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1ecosystem 6 Pollution can have disastrous effects on the delicately balanced ecosystemNall the living things in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment2022.11.07 18:08
2arthritis 6 Arthritis is of two types, osteo- or rheumatoidNProblem of the joints, usually fingers or knees2022.10.27 12:37
3recess 6 let's have a short recess between classesNa temporary withdrawal from or stopping of the usual work or activity - - a break.2022.06.19 11:08
4silhouette 6 The female silhouette has changed several times through the ages.Na picture of the outline of an object, filled in with black. - the outline of something.2022.06.14 17:57
5refund 6 Since your phone was returned broken, you won't get a refund. NTo retunr an amount of money.2022.05.26 10:26
6zeal 6 Zeal cannot replace care in scienceNenergy, enthusiasm, determination2020.03.13 15:49
7curry 6 We had a nice hot curry after the pub kicked us outNa curry is a spicy sort of stew made of beef, chicken or mutton from the cuisine of India2020.03.12 12:08
8excelled 6 They excelled at doing nothingVThey were very good at doing this 2020.02.27 09:42
9 ambivalent 6 Their attitude to Hale is ambivalent at best and I suspect that it is actively hostile.ADJHaving mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.2019.08.28 13:21
10 akin 6 At the moment the situation is very much akin to the tail wagging the dog.ADJOf similar character.2019.07.31 15:37
11 focal 6 The focal theme this time was ‘strategies for drought management and alternate cropping system in canal areasADJRelating to the centre or most important part.2019.06.26 13:56
12 fidelity 6 The result is maximum fidelity: a picture whose clarity, brilliance and color must be seen to be believedNThe degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced.2019.06.26 13:51
13 perennial 6 The debate on whether voice is teachable in L2 classroom is perennial.ADJlong-lasting2019.05.14 05:53
14 traverse 6 The reader traverses the beam in the opposite direction to that of the object under test to reduce image blur.VMove back and forth or sideways.2019.04.30 11:45
15 epistemology 6 This is a crucial element in contextualist epistemology, not a criticism of it.NThe theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinio2019.04.24 13:19
16 austere 6 He was austere, dour, kind, and hard working.ADJSevere or strict in manner or attitude.2019.04.24 12:28
17 augment 6 When the camera shifts to what the actors can see, the audience gets dizzy views of the surroundings, thus augmenting the overwhelming panicVMake (something) greater by adding to it; increase.2019.03.25 13:07
18 fluency 6 Fluency activities are best done with very familiar material.ADJable to use languages smoothly, easily, or readily2017.08.24 02:43
19 pebble 6 He threw the pebble into the water.Na small rock rounded by the action of water. - 2016.12.31 19:10
20 hospitality 6 Lindsey's hospitality is great.Nthe friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.2016.12.15 03:31
21 horrific 6 He had been in horrific accident before he died.ADJcausing fear or dread or terror.2016.10.10 12:33
22 muscular 6 muscular shoulders visible even through his ski jacket.ADJof or relating to muscles2016.10.09 21:38
23 hoist 6 i thought of the hoistNto raise (something) especially by using ropes or machinery2016.10.09 17:21
24 intricate 6 the loors were carpeted with intricately decorated Persian rugsADJhaving many parts2016.10.03 21:24
25 feeble 6 it sounded feeble.ADJvery weak2016.10.03 21:14
26 deceptively 6 the annexe's living room was deceptively largeADJintended to make someone believe something that is not true2016.10.03 21:12
27 ominously 6 The bar seemed ominously quiet. AdvIf you describe something as ominous, you mean that it worries you because it makes you think that something unpleasant is going to happen.2016.09.30 19:44
28 famine 6 south Africa is suffering famine many years ago.N Extreme scarcity of food.2016.09.29 01:14
29 diligence 6 Talent is not the name of game is studying, diligence is Nwork hard2016.09.28 23:59
30 humid 6 It is hot, wet, and distinctly humid throughout the year. ADJwet2016.09.28 23:22
31 diligence 6 Diligence is one of her advantages.NFocus on doing something2016.09.28 14:12
32 perennial 6 Paris is a perennial city.Nexisting or continuing in the same way for a long time2016.09.28 12:47
33 crumple 6 She dropped a crumpled-up piece of paper on the floorADJ(such as paper or cloth)squashed and becomes full of untidy creases and folds. - [N:PLURAL] parts of a motor vehicle(crumple zone)2016.09.28 09:54
34 stipulation 6 In the contract, there was a stipulation that she could not keep a pet in the apartment.Nrules to limit people's actions 2016.09.28 01:31
