually flat open space or area2016.09.27 18:18
54 converge 5 around this point,the power of the Tibetan landscape and the beliefs of many cultures converge.Vto come from different directions to reach the same point.2016.09.27 14:29
55 innocence 5 I’m keeping my innocence in my mind.NThe state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil. - =pureness, purity, whiteness2016.09.27 13:57
56 plough 5 he is too weak to pull the ploughNa farm tool having one or more heavy blades to break the soil and cut a furrow prior to sowing2016.09.27 13:28
57 perch 5 The hens perched themselves on the window-sills.Vsit,as on a branch2016.09.27 13:12
58 bracket 5 In bracket 20-30 of the graph, we can find the answer.N: an object that is attached to hold up something - : a category that includes a certain range,incomes, ages, or prices2016.09.27 09:32
59 aisle 5 Coffee and tea are in the next aisle.Na long narrow passage(as in a cave or woods)2016.09.26 23:32
60 millennia 5 Romas has millennia of histotyNplural of millennium2016.09.26 19:57
61 miniature 5 The Great Wall's miniature can show us the whole view of this fantastic historical building.NA reproduction of a huge building or a picture into a small scale.2016.09.26 19:23
62 therapy 5 This hospital gives people the best therapy to cure their sickness. Nthe act of saving and caring for the ills.2016.09.26 19:11
63 chuckle 5 'You never know what is required,' he said with a chuckle.Va soft partly suppressed laugh - 2016.09.25 22:32
64 detention 5 He received a sentence of 12 months' detention in a young offender institution.Na state of being confined; a punishment in which a student must stay at school after others have gone home.2016.09.25 19:06
65 trailer 5 That's a car with a trailer hitched on to it at the back of the road.Nsomeone who takes more time than necessary;2016.09.25 18:54
66 fragrance 5 It is recommended that people spray a little bit of fragrance. Na pleasant and usually sweet smell; a perfume or cologne2016.09.25 18:24
67 anecdotal 5 while there was much anecdotal evidence there was little hard factADJnot necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research2016.09.20 23:51
68 temperament 5 she had an artistic temperamentNA person's or animal's nature, especially as it permanently affects their behaviour2016.09.20 23:46
69 deviate 5 He never deviated from his strict vegetarian diet.V - to do something that is different from the usual or common way of behaving. - 2016.09.19 09:43
70 multimedia 5 multimedia systems have greatly improved our livesNmultimedia is defined as a collations of different media emanating from a single computer system or a network.2016.05.18 02:57
71 multimedia 5 multimedia is defined as “a collation of different media.Nmultimedia is defined as “a collation of different media emanating from a single computer system or a network, which can deliver text, graph2016.05.18 02:57
72 multimedia 5 The term ‘multimedia’ was widely defined in the 1980s as ‘an integrated collection of different media.’ Na collation of different media emanating from a single computer system or a network2016.05.17 22:53
73 commence 5 the construction will commence laterVbegin2016.03.16 18:27
74 chorus 5 A chorus of angels sing you to your rest!Na group of persons singing together2016.03.09 19:47
75 definition 5 They have great resolution and incredible color definitionNa statement of the ecact meaning of a word2015.12.08 13:17
76 morale 5 I'm sure it beefed up morale a lotNemotional or mental condition with respect to cheerfulness, confidence, zeal, etc., especially in the face of opposition, hardship, etc.:2015.12.07 22:42
77 socialization 5 It is found that almost all of socialization is somehow on the internet.NThe act or process of making socialistic: the socialization of industry2015.12.07 21:07
78 socialization 5 It is found that almost all of socialization is somehow on the internet.NThe act or process of making socialistic: the socialization of industry2015.12.07 21:07
79 slaughter 5 She made a machine to slaughter animals.Nthe killing of animals for their meat, or the killing of large numbers of animals in a cruel manner2015.11.24 13:52
80 slaughter 5 Lack of chicken feed means that chicken farms are having to slaughter their stock.Vkill (animals) usually for food consumption2015.11.24 11:04
81 wary 5 I remain wary of the use of cellphone in classADJNot having or showing complete trust in someone or something that could be dangerous or cause trouble2015.11.24 08:44
82 wary 5 Scientists are wary of using nuclear energy because it can injure human beings. - ADJnot completely trusting or certain about something or someone - 2015.11.24 08:44
83 slaughter 5 Every year, thousands of animals were slaughtered in slaughter houses.Nthe killing of animals for meat2015.11.24 08:24
84 slaughter 5 Do you think slaughter technology has been the same for the past 10 years?NThe act of killing animals for their meat2015.11.24 08:18
