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1sociable 9 a sociable couple who enjoy parties.ADJglad to associate with others - companionable:2023.03.10 09:46
2penicillin 9 Since the discovery of penicillin, the treatment of syphilis has been revolutionized.Na type of medicine that is used to treat infections caused by bacteria2022.07.11 07:08
3 hypnotize 9 I was fascinated by them, hypnotized by them - until you wake up and realise they're nuts.VCapture the whole attention of (someone); fascinate.2019.04.30 12:18
4 contiguity 9 Thus is contiguity necessary in all forms of learningNThe sequential occurrence or proximity of stimulus and response, causing their association in the mind.2019.04.30 12:01
5 expound 9 ‘He used it as an opportunity to expound the idea of flexible integration.VPresent and explain (a theory or idea) in detail.2019.04.29 13:33
6 caveat 9 I want to make a proviso, a caveat, that we may have slipped past earlier.NA warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.2019.03.25 14:45
7 sordid 9 Spare me the sordid details pleaseADJunpleasant or terrible2019.02.12 17:43
8 parched 9 Could I have some water? I'm parched. - Ndry or thirsty, especially because of heat. - 2016.12.31 19:07
9 sheen 9 this shampoo gives your hair a beautiful sheen.Na soft, smooth, shiny quality2016.10.09 21:36
10 affable 9 I watched the affable helperputting on his jacket with a rising sense of panic.ADJfriendly and easy to talk to2016.10.09 21:24
11 frock 9 My sister is selling frock recently. NFrock is a kind of clothes for women.2016.09.28 13:55
12 octopus 9 Fried octopus are very popular in my hometown.NOctopus is a kind of seafood.2016.09.28 13:10
13 legible 9 We should write legible to easy reader's eyes. ADJeasy to recognize2016.09.27 22:34
14 swagger 9 He walked out of the room with a self-confident swagger.Na way of walking with a swinging movement that shows you are confident2016.09.27 20:19
15 fizz 9 The premixed gin and tonic fizzes up over the lip of the can as i bring it to my mouth and sip.Vform bubbles2016.09.27 13:00
16 superstitious 9 superstitious minds ADJhaving a belief in traditional 2016.09.26 09:39
17 miscellaneous 9 Housework is usually miscellaneous and toilsome.ADJa. Consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds - b. Having many aspects2016.09.23 08:21
18 affluence 9 And to be enveloped in a mist of enchantment was a way of life that the miasma of fashion, affluence and privilege had in no way approachedNthe state of having an abundance of money and material goods.2016.05.20 09:20
19 acrimony 9 Last September's JLG meeting in London ended with acrimony on both sides. - Nbitterness of manner, speech, etc: - 2016.05.20 09:01
20 jeeringly 9 «Onion-sauce! Onion-sauce!' he remarked jeeringly, and was gone before they could think of a thoroughly satisfactory reply. ADJTo speak or shout derisively; mock.2016.01.14 12:37
21 dyslexia 9 Some talented people have dyslexia, for example Jobs.Ndyslexia means some people have difficulty with reading.2015.11.26 19:08
22 foresight 9 They had the foresight to invest in new technology.Nprovidence by virtue of planning prudently for the future2015.11.24 11:23
23 repulsed 9 the engineer was repulsed by the customer after doing a not so great job on repairing their ipadVdrive back (an attack or attacking enemy) by force2015.11.23 23:24
24 puberty 9 I guess you and I are both going through puberty these days.Nthe period of life when a person's sexual organs mature and he or she becomes able to have children2015.11.23 20:07
25 repulse 9 nowadays women have various tools to repulse the criminals.Vto push away or refuse something or someone unwanted, especially to successfully stop a physical attack against you:2015.11.22 22:52
26 repulse 9 You was repulse by fingerprint identification.Nto ‹push away or ‹refuse something or someone ‹unwanted, ‹especially to successfully ‹stop a ‹physical ‹attack against you2015.11.22 19:20
27 repulsed 9 At the first brush, the enemy was repulsed by the advanced weapon.Vto cause feelings of repulsion in2015.11.16 21:45
28 foresight 9 Human being have more foresight when they play chess with machines.Nan act of looking forward2015.11.10 23:05
29 foresight 9 Designing a phone need foresight for population.NThe ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future2015.11.10 13:54
30 grub 9 A grub is a kind of disgusting wormNV grub: search for something. - - N grub: A grub is a young insect which is just come out of an egg2015.11.10 13:53
31 foresight 9 They had the foresight to invest in new technology.NSomeone's foresight is their ability to see what is likely to happen in the future and to take appropriate action.2015.11.09 23:58
32 foresight 9 I should have studied harder in university if i have the foresightNthe ‹ability to ‹judge correctly what is going to ‹happen in the ‹future and ‹plan ‹your ‹actions ‹based on this ‹knowledge:2015.11.09 23:28
33 foresight 9 I had other reasons for thinking this opinion to be a mistaken one, but this article is not about my foresight.Nan act of looking forward2015.11.09 21:26
34 foresight 9 No one had enough foresight to predict the function of the robot in the future.Nthe ability to judge correctly what is going to happen in the future and plan your actions based on this knowledge2015.11.08 22:09
35 foresight 9 n Sharpe has become over the years a singular monument to the mechanical FORESIGHT of its founder, Joseph R. Brown, and a world-renowned synonym for - Ncare or provision for the future; provident care; prudence.2015.11.02 15:44
36 grub 9 woodpecker finch that selects twigs to dig out insects and grubs from tree bark.Nthe thick-bodied, sluggish young of certain insects, esp. the beetle.2015.11.02 15:39