35 scanty 6 So far, what scanty evidence we have points to two suspects.ADJnot enough, only a little and unqualified2016.09.28 01:18
36 fanatical 6 As a boy he was a fanatical patriot.ADJlove someone or something and lose oneself2016.09.28 01:10
37 gape 6 We gape after saw mystery actions of these guysVStair with one’s mouth open wide in amazement2016.09.27 22:58
38 focus_on 6 The goals of G20 focus_on renewing the global economical structure.Vpay mostly attention on something2016.09.27 22:56
39 purification 6 Go hiking to get a journey of purification of the soul.Nthe action of making something clean and simple2016.09.27 22:45
40 enchant 6 she was enchanted by the viewVfill (someone) with great delight; charm.2016.09.27 22:13
41 hospitality 6 the hospitality tens had equipment and supplies donated by people from all over AmericaNgenerous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests : hospitable treatment2016.09.27 18:29
42 resilience 6 We will learn about resilience from physics class at high school. Nthe physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic lim2016.09.27 13:30
43 grumble 6 For myself i do not grumble, for I am one of the lucky ones.Vshow one's unhappiness or critical attitude2016.09.27 13:21
44 benevolent 6 with a wise and benevolent appearanceADJintending or showing kindness2016.09.27 13:09
45 lurch 6 With the ring of light from his lantern dancing from side to side he lurched across the yard. Nwalk as if unable to control one's movements.2016.09.27 12:44
46 affluent 6 The house is located in the affluent area.ADJhaving an abundant supply of money or possessions of value2016.09.27 12:40
47 throb 6 The bump on my head is throbbing,and i can not stop thinking about the arguement i saw,or imagined,or dreamed about,on Saturday night.Vbeat or sound with a loud,strong rythm2016.09.27 12:40
48 throb 6 The throbbing has become intense.Npain that starts and stops quickly and repeatedly.2016.09.27 00:38
49 banish 6 I banish the thought from my mind.Vexpel from a community or group - 2016.09.25 22:37
50 pharmacist 6 We had to wait for the pharmacist to make up her prescription. Na heaith professional trained in the art of preparing and dispensing drugs. 2016.09.25 22:24
51 lineage 6 in the past, lineage was vrey important to a family. Nthe descendants of one individual2016.09.25 22:16
52 shriek 6 The shrieking schoolchildren, who stopped by after school.Vto make a loud, high-pitched cry.2016.09.23 08:22
53 squirrel 6 I love my fatty squirrel.Na small, bushy-tailed rodent that lives in trees and eats nuts. - 2016.09.21 22:24
54 corpus 6 The words in a corpus can be arranged in order of their frequency in that corpus. N1.a large or complete collection of writings: - 2016.09.21 11:04
55 compulsory 6 There is a compulsory course in this schoolADJyou must do it or accept it; - put into force by law or rules - 2016.09.21 10:41
56 delinquency 6 an increase in juvenile delinquencyN - wrongful, illegal, or antisocial behavior. 2016.09.21 10:16
57 notwithstanding 6 she tells us she is an intellectual; notwithstanding, she is a beauty queenAdvNevertheless; in spite of this2016.09.20 23:53
58 optimize 6 optimize the use of source Vto optimize plan, system, or machine mean to arrange or design it so that it operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible.2016.09.19 09:38
59 entice 6 All the advertising in the world will not entice me to buy a stair lift.Vtempt, persuade by offering something nice2016.06.27 17:18
60 inclusive 6 The price of this product is inclusiveNThe price is inclusive 2015.12.08 13:18
61 relinquishment 6 Sometime , the spiritual journey is the relinquishment.NThe N form of relinquish, which means give up something2015.12.07 23:46
62 inclusive 6 Scientists need inclusive the knowledge to support their research.ADJAn inclusive price or amount includes everything2015.12.07 23:05
63 receptive 6 She was always receptive to new ideas.ADJable or quick to receive knowledge, ideas, etc.2015.12.07 22:51
64 relinquishment 6 In return for the relinquishment, he had been released.NreNcement or surrender 2015.12.07 22:36
65 relinquishment 6 relinquishment of a experiment is always a hard decision for experts. Na Val act of reNcing a claim or right or position etc.2015.12.07 18:00
66 inclusive 6 The group can be large, small, inclusive , exclusive, formal or informal.ADJIf a price is inclusive, it includes all the charges connected with the goods or services offered. If a price is inclusive of postage and pa2015.12.07 17:55
67 inclusive 6 North America inclusive Canada have a lot of GM product, and usually is written on the product ADJincluding a great deal, or encompassing everything concerned; comprehensive2015.12.06 20:35