85 wary 5 Scientists need to be very wary when they do some researches and experiments.ADJsomeone who is wary is careful because they think something might be dangerous or harmful2015.11.23 23:45
86 slaughter 5 Hundreds of animals had been slaughtered by experiments.V1 | to kill an animal, especially for its meat - 2 | to kill a lot of people in a cruel or violent way2015.11.23 23:40
87 slaughter 5 Hundreds of animals had been slaughtered by experiments.V1 | to kill an animal, especially for its meat - 2 | to kill a lot of people in a cruel or violent way2015.11.23 23:40
88 ranch 5 There are few ranches in China. NA ranch is a large farm used for raising animals ,especially cattle, or sheep.2015.11.23 21:50
89 stalk 5 The stalk of a flower works for transporting water.NStalk of a flower, leaf or fruit is the thin part that joins it to the plant or tree.2015.11.23 21:46
90 apparatus 5 Firefighters needed breathing apparatus to enter the burning house.Na group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials2015.11.23 21:30
91 apparatus 5 Every agreed that two weeks is enough to learn to manipulate the apparatusNa tool or piece of equipment used for specific activities2015.11.23 20:13
92 wary 5 Everyone should be wary think for the future and learn from their mistakes ADJwatchful; being on one's guard against danger2015.11.23 15:44
93 slaughter 5 I think we should be thoughtful of how we kill the slaughter and do it with mercy Nthe killing or butchering of cattle, sheep, etc., especially for food2015.11.23 15:35
94 slaughter 5 more and more machines are applied in slaughteringVthe ‹killing of ‹animals for ‹meat:2015.11.22 22:43
95 apparatus 5 They lacked the scientific personnel to develop the technical apparatus much further.Na group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials, etc., having a particular function or intended for a specific use2015.11.16 22:20
96 ranch 5 These examples barely touch future prospects in the technology of farm and ranch management.Nan establishment maintained for raising livestock under range conditions.2015.11.16 21:57
97 slaughter 5 Slaughter machine making the meat processing has high efficiency.Nthe killing or butchering of cattle, sheep, etc., especially for food.2015.11.16 20:47
98 captivity 5 The scientists create a new machine that make monster in captivity.Nthe situation in which a person or animal is kept somewhere and is not allowed to leave2015.11.10 13:42
99 fend 5 New generation fend themselves from the dangerous ofwhat techneology can provideNdefend oneselv 2015.11.10 13:39
100 curbing 5 The word curbing is not about technologyV to ‹control or ‹limit something that is not ‹wanted2015.11.10 13:32
101 tract 5 You can read this tract onlineNa ‹short ‹piece of writing, ‹especially on a ‹religious or ‹political ‹subject, that is ‹intended to ‹influence other people's ‹opinions2015.11.10 13:27
102 fend 5 One should fend for oneself instead of worrying about how good one is using computers Nto resist or make defense: to fend against poverty.2015.11.10 11:21
103 wheat 5 Wheat is food not a any kind of technology Nthe grain of any cereal grass of the genus Triticum, especially T. aestivum, used in the form of flour for making bread, cakes, etc., and for other culinary and nutritional purposes.2015.11.10 11:15
104 reproductive 5 In the future, all the things can be reproductive.ADJrelating to the process of producing babies, young animals, or plants2015.11.10 01:51
105 dominance 5 Televisions occupy dominance in our lives .Nthe fact of being more powerful, more important, or more noticeable than other people or things2015.11.10 01:30
106 intercourse 5 They want to cuddle and have intercourse.Nthe act of having sex2015.11.10 01:22
107 intrinsic 5 One Chinese philosopher consider that the first intrinsic of people is goodnessNbeing an ‹extremely ‹important and ‹basic ‹characteristic of a ‹person or thing:2015.11.09 23:38
108 converse 5 Not every converse of equation is still rightADJthe ‹opposite:2015.11.09 23:33
109 fend 5 After the war orphans will be left to fend for themselves.VIf you have to fend for yourself, you have to look after yourself without relying on help from anyone else.2015.11.09 22:24
110 dominance 5 Every group want to establish dominance over the other group。NThe dominance of a particular person or thing is the fact that they are more powerful, successful, or important than other people or things.2015.11.09 22:00
111 fend 5 In future he will have to fend for himself.Vto ward off (often followed by off), to resist or make defense, try to get along without help - , to provide a livelihood2015.11.09 21:50
112 intrinsic 5 The intelligence is not intrinsic to robots.ADJbelonging to a thing by its very nature.2015.11.09 20:36