37 foresight 9 It was an example of the authorities' lack of foresight.Nthe ‹ability to ‹judge correctly what is going to ‹happen in the ‹future and ‹plan ‹your ‹actions ‹based on this ‹knowledge.2015.11.02 15:38
38 foresight 9 If they are to be commended for FORESIGHT in their planning, what then is the judgment of a town councilNcare or provision for the future; provident care; prudence.2015.11.02 15:31
39 foresight 9 no one had enough foresight to predict the winnerNthe ability to judge correctly what is going to happen in the future and plan your actions based on this knowledge2015.11.02 15:29
40 foresight 9 Anthropologists started contending that only humans make tools with foresight.Nthe ability to imagine what is likely to happen and to consider this when planning for the future2015.11.02 15:22
41 foresight 9 Anthropologists used to believe that only humans manufactures tools with foresightNProvidence by virtue of planning prudently for the future.2015.11.02 15:03
42 repulse 9 People are repulsed by the sight of blood, but blood does not bother cattle.VIf you are repulsed by something, you think that it is horrible and disgusting an you want to avoid it.2015.07.23 10:11
43 repulse 9 People are repulsed by the sight of blood.Vto push someone or something back or away, esp. to successfully stop an attack.2015.07.23 10:08
44 repulsed 9 People are repulsed by the sight in the wild. Vto push someone or something back or away, esp. to successfully stop an attack/If something repulses you, it causes you to have a strong fee2015.07.23 09:56
45 octopus 9 the octopus has 8 armsNan animal living in the sea having 8 arms. It was believed to spread ink.2015.05.28 02:50
46 impromptu 9 He made an impromptu offer during the meeting.ADJdone without preparation or planning2015.04.14 12:23
47 herbicide 9 The farmers are spraying herbicide on their field.Ntechnical a substance used to kill unwanted plants2015.04.14 09:30
48 devious 9 He is very devious person because usually what he said is not what he usually did.ADJdishonest and clever2015.04.13 00:12
49 euthanasia 9 Euthanasia is a hot debate.Nmercy-killing2015.03.23 23:31
50 vestige 9 This is the only vestige of the old city.Nan indication that something has been present.2015.03.18 14:37
51 strident 9 Are the protesters' voices becoming a touch strident?ADJScreechy, grating, high-pitched2015.01.21 22:11
52 claustrophobic 9 That small hotel room made me feel claustrophobicNFear of small spaces2015.01.21 22:03
53 condole 9 the priest came to condole with MadeleineNExpress sympathy for (someone); grieve with:2015.01.16 05:19
54 obstinate 9 her obstinate determination to pursue a career in radioNStubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so:2015.01.16 05:05
55 ravine 9 I can hide from the patrols, using ravines and deep gorges.NA deep, narrow gorge with steep sides.2015.01.16 05:02
56 rapture 9 Leonora listened with raptureNA feeling of intense pleasure or joy2015.01.16 03:11
57 rapture 9 Leonora listened with raptureNA feeling of intense pleasure or joy2015.01.16 03:11
58 sordid 9 Fortunately for him, he will not be contemplating his sad and sordid crime from the inside of a prison cell.NInvolving immoral or dishonourable actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt: - the story paints a sordid picture of bribes and scams2015.01.16 03:03
59 frock 9 her new party frockNA woman’s or girl’s dress2015.01.16 02:35
60 magnate 9 A studio magnate who the biggest stars in Hollywood at his beck and call.Na person who has great wealth and power in a particular business or industry2015.01.15 23:42
61 caveat 9 His investment advice comes with a caveat: that the stock market is impossible to predict with absolute accuracy.Nan explanation or warning that should be remembered when you are doing or thinking about something2015.01.15 23:35
62 brine 9 The chicken was soaked in brine before it was roasted.Na mixture of salty water used especially to preserve or add flavor to food2015.01.15 23:05
63 fester 9 His wounds festered for days before he got medical attention.Vto become painful and infected2015.01.15 22:39
64 impassive 9 Her face remained impassive throughout the trial.ADJnot showing emotion2015.01.15 21:59
65 finesse 9 She handled the interview questions with finesse.Nskill and cleverness that is shown in the way someone deals with a situation, problem2015.01.15 21:51
66 frown 9 She was frowning when she entered the room, so I knew that she was annoyed about something.Vto make a frown in anger, concentration2015.01.15 21:45
67 uncongenial 9 He was being asked to support a policy that was uncongenial to him.ADJnot pleasant or enjoyable2015.01.15 19:57
68 coffer 9 Let me see what's in the household coffers and I'll get back to you about making a donation.Na box for holding money or other valuable things2015.01.15 19:45
69 allay 9 The new advertising campaign is an attempt to allay the public's concerns about the safety of the company's products.Vto make (something) less severe or strong2015.01.15 19:07
70 inordinate 9 The professor suddenly started giving the students inordinate amounts of homeworkADJUnusual, atypical, jumping out of the typical pattern2015.01.14 17:08
71 whirr 9 The sounds issuing from beyond- winches whirring, men shouting- indicated great activity and excited me.Na bustle or rush2015.01.14 04:30
72 synchronize 9 Let's synchronize our watches and meet in an hour.Vto cause to show the agreed upon time, as one clock or watch with another:2015.01.14 04:27
73 parch 9 a piece of grassland parched by the sunVmake or become dry through intense heat2015.01.10 10:16

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