68 inclusive 6 This technology should be inclusive of all departments and all situations.NAn inclusive price or amount includes everything2015.12.04 23:13
69 inclusive 6 For science education to be effective, it must be inclusive .Nan inclusive price or cost includes everything2015.11.29 18:16
70 inclusive 6 For science education to be effective, it must be inclusive .Nan inclusive price or cost includes everything2015.11.29 16:52
71 relinquishment 6 The internet is the relinquishment of government control.Nto let someone else have your position, power, or rights, especially unwillinglyT2015.11.29 16:45
72 subside 6 New technologies could help us define when hurricanes will subsideV to become less strong, or less violent2015.11.24 14:00
73 subside 6 A new technology skill need subside and testV(of a condition) to become less strong, or (of an activity or disagreement) to become less violent2015.11.24 13:44
74 nourished 6 That's a well-nourished babyADJbeing provided with adequate nourishment2015.11.24 11:17
75 subside 6 The rain will subside at the end of the day - - Vto become less strong or intense 2015.11.24 08:55
76 subside 6 The new medicine has subsided the suffering of the cancer, but it has side effects. - VIf a condition subsides, it becomes less strong or extreme2015.11.24 08:37
77 subside 6 when your mobile device or laptop is burning hot and slow you should wait for it to subside before you use it againVbecome less intense, violent, or severe2015.11.23 23:19
78 reciprocal 6 they were reciprocal towards the baby sitter and her online educating skills.ADJgiven, felt, or done in return2015.11.23 23:07
79 prodded 6 she prodded him after they joined a dating website and found each other.V1.poke (someone) with a finger, foot, or pointed object2015.11.23 22:51
80 reciprocal 6 A reciprocal protocol was studied out last week.Ngiven or felt by each toward the other. mutual. 2015.11.23 22:32
81 prod 6 I prodded him with my elbow.Vto poke or jab with or as if with something pointed2015.11.23 21:43
82 reciprocal 6 If I helped him, I had reciprocal help from him.ADJgiven or felt by each toward the other; mutual2015.11.23 21:40
83 subside 6 Side effect will subside when the drug is stopped.Vto sink to a low or lower level. - to become quiet, less active, or less violent2015.11.23 20:53
84 reciprocal 6 There is a reciprocal relation between goals and dataADJused to describe a relationship in which two people or group agree to do something simila for each other2015.11.23 20:21
85 prodded 6 Every day my friends prodded me on my facebook accountVto poke or jab with or as if with something pointed2015.11.23 15:47
86 reciprocal 6 The person who do a cyber bulling should be more emotional and reciprocal of the victim ADJgiven or felt by each toward the other; mutual2015.11.23 15:39
87 subside 6 The H5N1 was subsided.VIf a ‹condition subsides, it ‹becomes less ‹strong or ‹extreme2015.11.22 19:09
88 muffle 6 Through the engine muffler of the car , it can reduce sound pollution.Vto wrap with something to deaden or prevent sound2015.11.16 21:37
89 reciprocal 6 Scientific and technological progress and economic development are reciprocalADJA reciprocal action or agreement involves two people or groups who do the same thing to each other or agree to help each another in a similar way.2015.11.16 20:19
90 vaccinated 6 The technique of a new type of vaccinated has made people not feel pain. - VIf a person or animal is vaccinated, they are given a vaccine, usually by injection, to prevent them from getting a disease.2015.11.16 20:16
91 subside 6 The once-in-a-century flash flood subsides now!Vto sink to a low or lower level. - - to become less active.2015.11.15 21:55
92 crumple 6 Crumple paper into Sheridan garbage box.VCrush (something, typically paper or cloth) so that it becomes creased and wrinkled2015.11.10 13:58
93 crumple 6 He designed and patented crumpleproof cloth made from recycled materialsVif you crumple something such as paper or cloth. it is squashed and become full of untidy creases and folds2015.11.10 13:57
94 nourish 6 He is more concern about his phone than to nourish his poor dog NTo feed 2015.11.10 11:24
95 nourished 6 Last year my family nourished about 50 homeless.VTo provide (someone or something) with food and other things that are needed to live, be healthy. 2015.11.10 09:13
96 nourish 6 Nourishing children is the duty of parentsVto ‹provide ‹people or ‹living things with ‹food in ‹order to make them ‹grow and ‹keep them ‹healthy:2015.11.09 23:35
97 nourish 6 In nearest future cars will nourish by electricity. Vto sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growt2015.11.09 20:24