113 fend 5 Technology fend for our generation a lot of good resources to improve our standard life .Vto shift; provide.2015.11.09 14:06
114 converse 5 When we sat at dinner table ,everyone should put their technology devices away and we converse about our day .Vto talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions, etc., by talking2015.11.09 14:02
115 dominance 5 By technology the Zoologists can know more about animals dominance .Nrule; control; authority; ascendancy.2015.11.09 13:33
116 fend 5 The youngsters had to fend for themselves after their the parents died.Vtry to manage without help2015.11.09 09:20
117 fend 5 The youngsters had to fend for themselves after their the parents died.Vtry to manage without help2015.11.09 09:20
118 dominance 5 His dominance curdles into desperation.Nsuperior development of one side of the body2015.11.02 15:17
119 coarser 5 Kalimantan orangutans also have coarser hairADJrough in texture, structure, etc; not fine: coarse sand - (from coarse)2015.11.02 15:02
120 apparatus 5 When I got really skilled at operating the hydraulic controls, the apparatus became an extension of my arms and hands. NA set of equipment, tools, or a machine that is used for a particular purpose2015.07.23 10:11
121 slaughter 5 For the past 15 years I have designed chute systems for handling cattle in slaughter plants.NThe killing of animals for their meat, or the killing of large numbers of animals in a cruel manner; the killing of large numbers of peopl2015.07.23 10:07
122 stalk 5 A curled- up rug, or a book that is crooked on the shelf, causes the same fear as being stalked by a predator.VTo follow an animal or person as closely as possiblewithout being seen or heard to walk in an angry or proud way - 2015.07.23 10:05
123 wary 5 Our parents always remind us that we should be wary of doing your job.ADJcareful because you do not completely trust someone or something or are not certain about what you should do2015.07.23 10:03
124 wary 5 Our parents always remind us that we should be wary of doing your job.Ncareful because you do not completely trust someone or something or are not certain about what you should do2015.07.23 10:02
125 escalation 5 The American people do not support escalationN A rapid increase;a rise2015.07.23 09:52
126 feasibility 5 The feasibility study was conducted to discover any good reasons for using tablets in the classroom.Npossibility and likelihood of being successful2015.07.23 09:17
127 undaunted 5 Undaunted by history, modern Americans did not hesitate to coo and gasp over the tiny sleeping bundle that emerged (...).Nnot discouraged;2015.05.14 14:05
128 tripled 5 Student debt tripled to $ trillion last year V to increase something so that it is three times bigger than before2015.04.30 08:38
129 wary 5 His son open a slice of the door with a wary facial expression. ADJwatchful; being on one's guard against danger. 2015.04.14 18:23
130 paralyze 5 After brain shock, he was paralyzed on one side.Vto make somebody unable to feel or move all or part of their body2015.04.14 12:21
131 ammunition 5 In the debate, both they have a lot of ammunition against each other.Na supply of bullets, etc. to be fired from guns. / information that can be used against another person in an argument2015.04.14 09:28
132 formidable 5 They are afraid of the person who looks formidable.ADJif people, things or situations, are formidable, you feel fear and/or respect for them, because they are impressive or powerful, or because 2015.04.14 09:27
133 epic 5 There is an epic temple in the mountain.ADJvery great and impressive2015.04.14 09:22
134 epic 5 There is an epic temple in the mountain.Nvery great and impressive2015.04.14 09:16
135 spectator 5 the stands were packed with spectators.N(c) someone who watches a public activity or event, especially a sports event.2015.04.13 21:01
136 bribe 5 They bribed the guards with cigarettes.V(t) to give somebody money or something valuable in order to persuade them to help you, expecially by doing something dishonest.2015.04.13 20:52
137 shudder 5 He was shudder while standing in the elevator.Na quick uncontrolled shaking movement2015.04.04 16:41
138 drought 5 Because there are three big lakes in this area, there is no guarantee against drought.Na period of dry weather, especially a long one that is injurious to crops2015.03.30 22:51
139 compartmentalized 5 This system is totally compartmentalized in order to build up security.ADJto separate into specific categories2015.03.26 14:24
140 herald 5 You should herald a new project to your team members.Vto be sign that something is going to happen2015.03.26 14:18
141 hinder 5 You can help or hinder who you want.V(vt)to stop someone or something from making progress or developing2015.03.23 21:18
142 inventory 5 The security asked an inventory of the exhibition for investigating.Na written list of all the objects, furniture, etc. in a particular building2015.03.19 13:34