98 ethnographer 6 Ethnographers are participant observers.N - Ethnography means the branch of anthropology that provides scientific description of individual human societies.2015.11.09 09:23
99 nourish 6 To plenty Chlidren, it should good fresh food nourish them.Vto provide(someone or something)with food and other things that are needed to live,be healthy, etc2015.11.07 22:13
100 chimpanzee 6 Female chimpanzees, for instance, typically leave their social group once they hit maturity.Nintelligent somewhat arboreal ape of equatorial2015.11.02 15:12
101 subside 6 They may be intense while I am experiencing them but will subside like an afternoon thunderstorm.VTo become less strong, or to become less violent2015.07.23 10:14
102 subside 6 They may be instense while I am experiencing them but will subside like an afternoon thunderstorm.VTo become less strong, or to become less violent2015.07.23 10:08
103 subside 6 They may be intense while I am experiencing them but will subside like an afternoon thunderstorm. VTo become less strong, or (of an activity or disagreement) to become less violent2015.07.23 10:06
104 muffling 6 Solid sides on chutes prevent them from seeing people up head, and muffling devices lessen the shrill sounds that alarm them. VHe is muffling and I really do not know what happened on him. 2015.07.23 09:57
105 impartial 6 when the kids fight with each other, the parents must remain impartialADJnot supporting on person or group more than another2015.07.23 09:54
106 subside 6 My anger rapidly subsidedV(of a condition) to become less strong2015.07.23 09:49
107 infringe 6 Making an unauthorized copy of the article infringes copyright. - VTo break a law, rule, or agreement2015.05.01 10:29
108 tuition 6 'the actual tuition that students are facing'Nthe charge or fee for instruction2015.04.30 11:10
109 metabolism 6 All living need a process of metabolismNthe marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals2015.04.16 11:41
110 incubator 6 The incubator provides some interesting projects that might come to fruition in the near future.Napparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat; used for chicks or premature infants2015.04.16 11:18
111 conjure 6 The girl conjured up herself as Cinderella.Vto affect or influence by or as if by invocation or spell.2015.04.14 18:24
112 malign 6 Because having jealousy, we somethings will malign others.Vto say unpleasant things about someone, usually unfairly2015.04.13 00:06
113 infringe 6 Making an unauthorized copy of the article infringes copyright.NTo break a law, rule, or agreement2015.03.28 07:30
114 errant 6 I think he has an errant map and he is supposed to be very confused.ADJdoing something that is wrong; not behaving in an acceptable way2015.03.26 14:33
115 avert 6 Even though it is difficult to avert natural disaster, we need to try as possible as we can.Vto prevent something bad or dangerous from happening2015.03.26 14:23
116 tuition 6 I'm going to pay my tuition next week Nthe charge or fee for instruction, as at a private school or a college or university:2015.03.21 20:19
117 warranty 6 If you buy the insurance, you can be given 3 years warranty.Na company's written promise to repair or replace a product you buy from them if it breaks or dose not work2015.03.20 22:34
118 hose 6 I'm going to buy a hose for watering the garden.Na long tube made of rubber, plastic, etc., used for putting water onto fires, gardens, etc.2015.03.19 13:18
119 polymerize 6 Through a five minutes reaction, all the cells polymerized together.Vto react or cause to react to form a polymer 2015.03.18 23:48
120 accredited 6 This program is fully accredited by the Design commityVgiven official approval to act.2015.03.18 14:21
121 snag 6 Our plans hit a snag when our best player broke her legNanything that gets in the way of progress:2015.03.15 12:37
122 terminology 6 You don't need to learn a lot medical terminology unless you want to work in healthcare work place.Nthe set of technical words or expressions used in a particular subject2015.03.10 11:43
123 solicitation 6 ... an open solicitation for researchers released last week.Nto ask (someone) for something2015.03.09 16:06
124 immoral 6 Some say what he is doing is immoral.ADJmorally wrong2015.02.23 21:09
125 subside 6 By dawn the storm had subsided.Vto become quiet, less active, or less violent:2015.02.05 01:45
126 demolish 6 They are going to demolish the old apartment building where I grew up.ADJto destroy or tear down (a building): - 2015.02.05 01:36
127 slipper 6 She had the smallest slipper at the prince's ballNA small shoe, often for going to bed2015.01.24 16:43