143 cue 5 But that is exactly what Google Glass makes possible, without the cue of a cameraphone being producedNa clue, an indication2015.03.15 12:59
144 fuss 5 made a fuss over a little accident.Nan excessive display of attention or activity:2015.03.15 12:50
145 lag 5 Even though my company has been developed, it still lags far behind many rival companies in using modern technology.V(Vi) to not be as successful or advanced as another person, organization, or group2015.03.14 11:15
146 lag 5 He had no choice but to lag due to his injury. She didn't want to lag behind at school. - Vto stay or fall behind2015.03.13 23:32
147 inferior 5 instant noodles is inferior good because when our income increases, we will buy ramen instead.NA good the demand for which falls as income rises.2015.03.12 00:50
148 equilibrium 5 The equilibrium price of this function is 50,50NThe point where demand meets suppy2015.03.12 00:37
149 therapeutic 5 We hope to appear some therapeutic effects after his treatment.ADJdesigned to help treat an illness2015.03.10 11:52
150 abdominal 5 I have abdominal muscles.Nthe muscles of the abdomen2015.03.10 09:35
151 embed 5 He embeds a diamond in his masterpiece, which is an exquisite ring. VFix or set securely or deeply. 2015.03.10 09:34
152 abdominal 5 I have abdominal muscles.Nthe muscles of the abdomen2015.03.10 09:28
153 embedded 5 the participants were influenced by the embedded metaphor...Vto fix or put (something) firmly into a surrounding mass: to embed stones in cement2015.03.09 16:11
154 abolish 5 The government wanted to abolish slavery because it wanted to treat all people as equal.Vto stop or remove a law or practice2015.03.06 14:39
155 converse 5 Children converse on social networks.VTo engage in conversation.2015.02.26 03:28
156 judiciary 5 Some of them had held positions in the judiciary or local governmentNthe part of government that consists of all the judges and courts in a country. 2015.02.23 21:03
157 judiciary 5 Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who chairs the Judiciary Committee that will conduct Sotomayor's confirmation hearing.Nthe part of government that consists of all the judges and courts in a country.2015.02.23 20:58
158 rumble 5 The thunder rumbled in the distance. His stomach rumbled from hunger.Vto make a deep, rolling and continuous sound, such as thunder:2015.02.05 01:47
159 swirl 5 The water swirled down the drain.Vto move around or along with a whirling motion2015.02.05 01:46
160 slab 5 They laid the carcass out on a slabNFlat stone or cement surface2015.01.24 17:16
161 sterile 5 This sterile discussion should endNAbsolutely clean, to the point that nothing bad OR GOOD can grow2015.01.24 17:01
162 slack 5 We can barely see tourists on the streets in the slack season.ADJnot tight, intense or not busy and having less business activity2015.01.16 10:55
163 unleash 5 At worst, nuclear war could be unleashed.Vto release suddenly a strong, uncontrollable and usually destructive force2015.01.16 09:09
164 submission 5 they were forced into submissionNThe action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person:2015.01.16 05:45
165 pesticide 5 Once volatilized, a pesticide can move in air currents away from the treated surface.NA substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals.2015.01.16 05:30
166 seamlessly 5 He seamlessly accomplished all the tasks in a short time.Advdoing things smoothly and continually, without any disconnection2015.01.16 05:10
167 deplete 5 The 5-hour-long surgery depleted both the doctor’s and the patient’s energy greatly.Vto reduce, exhaust, use up the amount of resources, energy2015.01.16 05:07
168 rag 5 a piece of ragNA piece of old cloth, especially one torn from a larger piece, used typically for cleaning things: - he wiped his hands on an oily rag2015.01.16 05:04
169 stud 5 The shape of the headrest follows Zulu style, but brightly coloured plastics, insulation tape and metal studs decorate the core.NA large-headed piece of metal that pierces and projects from a surface, especially for decoration.2015.01.16 02:59
170 chimney 5 a coal fire thrust yellow flames up the chimneyNA vertical channel or pipe which conducts smoke and combustion gases up from a fire or furnace and typically through the roof of a building2015.01.16 02:58
171 shudder 5 she still shuddered at the thought of himN(Of a person) tremble convulsively, typically as a result of fear or revulsion2015.01.16 02:54
172 chap 5 his skin is very dry and chaps easilyN(Of the skin) become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather2015.01.16 02:44
173 crab 5 Without warning the stalks supporting the crab's beady black eyes shoot straight up at me.NA crustacean, found chiefly on seashores, with a broad carapace, stalked eyes, and five pairs of legs, the first pair of which are modified as pincers.2015.01.16 02:34
174 dusky 5 It was a dusky redNDarkish in colour2015.01.16 02:32
175 crouch 5 we crouched down in the trenchNAdopt a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is brought forward and down, typically in order to avoid detection or to defend oneself2015.01.16 02:20
176 crouch 5 we crouched down in the trenchNAdopt a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is brought forward and down, typically in order to avoid detection or to defend oneself2015.01.16 02:20
177 porch 5 the north porch of Hereford CathedralNA covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a building2015.01.16 02:11
178 baron 5 He is a media baron who owns newspapers, television and radio stations, and even several cable networksNa man who is a member of various ranks of nobility in other countries2015.01.15 23:41
179 reverence 5 Her poems are treated with reverence by other poets.Nhonor or respect that is felt for or shown to (someone or something)2015.01.15 23:14
180 epidemic 5 The little girl's giggles were epidemic, and soon the entire gathering was laughing.ADJaffecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time2015.01.15 23:10
181 precipitate 5 Her death precipitated a family crisis.Vto cause (something) to happen quickly or suddenly2015.01.15 22:38
182 tread 5 Don't tread on the grass.Vto walk on or along (something)2015.01.15 22:18
183 presiding 5 Court is now in session, Justice Raul Fernandez presiding.Vto be in charge of something (such as a trial)2015.01.15 22:15
184 formidable 5 The mountains were a formidable barrier.ADJvery powerful or strong : deserving serious attention and respect2015.01.15 22:06
185 diesel 5 Does your car take diesel or gasoline?Na vehicle (such as a truck or bus) that has a diesel engine2015.01.15 22:02
186 ample 5 They had ample money for the trip.ADJhaving or providing enough or more than enough of what is needed2015.01.15 21:52
187 tenure 5 During his tenure as head coach, the team won the championship twice.Nthe amount of time that a person holds a job, office, or title2015.01.15 21:41
188 harness 5 The horses were harnessed to the wagon.Vto put a harness on (an animal)2015.01.15 20:19
189 solemnity 5 Her voice conveyed the solemnity of the passage.Nthe quality of being formal or serious2015.01.15 20:05
190 grunt 5 The workers were grunting with effort as they lifted the heavy furniture.Vto make a short, low sound : to make a grunt2015.01.15 19:43
191 petty 5 My behavior was petty and stupid. I apologize.ADJnot very important or serious2015.01.15 19:31
192 transcendent 5 The star player's transcendent performance helped the team to a surprise victory.ADJgoing beyond the limits of ordinary experience2015.01.15 19:25
193 hindrance 5 Is my presence here a help or a hindrance?Na person or thing that makes a situation difficult : a person or thing that hinders someone or something2015.01.15 19:05
194 axis 5 This is the Earth's axis of rotationNthe imaginary straight line that something (such as the Earth) turns around2015.01.15 18:54
195 deviation 5 There have been slight deviations in the satellite's orbit.Nan action, behavior, or condition that is different from what is usual or expected2015.01.15 18:45
196 arbitrate 5 She has been asked to arbitrate between the two sides.Vto act or decide as arbitrator or arbiter; - decide between two sides; - determine: 2015.01.14 04:33
197 surveillance 5 Surface forces have been used to provide defense zones around naval and merchant ship formations, air to furnish area surveillance, and mines for protection of limited areas.Na watch kept over someone or something, esp. over a suspect, prisoner, etc.:2015.01.14 04:26
198 jeopardize 5 a devaluation of the dollar would jeopardize New York's position as a financial centerNput (someone or something) into a situation in which there is a danger of loss2015.01.10 10:04
199 plausible 5 a plausible explanationADJseeming reasonable or probable2015.01.10 09:56
200 imperative 5 immediate action was imperativeADJvital importance; crucial2015.01.10 09:54
201 ensue 5 the difficulties that ensued from their commitment to CubaVhappen or occur afterward or as a result2015.01.10 09:52
202 encompass 5 the exposition encompass all kind of goods Vsurround and have or hold within2015.01.10 09:48
203 disintegrate 5 when the missile struck, the car disintegrated in a sheet of searing flameVbreak up into small parts, typically as the result of impact or decay2015.01.10 09:45
204 demise 5 tragic demiseNa person's death2015.01.10 09:38
205 culminate 5 the tensions and disorders which culminated in World War IIVreach a climax or point of highest development2015.01.10 09:37
206 turbulence 5 the plane shuddered as it entered some turbulenceNviolent or unsteady movement of air or water, or of some other fluid2015.01.10 09:35
207 tomb 5 We visited the tomb of Shakespeare. Na grave, especially a large one above ground2015.01.09 11:37

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