128 gracious 6 Be gracious and patient to people who are disabled. ADJ behaving in a pleasant, polite, calm way2015.01.16 09:11
129 jolt 6 a surge in the crowd behind him jolted him forwardsNPush or shake (someone or something) abruptly and roughl2015.01.16 05:16
130 plight 6 we must direct our efforts towards relieving the plight of children living in povertyNA dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation2015.01.16 05:16
131 bleach 6 a new formula to bleach and brighten clothingNCause (a material such as cloth, paper, or hair) to become white or much lighter by a chemical process or by exposure to sunlight:2015.01.16 05:01
132 apron 6 a striped butcher’s apronNA protective garment worn over the front of one’s clothes and tied at the back2015.01.16 04:58
133 cobbler 6 He also worked as a master cobbler, mending shoes.NA person whose job is mending shoes.2015.01.16 03:04
134 knob 6 After the glue has hardened, rub fine-grain sandpaper across the surface of both knobs, making their surfaces smooth.NA rounded lump or ball, especially at the end or on the surface of something2015.01.16 03:02
135 plum 6 He would discover in his own way the lacy texture of a cantaloupe or the dusky purple of a ripe plum.NAn oval fleshy fruit which is purple, reddish, or yellow when ripe and contains a flattish pointed stone.2015.01.16 02:59
136 swarm 6 a swarm of locustsNA large or dense group of flying insects2015.01.16 02:57
137 extravagant 6 it was rather extravagant to buy bothNLacking restraint in spending money or using resources2015.01.16 02:56
138 despise 6 he despised himself for being selfishNFeel contempt or a deep repugnance for2015.01.16 02:44
139 muffle 6 everyone was muffled up in coats and scarvesNWrap or cover for warmth2015.01.16 02:15
140 lucrative 6 The business has proved to be highly lucrative.ADJproducing money or wealth2015.01.15 23:11
141 cavalry 6 Cavalry is used to perform reconnaissance.Nthe part of an army that in the past had soldiers who rode horses and that now has soldiers who ride in vehicles or helicopters2015.01.15 23:08
142 precarious 6 He earned a precarious livelihood by gambling.ADJnot safe, strong, or steady2015.01.15 22:36
143 accord 6 He was accorded certain favors because of his age.Vto give (something, such as special treatment or status) to someone or something2015.01.15 22:20
144 ordeal 6 The hikers were finally rescued after a three-day ordeal in the wilderness.Nan experience that is very unpleasant or difficult2015.01.15 22:11
145 deception 6 She accuses the company of willful deception in its advertising.Nthe act of making someone believe something that is not true : the act of deceiving someone2015.01.15 22:08
146 incarnation 6 She is the very incarnation of grace and tactfulness.None of a series of lives that a person is believed to have had in the past in some religions2015.01.15 21:55
147 grimace 6 The patient made a painful grimace as the doctor examined his wound.Na facial expression in which your mouth and face are twisted in a way that shows disgust, disapproval, or pain2015.01.15 21:46
148 infantry 6 He joined the infantry after leaving school.Nthe part of an army that has soldiers who fight on foot2015.01.15 19:42
149 lineage 6 His Italian lineage was very important to him.Nthe people who were in someone's family in past times2015.01.15 19:04
150 acquit 6 The jury acquitted her of all charges.Vto declare not guilty of a crime or offense:2015.01.14 04:32
151 splinter 6 He used a needle to remove the splinter from his finger.Na small, thin, sharp piece of wood, bone, etc., split off from the main body:2015.01.14 04:23
152 necessitate 6 the severe arthritis eventually necessitated a total hip replacementVmake (something) necessary 2015.01.10 10:11
153 eradicate 6 this disease has been eradicated from the worldVdestroy completely; put an end to2015.01.10 09:55
154 nostalgia 6 i was overcome with acute nostalgiaNa sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past2015.01.10 09:49
155 dwindle 6 traffic has dwindled to a trickleVdiminish gradually in size, amount, or strength2015.01.10 09:46
156 deflect 6 the bullet was deflected harmlessly into the ceilingVcause (something) to change direction by interposing something2015.01.10 09:44
157 bloc 6 a center-left voting blocNa combination of countries, parties, or groups sharing a common purpose.2015.01.10 09:39
158 bolster 6 the fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidenceVsupport or strengthen; prop up2015.01.10 09:34
159 sluggish 6 a sluggish streamADJslow-moving or inactive2015.01.10 09:32
160famine 6 Parts of Madagascar are experiencing famine conditions Nextreme shortage of food2023.09.27 23:46

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